Apollo children’s science park is the amazing and pioneer park in Kenya even not only Kenya but the entire Africa, this is such educative safari destination for every child who visits Kenya because it seeks to introduce and promote science and technology among the children of Africa. Apollo children’s science park promotes the practical demonstrations many aspects of the science and technology among the children, also here the children are taught and demonstrated, introduced to various sciences and technologically based careers and this shapes and inspires the children’s bright future in the science sectors.

On your safari to Kenya, as you will be thinking about the richness of the Kenya’s wildlife, you can as well travel with your young children and plan for them to visit Apollo children’s science park where they will also acquire a variety and get inspired in the science and technology sector which will build your children’s careers as they are growing and this gives them the unforgettable memories and hence keep on recalling the practical experiment that was explained or carried out, give your children the most light and bright moments by taking them to Apollo children’s science park to benefit a lot from there.

Apollo Children’s science park is so magnificent to the children that is they are given the best tips in their life with the most interactive activities and programs here the children learn to understand and appreciate the science practically principles and these are so perfect to the children, inside the park there are various items that will give the right journey of your child to take an example the child can be given and shown the wooden box television sets up to the current flat screen, from the speed graphics of the 1910’s to the advances cameras. Apollo children’s science park helps the young children to appreciate where everything that was used long time ago came from and also get inspired of the present and again this makes the children to get inspired through science and make the most advanced one through science and innovation that can challenge every level that they found.

Apollo Children's Science Park in Limura
Apollo Children’s Science Park in Limura

Various exhibitions done at Apollo children’s science park.

1. Agriculture.

Apollo children’s science park demonstrates the various plots where the park has different crops, vegetables, cereals, grains, tuber growing that are over 22 in number this is where the children get inspired after witnessing themselves various crops in the field as well the children are given the opportunity of viewing the cash crops that are grown in the country including coffee, tea, sisal, cotton and among others these improve the children’s minds about understanding agriculture, without forgetting the amazing animal science related with veterinary science in the University of Nairobi Chiromo Campus this is where children get to know the anatomy and physiology of the animal species.

Its known very few children knows about agriculture this sector when the children are shown all these, this is guide and help them to run and fulfill the sustainable development goal number one which is zero hunger in the entire world and get inspired in different agricultural careers.

2. Environmental science.

Children who visit Apollo children’s science park get exposed to the indigenous and exotic trees in the park, here the children can do the nature walks while being explained on how to conserve and protect the environment through planting of trees and other related ways.

The energy sector.

The energy sector encourages the children to use the alternative sources of energy without harming the environment like solar panels, windmills, biogas many others and also the children are taught how power can be transmitted in the homes.

Weather station.

The weather station at Apollo has got almost of the weather instruments that are used to measure weather like rain gauge, wind vanes, wind socks, anemometers and others through observing these they will directly relate them to what they study in their social studies class, this is where the children will get the chance of observing various instruments and knowing everyone’s use which will make their studying work easier.

Apollo children’s science park
Weather Station

Our minerals.

Inside Apollo science park, the children will learn the best ways of extracting the minerals like the oil, gold, copper, limestone, iron, tsavorite, diamond, iron ore without being exhausted the children will be explored by variety of the minerals and children will see how they look like and further they will be taught how these final product minerals look like, here also children will be exhibited with the process of refining crude oil and exhibit all its by-products, this is where the children will be capable and happy about running their careers in this sector.

Our skies.

This section in the science park shows and display some of the items and instruments that are used to study space and explore the space science like the telescopes from man made up to the digital go to telescopes also the children are to be inspired to be the future’s scientists who have over time made major space and the Astro discoveries who visit the park.

3. Building and construction.

Under the sector of science the children will be taught with the best architects, civil and structural engineers and professionals in future, here the children will be explained various ways of building and construction science here the children will be explained how roads and buildings are constructed. After the explanation the children will be encouraged and therefore excepting more architects, civil engineers which builds the children’s future career aspirations.

4. Applied science.

Under Applied science they provide,

The Aero zone.

Children are always exposed by the aero planes, many children have got the dreams of becoming pilots, so this is the right place where they can be inspired because they show them how the aero planes do work and operate.

The Motor world.

According to the today’s modernity the motor world is the way faster communication and travel so here the children on a wildlife Kenya safari to the children’s park are always illustrated on how the car operates and engineered so the children can get the chance of learning how to drive and they will be taught how the modern car has evolved over time to be what is seen today.

Machines at work.

Children are exposed with machines at work as these make the work easier by practically demonstrating the effects of positioning of the simple machines Load, Fulcrum and Effort as part of what the children learn in school also children are taught how the simple basic water engineering system operates, children here are inspired to love the working of machines and uplift mechanical engineering as their future career.

Instruments of war.

Children are as well given the opportunity to look at military warfare, these are the instruments that are used during the war which also builds up there career.

5. Technology.

The telescope.

The telescope explains the children about the modern of the telephones from the coin booths and dial up headsets and mobile phones that are seen today as his section capture the evolution of the telephony from the long time ago morse code to the mobile phones that are seen today which explains the technology transfer, of which currently there are touch screen phones today.

The computers.

The computers generated from the mainframe to the desktop then to laptops and now ipads, this sector in the park explains the children the evolution of modern day computer and where everything originated, here children are illustrated while the computer is opened and explained how the computers are engineered, children are taught how the computers do work as source of current knowledge and information across the globe through the world wide web.

Apollo children’s science park


Long time ago there was presence of more cameras from 1912 professional speed graphic to Duncans Willets 1954 Kodak Box Brownie, in this section children are shown how the history of the country has been captured almost 100 years ago also here the children are engaged about photography as a career and journalism wide.


Children in the park are given the various music instruments including both local and foreign and the children are explained how they are engineered, children are demonstrated the evolution of the music industry from His Masters Voice, Gramophone through Juke Box, to Radio Cassette Player to Walk Man and currently to USBs.

Our Hospital.

Children are also demonstrated with various items and equipment found in the hospitals from x-ray machines, to blood meters, to glucometers and stethoscpoes which will encourage the children to be doctors and working in the hospitals and children will get a chance to use on the stethoscope and this is where they will be promoted to medical engineering and among related careers among the children.

Do not mess up your children’s career today, make their future bright through shinning them by giving them the right gift of education in their entire life through exposing them to Apollo children’s science park in Kenya with focuseastafricatours.com.

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