Musanze cave exploration in Rwanda : Musanze Cave is located in Musanze the biggest district in the center of volcanoes national park Northern Province of Rwanda. Musanze Caves are worthy to be explored while on Rwanda cultural tours. This stunning caves was officially introduced to the public and was officially recognized as a tourism heritage in 2014. With the outline of these caves as tourist destination, means increase in tourists’ exploration on a tour in Rwanda and they are recognized for their great economic benefits to the nation entirely. The amazing about Musanze Cave tours is that tourists are in position to explore the unique art pieces showcased by the locals. Additionally, they also demonstrate their unique traditional ways of life, history and cultures provided there is opportunity to do so.

Musanze Caves are exceptionally unique natural features you shouldn’t miss to explore on Rwanda safari. These caves formed as a result of volcanic activities in the Northern area of Rwanda and they are about 1.25 miles long. They are found just outside Musanze Town and these are accessible about 1 and half hours’ drive from Kigali and 2kms from Kinigi the headquarters of Volcanoes National Park.

Musanze Caves are interesting attraction well developed by the Rwanda Development Board together Rwanda Defense Force. Tourists can explore the caves through the designated walkways, stairs, and trails while observing the set safety measures. Tickets for Musanze caves can be issued at Rwanda Development Board offices in Volcanoes National Park in Kinigi. When visiting the caves , there experienced guides to take you through and immerse yourself with mighty natural wonders exists in the Caves and you will be recommended to move with the torch , helmet and a knee protector because walking through the Caves involves bending down as you walk.

These Caves were by then used as shelters during the Rwandan terrible blood terror and it was used as a hiding places for the Tutsis during the 1992 Rwandan genocide against Tutsi. The Caves were also used by Rwandan priest during their meditation events, during the Caves exploration, the experienced guides alongside armed soldiers lead every tour and they also explain the history of the caves to the travelers. The Musanze Caves offer in-depth understanding of geological history and development of the earth with the long years ago.

Musanze Caves have more than 31 entrances and they all give access to the interior part of the caves. The main entry size to the Caves is as small as that of the cathedral. Exploring Musanze caves entirely involves walking through the 2km long dark tunnel with hardened rocks. Inside, there is completely total silence except the whispers of bats and human echoes.

The Musanze Caves also benefits the local communities around as some local investors built hotels and lodges like Musanze cave hotel and Musanze Cave lodge. The best places to take photos are at the very top of the Caves which have attractive landscape and green surroundings.

Best time to visit Musanze Cave in Rwanda

Visitors on a Rwanda cultural tours in Musanze Cave exploration can be more interesting and enjoyable during the dry months of June, July, August, September and the December to February this is the time where the pathways are not slippery and challenging as compared to raining seasons of March to May and then November. Musanze caves walk cost 55USD per person per walk and includes a local guides and entrances into the caves.

Musanze cave exploration in Rwanda
Musanze cave exploration in Rwanda

Essential information to consider before visiting the Caves

When planning to  visit Musanze Caves , there some important essential elements that every traveler must move along with such as strong torch, head cap, helmet, hardy gloves, good hiking or walking boots, snacks, bottled water, insect repellent, flash light,  rain jacket, face mask for covering mouths and nose from bat droppings and infections and others

How to reach Musanze Caves

Musanze Cave is located in a strategic area and its convenient location makes it accessible, Visitors can drive from Kigali city to Musanze cave with about 2-3 hours’ drive.

Others attractions to explored alongside Musanze caves in Rwanda

In addition to exploring the Musanze Caves, visitors can also engage in cultural hand-on –hand experience practiced by local tribes living near the Caves. During a visit to the local communities near the Cave , tourists  gets an opportunity to  learn how local use hunting tools like bows and arrows , basket weaving using fingers, brewing local beer using bananas, making  beehives using local material and harvesting iteghrec kyeestv producing honey.  These communities are very cheerful locals while with them you will get see some  demonstrate from them on  how to use plants, soil and even cow dung to produce nice art pieces.

You can also add the numerous experiences in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda. This park is most famous for gorilla trekking opportunity to trek mountain gorillas while in their natural habitat, Twin Lakes of Ruhondo and Butare for relaxation , hiking  Bisoke and Karisimbi Volcanos ,visiting  the Dian Fossey Grave to learn how the conservation of the mountain gorilla was implemented  ,cultural tour at Iby’iwacu cultural village to immerse yourself with the rich abundant Rwandan hidden cultures and traditions , golden monkey tracking, bird watching  , visiting the Buhanga Eco-Park among others.

Where to say near Musanze Caves in Rwanda

 Musanze Cave offers the best accommodation facilities options near Musanze and volcanoes national park  ranging from budget level to luxury level facilities such as Isango Paradise Resort, Under Volcanoes View Guest House, Gorilla Volcano Hotel, Comfort Hotel, Virunga Hotel, Masha Arts Studio, Kinigi Cottage, Fatima Hotel, Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge , Virunga Inn Resort and Spa , the Garden Palace , Da Vinci Gorilla Lodge , Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, Musanze Guest Room,  URUGANO VIRUNGA PALACE, Amahoro Island Retreat  among others .

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