Wild dogs’ safari in Kenya : The colorfully spotted African wild Dogs frequently outbreak a whole district, terminating extreme more game than they can ever eat, and can evacuate whole regions of browsing faunas.

These wild dogs can easily be found in most African places but mostly in the Sahara Desert up into the lower forests of Mt. Kilimanjaro,

In Uganda they are died out but decolonization though unlikely is not impossible since they are great vagrants. But one can get the chance to sight these wild dogs in some parts of Kenya.

Wild dogs usually love to reside in Short-grass plains, semi-desert, bushy savannahs, upland forest and open woodland.

The African wild Dog is the largest caned and the most endangered species after the Ethiopian wolf, Also known as the hunting or painted dog.

It lives in packs of 5-50 animals and is illustrious by its enigmatic black coffee and balm coat. They live in small unified packs characteristically collected of a foremost breeding pair, a number of non-breeding adults, and their reliant on offspring.

Wild dogs mostly hunt medium-sized antelope, with the preferred species varying according to the most abundant prey species in the area.

Watching wild dogs on their hunt is not difficult because they do not mind being watched, they usually spend their day in their caverns or in the shade of trees in small groups.

Wild dogs’ safari in Kenya
Wild dogs’ safari in Kenya

Destinations to locate wild dogs in Kenya

Laikipia Kenya: This is one of the perfect destinations in Kenya where wild dogs can easily be sighted on a regular basis due the fact that packs usually den with in this area.

Meru national park: In Kenya, you will get chance to locate wild dogs in Meru national park any time that you visit the park.

These are the best two places to locate wild dogs from in Kenya and get to explore and learn more about them as kenya safari takes you throughout the delightful moment.

Best time to visit Kenya

June to October & January to March

The best time to visit Kenya is either between June and October the ideal time for wildlife viewing, or January to March. Huge populations of wildebeest, buffaloes, zebras, and other animals head to Kenya in late July and August and remain there until October so these are the most suitable seasons to visit Kenya for a wild dog safari.

What to pack for a wild dog safari

below are the things one may need on a wild dog safari to Kenya having a well prepared list for the necessary things while on a travel is the best way to be prepared that why in this part of the article kenya safari gets to you the packing list of things to consider for the wild dog safari in Kenya.

Legal documents: For you to be able to move legally from one country to another you need legal documentation to support your movements and stay this is not different for East Africa. So as you plan to have your safari in East Africa you will be required to have legal documents that will include several identification and travel documents, most cases the travel document is the same you will use for identification but sometimes they are different. For East Africa these documents are passports, visas, travel insurances, travel tickets, vaccination certificates (especially yellow fever), touring permits and itineraries among others.

Safari Clothing: Of course since safaris are rarely one day experiences, travellers are advised to carry enough clothing to take them through the entire safari time. However travellers should keep in mind that though safari clothing may be any laidback clothing in some cases safari clothing maybe specific for given reasons.

Personal toiletries and Skincare: Everyone needs toiletries and these toiletries are unique to individuals that are why it’s advisable to carry your own toiletries on a safari, these may range from sanitary pads, creams, sprays, tooth paste, tooth brushes, undergarments and many more.

Personal Medicine: This is mostly if you have a chronic illness that requires regular prescribed medication, its important you carry it to avoid any health inconveniences. This also applies to persons with allergies; it would be good for you to have your medication on you at all times during the safari, because safari environments are unpredictable anything in there can trigger your allergies

Gadgets: Gadgets such as phones, cameras, iPods, laptops and many more are useful to you to capture memories of your safari as well as to keep in touch with the world even on your safari, so don’t forget them.

Money: You will definitely need money on your safari to pay for services and purchase items, so you need to carry some money with you either on Visa card or liquid cash whatever is easier for you and what is most appropriate for the country and places you are visiting. Most tourist services are paid for in USD so you should also be keen on the currency to carry.

Post Covid19 travel items: Because of the Covid19 pandemic all travellers are urged to carry sanitizers and face masks as part of their essential items for a safari.  These items are to be used by you the traveller to keep yourself and others from contracting the deadly Covid19 disease.

After having your packing list covered then just surrender all the rest to Kenya safari and relax as you have you best season of summer this 2023 as you sight the different areas in East Africa.

Kenya safari has got you covered from accommodation, safari, and security to your traveling issues with no need to stress over anything just a phone call and make booking then the rest left them to give you the best of a safari you can ever have in East Africa.

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