Top walking safari destinations in Africa : The top walking safaris that we have selected will appeal to tourists who are interested in both wildlife and the diverse cultures present throughout Africa. After working as a guide and spending a lot of time in the bush, I can honestly say that there’s no better feeling than the exhilaration of exiting the truck and going on an exploration on foot during a walking safari. Getting out of the car and away from the sound of the engine sharpens your senses, making it easier for you to see things and animals that you would have otherwise drove right by and missed.

Top walking safari destinations in Africa

We have separated these into categories: shorter walking safaris for people who have never done a walking safari before and would like to try it; animal-specific walking safaris for people who want to trek to find wildlife like gorillas; longer walking safaris where walking is a major part of the trip; and alternative walking holidays where you can combine walking and safari activities, like in Namibia.

Spending time with one of our closest relatives is an incredible experience that should definitely go on everyone’s bucket list. For more information on gorilla trekking, see Rwanda above. Africa’s top walking safari places.

There are two primary types of walking safaris that you can pick from, depending on your preferences: multi-day walking safaris where you spend most of your vacation on foot and shorter bush treks lasting a few hours.

Short walking safaris; Most lodges offer shorter walking safaris, which can last anywhere from two hours to a half day, as an alternative to game drives in the morning or late afternoon.

Multi-day walking safari tours; Walking safari tours lasting many days are the best way to experience a walking safari. This kind of excursion involves participants hiking from camp to camp and covering large areas of ground every day for several hours at a time into the bush. The majority of your time will be spent walking, but in between game hikes, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to unwind and refuel back at camp. Both kinds of safaris are typically leisurely in pace and appropriate for people of all fitness levels, regardless of how long they last.

Top walking safari destinations in Africa

  1. Zambia.

Zambia gave rise to the walking safari, so it should come as no surprise that it has some of the greatest operators and routes in the continent. For a once-in-a-lifetime walking safari experience, visit South Luangwa National Park. Known for its plethora of wildlife, this park offers 400 bird species and a variety of mammals and big game, including elephants and leopards.

  1. Tanzania.

Tanzania’s varied terrain is ideal for a walking safari, and its parks and reserves attract some of Africa’s best guides. While the Serengeti national park may be the star of 4×4 safaris, smaller, less-traveled reserves like Ruaha National Park, with its riverbanks and floodplains frequented by lions and leopards, and Selous Game Reserve, with its lush terrain and large population of elephant and hippo, are the best places to go on a walking safari in Tanzania.

  1. Botswana.

If you’re looking for a true adventure in a unique wilderness area teeming with wildlife, Botswana is the perfect destination. The Okavango Delta is the ideal starting point for a walking safari because of its unique islands, floodplains, and rivers, which are home to the Big Five, crocodiles, wildebeest, zebras, giraffes, wild dogs, and a plethora of other wildlife. A walking safari in the Delta is an unforgettable experience for any outdoor enthusiast, as it is a thrillingly wild location.

  1. South Africa.

Complete with a wide array of comfortable camps, varied multi-day itineraries to suit every traveler, and the opportunity to explore some of the most iconic national parks on the planet, South Africa has everything you could ever want in a walking safari destination. Kruger National Park is a fantastic option for breathtaking wildlife viewing because it is home to the Big Five as well as uncommon creatures like the cheetah and wild dog.

Popular locations: Walking safaris are best enjoyed in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal reserves, such as Hluhluwe Game Reserve and Mkuze Game Reserve, as well as in Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands Reserve.

  1. Kenya.

The majority of Kenya’s national parks and reserves forbid walking safaris, although in a few exclusive conservancies, this pastime is growing in popularity. Kenya is the best place to go if you want to escape the tourist throng and get a private, immersive walking safari experience because the number of camps is rigorously regulated in conservancies. Elephants, big cats, and other large predators coexist with endangered species like wild canines and the Highland Hartebeest in the country’s Laikipia region.

Popular locations: private conservancies in the Laikipia region, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

  1. Zimbabwe.

Exceptionally high guiding standards, coupled with an intensive training regimen, mean Zimbabwean walking safari guides are some of the best on the continent. Furthermore, the nation is home to a dizzying assortment of species, including Africa’s Big Five mammals, as well as spectacularly diverse landscapes, ranging from desert to mountains and forests. In Hwange National Park, walking safaris offer the chance to witness enormous herds of elephant, notable hyena and gemsbok populations, and the critically endangered wild dog. Popular destinations: Chizarira National Park and Hwange National Park.

Top walking safari destinations in Africa
Walking safari In Zimbabwe
  1. Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda.

While there are many amazing walking possibilities in Rwanda, most tourists consider gorilla trekking to see the mountain gorillas to be the highlight of the trip making Rwanda on of the top walking safari destinations in Africa.

Tracking gorillas in the jungle can be difficult because it involves climbing and descending steep hills and uneven terrain, as well as some altitude. I would even recommend doing some training before you travel, ideally as much walking as possible, to help you avoid letdown and to get the most of the experience. When it’s feasible, they’ll combine nearby gorillas with less mobile individuals. There are many additional possibilities to observe golden monkeys and explore Lake Kivu and the surrounding forests, in addition to trekking into the mountains to see gorillas. Our Rwanda Gorillas, Primates  & Landscapes journey is unquestionably one of the most fulfilling travel experiences available; it blends history, culture, adventure, and wildlife all in one.

  1. Active Uganda – Gorillas, chimps and big game.

One of those once-in-a-lifetime safari experiences is trekking with gorillas and chimpanzees, and on a Uganda safari you can be impressed in the jungle while searching of these giant apes through walking. And once spotting them you can be given a period of one hour while observing their behaviours.

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