Where to stay in the Nyerere National Park : One of the first considerations for anyone planning a safari to the Selous is where they would stay during the safari. You have access to a wide variety of lodging options, which include campers and tented lodges. While some of these are located outside the national park, others are situated inside.

Every lodging establishment has its own rates, which vary depending on a number of variables, chief among them being the seasons. Due to the large number of visitors to the park during the summer season (June to October), most lodging establishments raise their rates during this time. In the wet season (November to April), some close due to flooding, while others lower their rates.

The majority of the lodging options in Nyerere are located in the park’s northern region, while some are spread out around the park and offer stunning views of the animals there.

There are several lodging options available at the Nyerere National Park. These options are divided into three groups, which are stated below:

  • Budget lodging options
  • Accommodations in the middle range
  • Luxurious lodging options

The Rufiji River Camp, Amara Selous, Siwandu Safari Camp, Retreat Selous, Kiba Point Safari Lodge, Jimbiza Lodge, Mbuyu Safari Camp, and numerous additional lodging options are among them. You get to make the decision on what kind of lodging facility to choose, depending on your budget. The majority of Nyerere’s lodging options are situated close to significant waterholes, which give visitors a good opportunity to see the local fauna.

Hotels and lodges in Nyerere National Park

Beho Beho lodge

Situated in the northern section of the Rufiji River, the Beho Beho lodge is among the nicest accommodations within the reserve. It was the first lodge to be established in the Nyerere National Park, and it is a luxurious lodge offering some of the best amenities, including excellent meals, seclusion, well-appointed self-contained rooms, and room service that is available around-the-clock. After a tiring day of driving through the Park, you will have all the privacy you require because it is not located close to the River. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served, along with a few more extras.

Siwandu Camp

With nine luxurious tents that provide everything you need, the renowned Siwandu camp is located above the Rufiji River. The site provides the best views of the lions that reside within the Park, and the tents have en-suite toilets and an outdoor shower in addition to all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

The Mbuyu Safari Camp

The Mbuyu Safari Camp is situated close to the River Rufiji and is encircled by dense forest. It offers Tanzania safari visitors some of the best views of the River and provides an opportunity to see animals as they roam around the camp. The camp features sixteen tented chalets, each of which has twin beds and an en suite bathroom; each tent offers privacy and is equipped with a torch and whistle for use in an emergency.

The sable Mountain Lodge

The lodge, located in the northwest of the national park and named for the sable antelope that calls the area home, was built atop two hills with a view of the surrounding mountains. It features six stone cottages and five tented rooms that provide visitors with the necessary seclusion and a nice view of the national park from their accommodations. They have a bar, a pool, and private restrooms.

Lake Manze Tented Camp

One of the nicest camps to stay in when on a safari in the Selous is Lake Manze Tented Camp. Since it was built along the elephant route, visitors may easily get up close and personal with the elephants as they walk through the camp. It is also in a prime location for seeing wildlife, including leopards, wild dogs, and lions. It’s best not to move out of your tents at night because of its proximity to the Park’s wildlife hot point.

The Kiba Lodge

The Kiba Lodge is situated beside the banks of the Rufiji River in the southeast of Nyerere National Park. Due to its seclusion and exclusivity and distance from the other camps and lodges, it is the ideal location for families and couples. The four opulent tented camps can accommodate up to eight guests each, and despite the small size of the rooms, the friendly staff takes good care of them. After a game drive, there is a private plunge pool for those who would like to unwind. Along with the additional activities provided by the lodge, the rooms feature ceiling fans, an outdoor shower and an en suite bathroom. You may even enjoy private camping.

The Impala Tented Camp

There are roughly six tents in the Impala tented camp, which is situated beside the Rufiji River. In order to make visitors relaxed and comfortable, Rufiji’s tents are tastefully furnished and opulent in their own unique ways. Its position ensures a good view of the surrounding wildlife, particularly the lions in the River Rufiji.

Where to stay in the Nyerere National Park
The Impala Tented Camp

The sand Rivers Selous

One of Nyerere’s oldest lodges, it’s regarded as one of the greatest locations to stay during a safari. It features opulent open rooms with unobstructed views of the Rufiji River and the creatures that live along it.

Selous Serena camp

This is one of the more opulent camps in Nyerere, with a variety of opulent chambers with Victorian-style décor. After a tiring day of exploring the National Park, you may unwind in the bar, private rooms with en suite bathrooms, and fine dining. All of the amenities provided here are opulent. The care you receive here will make up for the somewhat expensive price..

Mivumo River camp

One of the greatest sites in the park is the Mivumo River camp, which is tucked away along the banks of the River Rufiji. It was a midrange camp with decent rooms that was formerly owned by an individual. The Serena organisation, the new owners, are currently adding opulent amenities. You won’t regret staying here, and it still retains its original charm.

Azura Selous

Situated in the western section of the National Park lies the luxurious Azura Nyerere, formerly known as the Amara Nyerere. The camps are air-conditioned, and in spite of their sad history as an animal killing block, they still provide comfortable accommodations for visitors and are regarded as the greatest option for people going on a photo safari in Selous.

Note that we have only included a selection of the lodging options in Nyerere to give you an idea of what to anticipate when visiting Selous. There are many more lodging options available in Nyerere.

Maji Moto

In Nyerere National Park, Maji Moto provides the best wildlife experience. Throughout your safari, this mobile camp will transport you to several locations within the national park.

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