Activities Done in Sasaab Lodge in Samburu National Reserve : Sasaab Lodge is a spectacular luxury tented camp offering the ultimate safari in Samburu National Reserve. Sasaab is situated just outside Samburu national reserve in Kenya’s Northern Frontier District, the landscape is dotted with mountains, wildlife and a rich cultural heritage. It is a place of abundant natural diversity with an astounding number of animals from elephants to cheetah and wild dogs to the Samburu Special Five which includes the Beisa Oryx, reticulated giraffe, Grevy zebra, Gerenuk and the Somali ostrich.

How to get to Samburu National Reserve

Sasaab lodge offers a fabulous range  of exciting activities to everyone, from exploring the wilderness on foot, camel or quadbike, to fly camping under the stars and epic helicopter experiences in Kenya’s remote north, a stunning infinity pool and spa area create serene spaces in which to relax against a backdrop of nature, perfect for those seeking a slower safari experience whilst others are out exploring are activities includes game drives, sundowners, helicopter, bush breakfast, camels, fly camping, walking, quad biking,  pool and pizza and children’s activities.

1.Game Drives.

Here during the game driving elephants are areal highlight of a game drive in the reserve, the Samburu elephants are generally comfortable with the presence of vehicles, so you can often have magically close encounters with the world’s largest land mammal, during the game drive especially in the morning hours the sun block, sun hat and sun glasses because most of the times morning hours gets hot very quickly.

Activities Done in Sasaab Lodge in Samburu National Reserve
Game drives in Samburu Sasaab lodge


Sundowner rock in the Westgate conservancy has become a legendary spot due to its phenomenal panoramic views stretching as far as the eye can see, scramble up the giant rock boulders to be blown away by the scenery. Enjoy the view with your drink of your choice and some tasty of homemade ‘bittings’ that is the (Kenya term for nibbles or canapes). This is likely to be a sundowner which will leave a lasting memory, here it’s up on your wish to enjoy the sundowner rock it can take forty minutes’ stroll from the lodge with your guide, take a camel ride or hop in the car. Here you can need a camera to capture some memories of yourself.

3.Bush Breakfast.

During the Bush breakfast activity is the best time for spotting predators and other interesting wildlife encounters, you can enjoy your bush breakfast while enjoying the flexibility of deciding when to have breakfast and your guide will have to find the perfect spot under the canopy of atree. The vehicles are especially designed with pull out stoves so the visitors can have eggs, omelettes and pancakes cooked to order together with an array of other delicious goodies. During this activity the chef can be provided.


The helicopter gains the whole new perspective on Kenya’s incredible landscape by taking one of thrilling scenic helicopter excursions. There is a chance of flying between the jagged snow-capped peaks of Africa’s second highest mountain, land on top of volcanic craters, glide through dramatic gorges and soar alongside pink flamingos. Helicopter trip is the ultimate freedom and opportunity to discover some of Kenya’s most remote and inaccessible locations, from Sasaab there are an incredible number of impressive geographical wonders within easy reach by helicopter thus Activities Done in Sasaab Lodge in Samburu National Reserve.


Sasaab lodge has four friendly camels for the guests to use, looks after and led by the experienced Samburu herders, it can be great fun to explore the area around the lodge from up high. Guests usually enjoy camel rides in the cooler late afternoon hours. A popular choice is to embark on a leisurely ride down by the river and end up at our sundowner spot in time for an evening drink, which is around a 45-minute ride, camel riding is favourable to age limit of eight years may apply depending on the height and ability of individual children. Camels are unique adapted to survive in arid climates like northern Kenya and are commonly kept as livestock by the Samburu people.

Activities Done in Sasaab Lodge in Samburu National Reserve
camels in Sasaab lodge

6.Fly Camping.

Fly camping is adventurous, a mobile expedition camp in which you can sleep out under the stars in Westgate conservancy, giving you the chance to experience something which is truly wild. Set in the afternoon for a leisurely nature walk or game drive to arrive at your camp for the night. Here everything is given the mosquito dome tents set up for you with comfy mattresses and bedlinen, bathroom and washing facilities, relax around a roaring campfire before sitting down to a starlit alfresco dinner, here you fall asleep to the soundtrack of the nocturnal bush with just a mosquito net separating you from the blanket of twinkling stars above until morning.


Walking is healthy because you stretch your legs and take the time to appreciate the beautiful flora, fauna and bird species, this is a great experience the vastness of Africa and the richness of the land. Like in Samburu National Reserve when you see your foot you are on equal terms with the wildlife that is various species can be observed like dik-dik, generuk, impalas and the abundance of the birdlife. During this activity your given a guide who helps you to understand the behaviours of all animals by identifying them to you, also discovering fascinating plants and herbs and their traditional medicinal properties as your moving, the walks are divided into 3 namely,

Morning Bird walks, these can be enjoyed along the edge of the Ewaso Nyiro River, which is teeming with birds and wildlife.

Afternoon walk to Sundowner rock, this takes 45 minutes’ walk through the Samburu bush to a stunning kopje; this is a small hill so it takes a short climb to an expansive view where you can relax and enjoy a traditional Kenyan sundowner, whilst watching the day draw to close.

Half Day Walks, these are longer walks along the river or towards the hills can be arranged for those with energy and an adventurous spirit, here you set off in the morning, some great views can be enjoyed from the tops of the hillocks as the river meanders downstream from the lodge, Activities Done in Sasaab Lodge in Samburu National Reserve.

8.Quard Biking.

Quard biking helps you to get more close scenic and off-the –beaten track locations, you can whizz along dry riverbeds and enjoy the freedom of exploring the wilderness at your own peace. Sasaab lodge has four quad bikes available for guests to use and a fifth is driven by a guide. There are several different routes to explore, depending on how long you want to ride for; Bush breakfast rides and excursions to sundowners are both possible  her a quad bike excursion complete with an overnight fly camping expedition for the ultimate wild adventure, helmets and guide are provided and there is minimum age limit of eight years depending on the height and abilities of individual children and for the young guests their bikes can be down at the beach by the river and set a course for them there.

Activities Done in Sasaab Lodge in Samburu National Reserve
Quad biking in Samburu Sasaab lodge

9.Pool And Pizza.

The lodge boasts a stunning infinity pool on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the river below it’s a great spot from which to watch wildlife coming and going along the river. Here is no life guard on duty so your children should be supervised all the time. There is also a poolside pizza over for guests to enjoy lunches and delicious homemade pizza, as well you can design your own pizza toppings if you like. This is usually part of the Sasaab’s menu for the guests staying for several days.

10.Children’s activities.

Sasaab lodge provides activities to the young guests like the game drives, camel adventures, quad bikes and time spent slashing around the pool this makes the children to love and to spend their time at the lodge. Children are taught how to make traditional Samburu National Reserve bow and arrow and also to make a toothbrush from the Samburu toothbrush tree. Sasaab is a paradise from children who love nature and exploring the great outdoors.

11.Safari SPA.

The expert therapist offers a selection of massage and beauty treatments designed to restore your body’s natural balance and soothe away your stresses, products here used are Healing the earth a premium organic brand inspired by ancient African healing traditions, all the treatments use of the most luxurious healing earth oils and balms. The spa is just found below the main lodge infinity pool.

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