Anka resort is referred to as  a mid- range accommodation(3 star)  situated at the edge of Mount Kenya forest  overlooking the peak of Mount Kenya.  Anka Resort is found along Naro Moru –Nanyuki Highway , 10 minutes drive from Nanyuki Airstrip. The resort is located in a convenient and serene environment that gives a beautiful view over the peak of Mount Kenya and surrounding areas.

It takes approximately  193 km (2-3 hours) drive from Nairobi to the park  and  30 minutes to fly from Nairobi to the closest nanyuki airport then few minutes(10) to be transferred to the resort.

Anka Resort  is  comprised of  20 well designed spacious and comfortable rooms   that reflects  kenya’s Architectural  building style with modern comfort.  Rooms  are well decorated and furnished with private en suite facilities like clean  flushing toilets, hot and cold showers/Bathtubs , mosquito nets,  satelites,  Flat screen TVs , extinguishers, hair driers   , private  balconies and sitting areas ,you relax while  enjoying the spectacular view of  mount Kenya , rain forest canopy  and surrounding area  .

Rooms are equipped with comfortable clean bedding containing king and queen sized beds and wooden ceiling fun.  There are bonfires in the rooms   that provides warmth to visitors during night and in darkness   . Rooms are in different categories and sizes depending on single ,double and triple rooms  with different rates ranging from 250$ per night  and above ( note that high season rate is different to low season rate.

Anka Resort Mount Kenya
Anka Resort Mount Kenya

Anka Resort  offers more services and facilities  which include;  A restaurant in the main building  that serves different food both  international and local meals that meets  guests choice ; breakfast  in the garden ,lunch and  front dining room  served by well trained, friendly and organized  staff  ,they also serve bush diners , a well stocked bar with  variety of refreshments  local ,cocktail  , wines, spirits and international beers ,you relax and sip the cocktail   while overlooking  the breathtaking view of mount Kenya , beautiful gardens , rain  forest canopy  and surrounding area , a blue water swimming pool  for both Kids and old people cooling off the hot afternoon,  Free parking space available, Laundry services available, baby seaters offered, camping available , Wifi available at the lodge that enables visitors to keep in touch with their families and friends,  business centers  with conferences ,  wedding & meetings places  and honey moon package  etc.

Health and fitness centers with beauty spa ,  gyms, sauna, steam bathe , massage etc,  Excellent and comfortable clean  beddings, Craft shop available at the resort with more African hand craft  gifts like shoes,  safari essentials and clothes ,  Recreational  areas available at the lodge  like ;hiking , nature walks  playing , and many others.

Mount Kenya national park is found in Kenya country in the eastern side of the Great rift valley . Mount Kenya is the second tallest mountain in  Africa. The park is in the place where kikuyu the father of the tribe used to meet with gods.

The park covers the total area of 715 square kilometers (276 square miles) of which the above is 3000 meters contour line and the forest reserve is 705 square kilo metres. The park was formed in 1949 to protect mount Kenya , wildlife and surrounding environment.

Anka Resort Mount Kenya
Anka Resort Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya national park contains large number of animal species which include; Buffaloes, elephants, leopards, white tailed mangoose, black rhinos, elands to mention but few and over 160 bird species like eagles, African grass owl, waterbucks, long tailed window birds and many more others. The park is the great habitat for wildlife  especially animals and birds.

There are several accommodations in  mount Kenya national park ; budget , mid range and luxury accommodation which are a friendly and convenient to guests  visiting  the park. There are different  activities to do while in Mount Kenya  national park;  Game viewing since the park has  various animals to spot  , hot air ballooning riding, bird watching/birding  since the park contains more bird species in the forest,  nature walks in the forest ,visiting  waterhole,  flying safaris, cultural visit in the local kikuyu homes, hiking and climbing mount Kenya since it attracts more hikers and climbers in a year , forest canopy   and many more activities.



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