Top largest Tanzania’s game reserve : Selous Game Reserve is the largest protected wildlife area in Africa. It is 54,600 square kilometres big and has forests, grassy plains, mountains, and open grasslands. Frederick Selous Courtney was a great hunter and explorer, so this area was named after him. Selous Safari Vacations are highly advised because this reserve is twice as big as Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and three times as big as South Africa’s Kruger National Park. This reserve was set up in 1922, and it was named a UNESCO world heritage site in 1982 because it has a lot of different kinds of wildlife and a lot of untouched nature.

Activities in Selous Game Reserve

In 2019, Tanzanian national park authority (TANAPA) suggested and announced that the northern part of this reserve would be called Nyerere National Park. This was done to honor President Julius Nyerere, who was Tanzania’s first president. Today, the proper boundaries of this Nyerere National Park are being set up, but sources say that this park will include photographic sector in the northern part of the reserve and run all the way to the wilderness area of the River Rufiji in the south.

Where is Selous Game Reserve Located?

The reserve is in the southern part of Tanzania, along the southern Tanzania safari circuit. It is the best place to get away from the crowds of tourists in northern safari sites like Serengeti, while still getting to see amazing wildlife. People think of it as one of the country’s secret gems, and there are many Selous Game Reserve Camps where you can stay. The area is about 219 kilometres from Dar es Salaam, which is a busy city. It could take about 4 hours to drive there. Nyerere National Park Tanzania is the new name for the Selous Game Reserve.

Regions of Selous Game Reserve.

In the middle of Selous Game Reserve is River Rufiji, which is the biggest river in the country. It flows through a network of swamps, channels, and lakes to make a very unique ecosystem. The river splits the area into two large parts: the northern Selous and the southern Selous.

The Northern Selous is a small part of the reserve, making up only about 5% of its total area. Hunting is not allowed in this area, which has been set aside for picture safaris only. Look, this is the best time to go.

The southern Selous: The southern part of the river is divided into different hunting blocks, each of which covers about 1,000 square kilometres. However, we want to make it clear that we do not hunt wildlife and do not even support it.

Wildlife in Selous Game Reserve.

In this national reserve, there are about 145,000 buffalos, 4,000 lions, 100,000 wildebeests, a lot of giraffes, 35,000 zebras, 40,000 hippos, 250,000 impalas, and a lot of Lichtenstein’s hartebeests, waterbucks, elands, and bushbucks. There are also leopards, crocodiles, and hyenas. This is also one of the few places in Africa where you can find puku antelopes, African wild dogs, and sable antelopes in a wildlife sanctuary. Before there was a lot of hunting, the Selous was home to a lot of elephants, but now there aren’t as many. You can see all of these animals on the Selous Safari game drives.

Birds in Selous Game Reserve.

This game reserve is home to more than 445 different bird species. These birds have been seen living in the different habitats in the reserve. For example, giant kingfishers, pink-backed pelican, and African skimmer all live near the lakes. The white-fronted bee-eater, fish eagle, carmine, ibises, and palmnut vultures all live near the sandbanks. Other birds that can be seen include the purple-crested turaco, the yellow-billed stork, the trumpeter hornbill, the white-crowned spur-winged plovers, the malachite kingfisher, and several small shorebirds. There are also many migrant species.

Things to do in Selous Game Reserve.

During your Selous Safari, you can do a number of different things that will give you a very unique safari experience in Africa. Here are a few of those things.

Walking Safaris.

A safari in the Selous isn’t complete unless you go on one of the guided walking safaris that are offered there. You will have the chance to see Mother Nature up close as you enjoy the beauty and peace of this remote but beautiful area.

Bird Watching safaris.

With more than 445 different kinds of birds, the Selous is a great place for people who like to watch birds on a safari. On these guided tours, you might see giant kingfishers, pink-backed pelicans, African skimmers, white-fronted bee-eaters, fish eagles, carmine ibises, white-crowned spur-winged plovers, palmnut vultures, purple-crested turacos, yellow-billed storks, trumpeter hornbills, and malachite kingfishers, among others.

Boat Safaris.

Boat safaris in Selous allow tourists to experience the different waterways, such as lakes, River Rufiji, and smaller channels, where they can see animals like hippos, birds, and crocodiles.

Game Drives

Game drives are impressive safari activities done early in the morning and late in the afternoon in the reserve. They are usually done in safari vehicles with open roofs so that guests can get the best view of the animals. The park guides know where the animals are most likely to be, and they will take you there.

Selous Fly-Camping safaris.

You can go on a selous fly-camping safari, which is put on by a number of places, if you want a more exciting vacation. On these trips, you sleep out in the African bush in simple tents with bug nets. These trips are better for people who don’t mind not having as much comfort.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris.

In Tanzania, hot air balloon safaris are only done in the famous Serengeti National Park, which is on the northern safari circuit, and in the huge Selous Reserve, which is in the southern part of the country. These safaris give visitors a bird’s-eye view of the plains below while they look at the wild animals in the reserve.

Top largest Tanzania's game reserve
Serengeti N.P

How to get to Selous Game Reserve.

By air transport: Selous Game Reserve can easily be accessed by air transport with any of the local aircrafts connecting from Ruaha as well as Dar es Salaam. From Ruaha, it takes about 90 minutes by plane, and from Dar es Salaam City, it takes about 45 minutes.

By road transport: Can also be accessed by road with a trip connecting from Dar es salaam which made follow the normal safari route through Mikumi National Park and then you can reach the park through Matambwe Gate. Another choice is to take this trip, which could take about 4 hours and cover 220 km.

By railway transport: on a railway system using the Tanzania Zambia railway AZARA begins from the Dar Es Salaam and takes you across the wilderness all the way to Matambwe

Where to stay in Selous Game Reserve / Nyerere National Park Tanzania?

There are a variety of types of accommodations offered with the Selous varying from the budget Tanzania safari , to, mid-range and then the luxury safari facilities. We’ve listed some of the best places to stay in the text below.

Siwandu Camp.

This was the first safari camp in the Selous to offer luxury accommodation in this part of the reserve. It used to be called the Selous Safari Camp. It has 13 rooms for people to stay in, and its great setting lets people enjoy the beautiful landscape and scenery to the fullest. It’s the best place in Tanzania to go on a photo tour. This beautiful place is a good deal for the money and will meet all of a traveler’s needs, even if they want to spend more money on their accommodation.

Lake Manze Camp.

The mid-range Lake Manze Camp has 12 well-furnished, beautiful tents. It is located on the shores of Lake Manze, after which it was named, in the Selous Game Reserves, which are the best places to see wildlife. It will be comfortable and give you special care.

Beho Beho.

This was the first luxury building to be built in this part of the Selous. It is in the cooler Selous highlands in the northern part of the Game Reserve. It has 8 fixed rooms made of stone, and each one has a thatched roof to give its guests an authentic African feeling.

Sand River Selous.

The Luxury Sand River Camp is on the banks of the River Rufiji, which runs through the Selous Reserve and keeps it alive. Here, guests can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and use it as a home base to experience this vast wilderness. All of the rooms are made of stone, and the roofs are made of thatch. It has a variety of places to stay, including 5 standard cottages, 2 suites, and the Rhino House, which is accommodation for honeymooners. It’s also a great place to go on a safari with your family in Tanzania.

Sable Mountain Lodge.

This budget camp is just outside Matambwe Gate in the northern part of the Selous Game Reserve. It is a good place to start safaris that go to Mikumi or Morogoro, and it is also a good place to stay for people who arrive by train in the park. This small camp is very friendly, and it has 8 stone rooms and 3 tented bandas on high wooden platforms with great views of the surrounding area.

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