Kenya Family Safari Tours : If you haven’t taken your loved ones on a family safari in Kenya before? You really ought to do it, in my opinion. Kenya boasts a multitude of globally renowned tourism destinations and was Africa’s top safari destination.

These consist of Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Lake Nakuru National Park, Aberdare National Park, and Amboseli National Park. Along with lounging on Kenya’s greatest beaches, your kids will love exploring Chale Island, Wasini Island, Hell’s Gate National Park, and Samburu Game Reserve.

I’m not saying that safaris in Kenya with children are always stress-free and enjoyable! Actually, if it’s not planned well, travelling with children may become a really stressful experience.

The top family vacation spots in Kenya are essential to planning an exciting and daring family trip. To protect your safety and the safety of the children, you also need to know what to take, when is the best time to travel to Kenya with children, and what should and shouldn’t be done when doing a safari with them.

To put it plainly, we have compiled this guide with all the information you will require to travel to our nation with your kids and have a fantastic time.

Include Everyone in the Planning of Your Family safari to Kenya

Making plans as a family is a sure way to have a stress-free family safari. Get your family involved, plan out any activities you might want to do, and then confer with your travel agent.

When plans are made jointly, everyone is aware of what to anticipate and can include all or some of their desired activities and sights in Kenya in the package. In this manner, everyone will remember the family vacation.

If witnessing the Great Wildebeest Migration is your top travel destination, schedule your trip to Kenya between July to October. There’s nothing quite like the sight and sound of hundreds of zebras and wildebeests making their way to the Mara in an attempt to evade starving crocodiles!

There are walking pathways ideal for escorted nature hikes throughout Kenya’s national parks, including Amboseli and Masai Mara. Children can learn a great deal about Africa and its surroundings with this.

Some camps, like Loisaba in Laikipia, provide horseback or camelback nature walks. What a thrilling way to appreciate the wonders of nature! Would you mind sharing your breakfast with a very tall friend, by the way? Next, proceed to Nairobi’s Giraffe Manor.

Warning: there’s a chance you’ll get a wet kiss on the lips! Later on, Mr. Wild Dog, Africa’s greatest (and most underappreciated) hunter, can teach the kids a few things. Are you hoping to take your family on a beach vacation?  If so, you have to visit Diani, one of Kenya’s stunning beaches. You will understand why Diani Beach has been consistently ranked as one of Africa’s top beaches as soon as you visit.

On one side, it has long, white sand beaches, while on the other, there are lush, green forests and crystal-clear blue seas. Enjoy a stroll on the shoreline with your children—barefoot, of course—and feel the sand under your feet. You will feel revived and at ease if you lie on a beach bed, enjoy a fruity drink and your favourite book, and reflect on this lovely slice of paradise.

Numerous additional activities await you on your opulent family safari in Kenya. You will feel revived and at ease if you lie on a beach bed, enjoy a fruity drink and your favourite book, and reflect on this lovely slice of paradise.

Numerous additional activities await you on your opulent family safari in Kenya. If you’re looking to venture off the usual path, you can run a marathon in the woods where anyone can run a Lewa down, including kids.

All you have to do is make sure the calendar is in line with your safari.

What to expect on your kenya family safari

In Kenya, the kids are the main focus of a family vacation. Despite what the general public believes, animals only pose a threat to people when they are provoked. You will engage with children and adults most civilly if they behave and follow the guide’s directions.

You may wish to explain to the youngsters what to expect before you go on safari. They will witness the renowned “jungle king” lounging around, but they are unable to yell or cry out since noise agitates him.

Sounds cause the elephant even greater annoyance. Tell them not to disturb the animals and to keep quiet while they observe them. Your family will be kept safe by our trustworthy tour operators. Please give them some thought and heed their advise.

Older children might want to post status updates on social media frequently, yet internet service is typically spotty in most national parks and camps. Inform them ahead of time so they won’t be angry when they can’t get much done online when out on a gaming drive.

Kenya Family Safari Tours
Kenya Family Safari Tours

The benefit is that when you get in Kenya, you can use portal internet. Once you purchase data, all you need to get started is a Simcard. The greatest family-friendly safari hotels in Kenya offer Wi-Fi as well.

Kenya experiences moderate temperatures, particularly in January and February. When packing, wear light clothing because the evenings and mornings can turn rather chilly—perfect for game drives.

Bring insect repellent to keep mosquitoes away because they can be a threat.

Food for Your Kenya Family Safari Tours

Now, the reason Africa isn’t frequently heard of as a gourmet destination is that most people haven’t been here. After the very first match drive or Kenya balloon safari, treat yourself to a bush breakfast, so named since it is served in the wild.

Everything you would normally get in your home country plus a few tropical fruits make up a typical bush breakfast. Remember to sample the aromatic Kenyan tea and coffee, chai. Finally, there will be a champagne breakfast with unlimited champagne flow!

During the lengthy wildlife drive through the Masai Mara, hunger is inevitable. Thus, our guides will make sure that you arrive with freshly squeezed fruit juice, mshikaki (skewered shellfish, white and red meat), and beef.

A delicious four- or five-course continental dinner is always served at Kenya’s family-friendly hotels while you take in the stunning African sunset. Your youngster will be taken care of because all of the lodges are used to dealing with the typical picky eater.

The following meal’s menu will be posted by hosts well in advance. All you have to do is inform them of your specific requirements. Meals are not a concern for you. We provide family vacation packages that are inclusive.

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