Walking Safari Experience in Kenya :  Walking safari is the best safari experience in Kenya. Though it’s prohibited in most of the Kenya’s national parks and reserves, while game driving taken as the best option. The walking safaris is the best option to go because it experiences the tourists with the encountering of the wildlife in the different parks, safari camps and reserves which is not common with the game driving. Walking safaris guides do help the tourists to get deeply in over with nature because this is where they experience the tourists to the areas in the parks and reserves where the vehicles do not reach.

On a Kenya safari also the walking safaris are referred to as the bush walks, where you get to the life exposure of different aspects like the culture, scenery and among others during the safari in Kenya, the accommodation that you select either the lodge or camp offers the tourists with the longer walks that at times is known as the proper walking safaris. The walking safari in Kenya are majorly done with the help of the suitably qualified guides with the firearms licences. Kenya has got the number of the camps that have silver or gold standard KPSGA that is Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association that have qualified guides who are well knowledgeable to make your walking safari the most exceptional one.

Walking safaris experience in Kenya.

Walking safari is the best safari experience in Kenya, there is nothing incredible like leaving the 4×4 behind and setting out on foot to explore the bush and discovers yourself all the inhabitants around, without the hum of the engine and the roar of the exhaust. During the walking safari the tourist’s easts can be sharp, together with the eyes refined as the heart biting a little bit faster, this will give you the best experiencing of the continent.

Where to do best Kenya’s walking safari.

Laikipia Wilderness Camp.

Laikipia wilderness can be best explored on a walking safari with the guidance of well experienced guides, here you get the best time while putting on the walking boots to the test in the valleys and hills, while as you are having the best spots. This is the best safari moment where you feel the vibrations from the grazing allies and allows to unfold the nature around you. Laikipia wilderness camp is among the best Kenya’s destinations where the tourists experiences the charming walking safari in the entire world.

Walking Safari Experience in Kenya
Laikipia Wilderness Camp

Kicheche camp.

Kicheche camp is the perfect one for the tourists who feel like stretching their legs as this gives the tourists the best walking safari. Tourists admire the nature during walking safari, where they experience the various serene environment on foot. This camp is located in Maasai Mara National reserve, tourists during the walking safari can be impressed with very many attractions along the way which makes their walking safari the most gorgeous one.

Borana lodge.

Borana lodge in Kenya also provides the tourists with the best walking safari. It’s located in the middle of the Borana conservancy, making your choice to stay at the Borana lodge is the best safari option. Borana lodge provides the guests with the best walking safari, where moving on foot during the morning with the presence of the safari guides, as this has got excellent knowledge about the biodiversity that you feel like knowing. And during the evening the tourists can enjoy the rhino tracking as well others can take part in the collaring or the darting experience. This is the best time everyone can experience Kenya’s happiness while in the bush, which makes the walking safari the greatest one.

Not only the above safari camps that provides the walking safari, as well Kenya has got the most attractive Kenya walking safari destinations where the tourists enjoy doing the walking safari activity in country to the destinations like the Amboseli national park, Chyulu National Park, Kenyan coast, Meru National Park, Rift valley, Nairobi, and among many others.

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