Which National Park Is Least Visited In Kenya? Chyulu hills national park is considered as the least visited national park in the country compared to the other game parks, which is located between Tsavo West National park and Amboseli national park. Chyulu hills national park covers a total surface area of about 741 square kilometers, which consists of a wide range of volcanic mountains, which cross over the Mombasa highway between Kibwezi and Tsavo. More so, this national park is also commonly referred to as the land of black frozen lave studded with blazing red-hot poker trees which consist of physical features such as; rounded hills and volcanic vent that have a black lava flow which runs at irregular intervals.

Tourist Attractions in Chyulu Hills National Park.

There are so many tourist attractions in Chyulu hills national park that tourists can see while touring around and some of these attractions include;

Chyulu Hills.

Chyulu hills are considered the top tourist attractions and these hills are situated in the Eastern region of Kenya, which is divided into Tsavo and Amboseli Plains and consists of cones, small hundred small flows and leviathan cave and many others. more so, the Leviathan cave is well known to be the grotte de leviathan and it is a lava tube which is found along the edges of Nyiri Desert and this cave is also ranked as the 11th longest cave which consists of two sections such as; the upper leviathan which is about 9,152 meters and 408 meters deep and the lower leviathan which is about 2,071 meters long and 70 meters deep.

Beautiful Scenery.

For tourists exploring around chyulu national park always get chances to capture classic views of the wonderful nature in the surrounding which consists of barren lava flows, caves, volcanic ash cones, barren lava flows, black rocks and volcanic hills which are covered with a green lush vegetation that is made of 37 species of orchids hence which makes this national park to be referred to as the green hills of Africa. More so, the lower parts of Chyulu hills national park is dominated by thickest forests and grasslands and species such as; Juniperus procera. And the top hills which stand at an altitude of about 1800 meters  and is dominated by Tabarnarmontana stapfiana, strombosia scheffleri, olea capensis, prunus Africana, Neoboutonia macrocalyx, Cassipourea malonsana, ilex mitis forest species and many others. More so, the other isolated areas are dominated by erythrina abyssinica tree species among others.

Wildlife species.

Chyulu Hills National park is known to be a great destination one could ever choose to travel to while on an adventurous Kenya safari because it is a home to many wildlife species such as; cape buffalos, black rhinos, elands, bush pigs, elephants, Masai giraffe, leopards, mountain reedbucks, lions, wildebeests, steenbok, grants zebras, cheetahs among others.  There are also snakes like; puff adder, black mamba, rock python.

Which National Park Is Least Visited In Kenya?
Chyulu Hills Park

More so, this national park also harbours both forest and savannah birds which include; Pogonocichla, francolins Shelley, zoothera gurneyi, hieraaetus stallata, bradypterus cinnamomeus, stephanoaetus coronatus, heiraaetus ayressi, polemaetus bellicosus, cinnyricinclus femoralis, African gray flycatcher, white eyed slaty flycatcher, ruppell’s robin chat, thrush nightingale, olive sunbird, collared sunbird, white starred robin, amethyst sunbirdm bronze sunbird, scarlet-chested sunbird and many others.

Activities done in Chyulu Hills National park.

For tourists exploring within Chyuly hills national park are always blessed with opportunities to engage in different interesting activities such as; Game drives which are always conducted in different sessions such as; in the morning, afternoon and evening and while on these game drives, tourists always get chances to sight see at wildlife species such as; elands, wildebeests, cape buffalos, reedbucks, grant zebras, cheetahs, lions, mountain reedbucks among others. they can also opt to go for bird watching more especially the bird lovers, hiking to the top of the chyulu hills where they get to capture classic views of the beautiful scenery of the park and this also always involves them to go many trails through the forested slopes with a purpose of reaching at the top, horse riding  which is considered as one of the ecofriendly activities that helps you tour around different parts of the park and clear views of the wildlife species, camping which is always best done from Kathisayo and Kiboko campsites and it is also one the ways which helps you to connect well with nature and wildlife species, Cave exploration and many others.

Accommodation facilities in Chyulu Hills national park.

Chyulu hills national park is also known to have many accommodation facilities that are always available for the visitors and some of these lodges include; Ambokili lodge, Ol Donyo lodge, Savannah paradise hotel, Camp ya kanzi, Shushan palace, Kanzi house, Kamboyo guest house, Amboseli sopa lodge, finch hattons camp, Amboseli gateway hotel, Tawi lodge and many others.

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