Where to Stay at Kiwengwa Beach : Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa: The 30-acre property has a pool, spa, and sports facilities in addition to a terrace with views of the Indian Ocean and sandy Kiwengwa Beach. It’s a fantastic source of fun. The buffet has a great variety of food options that are updated daily, and the staff is quite friendly. Along with the resort itself, the beach is stunning.

Sultan Sands Island Resort: This beachside resort provides traditional African huts with balconies or terraces and views of the Indian Ocean. Particularly the manager, Mr. Dass, the crew is really helpful and kind. Outstanding cuisine, great location, and outstanding value for money make for an excellent overall experience.

The Sea Crest Hotel: offers lodging with a restaurant, free private parking, an outdoor pool, and a shared lounge. It is located in Kiwengwa, just a short distance from Kiwengwa Beach. Delectable regional cuisine—this is something you should definitely try. A lovely beach and the ocean are nearby. Great service from the hotel personnel! They are always kind and helpful, and they will make you feel comfortable. Perhaps superior still.

Marafiki Bungalows: With an ocean view, Marafiki Bungalows is situated on Kiwengwa’s beach. It takes one hour to go to Zanzibar International Airport by car. Jambo! One of the best things about Marafiki is the staff—they are incredibly helpful and amazing. Excellent position; you can walk (on the beach) close enough if you want to observe more activity, yet far enough away from the tourist area of the beach to be serene. Excellent location to stay in Zanzibar.


On Zanzibar’s northernmost point sits the quaint small settlement of Nungwi. This area of the coast has seen a sharp increase in popularity over the past several years, making it one of the busiest beach destinations on the island.

Hippies, spring breakers, and gap-year students can all be seen enjoying the powder-white sand, towering palm trees that have been stage-set, blue waters, and bright sunshine at this beachside hubbub. On the plus side, this place has a great nightlife, although it’s not all flashy clubs and posh hotels. Here, the focus is on having a good time on the beach where there are bonfires, flowing beverages, and great music. You’ll have the opportunity to swim, tan and take use of unique tropical amenities as morning breaks.

Where to Stay in Nungwi

Z Hotel: This beachside hotel on Nungwi Beach has an infinity pool, a spa, and a restaurant with views of the Indian Ocean. The hotel has a cocktail and champagne bar as well. Everything! The location was amazing, the staff was competent and courteous, and the rooms were extremely clean!

Amaan Nungwi Hotel: Located in Nungwi, Amaan Nungwi Annex features a garden and an outdoor pool. Drinks are also available for guests in the bar. There is free WiFi available all across the property.

Badolina Bungalows: Situated in Nungwi, 500 metres from Royal Beach and 50 metres from Nungwi Beach, this property has a restaurant, bar, garden and free WiFi. Lovely places to unwind. The staff is laid back and very pleasant. Superb food and beverages, just next to the beach. The rooms have air conditioning.

The Pasha Nungwi Hotel is located in Nungwi’s Nungwi Beach neighbourhood and has a garden, a patio, and a communal lounge. This facility has a restaurant that is open to customers around-the-clock in addition to a front desk. The proprietors are incredibly kind and accommodating. Additionally, the staff is quite kind and they make delicious breakfasts in the morning. You truly have a homely feeling!


Until recently, this small fishing community was totally unreachable and unspoiled by commercial tourism. It is a slender, around 4 km long ribbon of strikingly white sand that runs across a traditional coral lagoon.

The village is still relatively unspoiled today, making it a great place for those who like to take risks. Visitors to Jambiani have the opportunity to fully experience the serene and secluded ambiance of the environmentally friendly surrounds, which include wildlife, lush vegetation, and the stunning white sand beach that hugs the azure Indian Ocean. As a result, there are lots of cosy, tiny lodging options in the area.

Along with an increase in kite surfing, diving, and snorkelling around the lagoon, Namibia has seen an increase in tourist arrivals during the past several years.

Where to stay in Jambiani

Kupaga Villas Boutique Hotel- In Jambiani, just a short distance from Jambiani Beach, the Kupaga Villas Boutique Hotel provides lodging with a restaurant, free private parking, an outdoor pool and a bar. Each of the efficient, spotless rooms has a tiny patio with a nice view of the ocean. There are two restrooms in the bathroom, and the shower has excellent water pressure. The eatery is really good! With excellent value and a decent assortment all day long. For those staying at the house, a generous and delicious breakfast is provided, and there are plenty of other options for those with a larger appetite. The site is situated on one of the island’s most exquisite beaches. The personnel is kind and friendly from the first.

The Spot is a lodging option with free WiFi that is situated at Jambiani Beach, including an outdoor swimming pool. Everything—the personnel, the setting, and everything at all!

Located in Jambiani, Blue Moon Resort provides free WiFi, access to a private beach, and an outdoor pool with a solarium for its visitors. My spouse was astounded from the very first day. You’ve arrived in heaven. The personnel is really hospitable and friendly.

Blue Oyster Hotel: This beachside hotel is located on white, sandy Jambiani Beach and offers thatched Makuti parasols for beach chairs. A beach bar and restaurant on the rooftop are also there. Excellent hotel Nice people, great room, great breakfast. Above and beyond all expectations!

Where to Stay at Kiwengwa Beach
Blue Oyster Hotel

Villa Juliana is a beachfront lodging option in Jambiani on Zanzibar’s east coast. It has an infinity pool where visitors may take in views of the ocean. Wonderfully furnished and planned home. Quaint and serene, with plenty of cover and lovely spots to unwind. Beautiful vista. Nice and accommodating staff. Food tastes good.

Lagoon settlement Paje is located in Tanzanian island Unguja, which is a part of Zanzibar. Paje is for people who love the rush of the wind, such as kite fliers, wake boarders, and windsurfers. This is because there is a year-round, fairly steady side-onshore breeze. In fact, with a range of conditions, this is the location with the best wind and kite centres.

To ensure that guests have the greatest possible kiteboarding experience, Paje offers kite centres equipped with the newest amenities, equipment, and instructors. Because of the great reefs, diving and snorkelling are also rather popular pastimes here.

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