Best Rwanda safari activities : Rwanda is a country with beautiful people, rare mountain gorillas, wildlife, and bird species. Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is home to gorillas, and people from all over the world can take a Rwanda gorilla trekking tour any day of the year. Rwanda Safari Activities: The best safari activities in Rwanda are gorilla trekking, wildlife viewing, and chimpanzee trekking, birding, and cultural trips.

Best Rwanda safari activities

Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Rwanda.

 Rwanda safari tours are most popular because they offer the easiest and most available mountain gorilla trekking in Africa. Rwanda’s airport, Kigali International Airport, is the closest to Volcanoes National Park, which is where gorilla safaris take place.

In Rwanda, unlike Uganda and Congo, you only have to wait a few hours after landing at Kigali International Airport to get to the park. All of Rwanda’s mountain gorillas have become used to humans and can be seen on treks. They are still living in their native habitat.

The gorillas in Rwanda are the easiest to trek because they live on the bamboo-covered slopes of the Virunga Volcanoes, which are easy to reach. On these hills, the famous primate researcher worked to protect the animals, and the movie Gorillas in Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda-All You Need to Know the Mist was filmed, which made Rwanda Gorilla trekking safaris popular all over the world.

One of the best things about Rwanda is its wildlife, which includes several big cats and other wild animals. Even though Rwanda may not seem like the typical place to go on an African wildlife tour, the beautiful Akagera National Park is in the east of the country and is worth seeing. In the north, there are savannah fields, rolling hills, and deep valleys. In the east, there are papyrus swamps and lakes.

Giraffes and other animals of the grassland live in Akagera National Park.

There are elephants, cats, zebras, and a lot more. Rwanda is also home to 13 primate species, such as chimps, monkeys, and the Ruwenzori colobus arboreal colobus, which lives in trees and moves around in groups of up to 400 people. This is the biggest group of monkeys in Africa that you can see.

Chimpanzee Trekking Rwanda Safari.

On Rwanda Safari, chimpanzees are one of Rwanda’s monkeys. You can find them in Nyungwe Forest National Park, which is in the south-west of the country. Nyungwe forest is the largest area of forest that still exists. It has about 200 different kinds of trees and covers about 970 square kilometres.

Chimpanzee trekking safaris in Rwanda‘s Nyungwe Forest start at three reception centres: Uwinka, Gisakura, and Kitabi. This is where tourists meet park guards to start their trek into the forest. You will be driven to the starting place of the chimp trek, where rangers will lead you to where the chimps are spending their day.

Chimpanzees and humans share about 98.7% of their DNA. They also act in ways that are similar to humans and are fascinating to watch for up to an hour. These chimps are used to people and are safe to follow. Their loud screams, hoots, and loud hits on tree barks and buttresses make them easy to spot.

Best Rwanda safari activities
Chimp Trekking in Nyungwe

Rwanda Birding Safaris.

 Rwanda has about 703 bird species, and many of them are unique to the Albertine Rift. Rwanda is home to 29 species that are only found in the Albertine Rift. It is also one of the best places to see the red-collared babbler. Rwanda birding trips let you see some of the most popular African bird species in easy-to-reach places. All four parks in Rwanda are good for bird watching safaris, but the best places for serious birders are Akagera National Park and Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Some of the bird species to be spotted in Rwanda are the Rwenzori Nightjar, Handsome Francolin, Rwenzori Turaco, Grauer’s Warbler, Blue-headed Sunbird, Grauer’s Swamp Warbler, Shelly’s Crimsonwing, Kungwe Apalis, and many more.

Rwanda Cultural Tours.

 One of the best ways to learn about the people who live in the hills of a thousand hills is to go on a cultural tour in Rwanda. Cultural tours let you see some of the country’s most famous cultural places, like the Kigali Genocide Memorial. At the Kigali Genocide Memorial, there are three fixed exhibits that show how violence affects people. The biggest of the three shows is about the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994. The second is a memorial for children, and the third shows the history of genocide around the world.

This is one of the best places to learn about Rwanda’s past. Rwanda has a lot of cultural places. Some of them are in museums, and the Rwandese Wildlife Safari in Akagera National Park can teach you a lot.

Canopy Walk Nyungwe Forest.

The Canopy Walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park is hung above the lush montane rainforest. It gives you a great view of the old tree tops and the birds and other animals that live in the forest.

The Nyungwe Forest Canopy Walk is 70 metres high and 60 metres long. Take either the gishigishigi, Imbaraga, or Umuyove paths to go on a canopy walk.

You will be driven to the park in a 4×4 safari car, but you will have to walk from the Uwinka visitor centre to the start of the canopy walk. People who are afraid of heights might find it scary to walk 60 metres above the forest floor, but it’s a great experience and worth doing.

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