Burigi Chato National Park is situated close to the border of Lake Victoria border of Rwanda, the park covers 4,707 sq. km making it the 4th largest national park in Tanzania. And is surrounded by the wondrous waters of the Kagera River and Lake Burigi. Burigi- Chato is set among the pictorial beauty of the lakes and the riverside which is a delight for the eyes of any tourist, the park has typical grasslands of the African savannah.  One of the special features about the wildlife of this park is that one of the largest antelopes of the world the sitatunga cape eland is found in the park. Burigi- Chato national park was established in 2019.

Burigi Chato National Park

 Since the park is located on the border of Rwanda, Burigi- Chato national park involves the other ecosystems of Rwanda Akagera National park and Uganda, Kikati game reserve, rangeland are to the north of the Katungo River and the lake Mburo National Park. The park extends to the eastern side towards the Kimisi, Ibanda –Kyerwa and Rumanyika- Karagwe National Park Tanzania. The Burigi-Chate national park has a wide collection of wildlife such as the elephants, buffalos, antelopes, lions, leopards, zebras, giraffes and among others.

Burigi chato national park is an enormous piece of the wild country encompassing of fresh water lakes, long hills, rocky crags along escarpments, deeply set valleys lined with forest, open plains, swamps, rivers, flood plains and hundreds of square kilometers of medium and tall grass wooded savanna mostly combretum and Terminal known as Miombo.

Burigi Chato National Park
Burigi Chato National Park

Attractions in Burigi – Chato National Park.

Bird species.

The Burigi- Chato National park has a variety of bird species which are over 28 species in the park including the rare bird species like the Fish eagles, Papyrus ganolek, bizarre shoebill stork and among many more bird species in the park that includes the Saddle, bill stork, Senegal Lapwing, Wattled lapwings, wattle cranes, village weaver, Red-necked francolin and among others which can be spotted during a safari in Tanzania.


Burigi-Chato National Park has a variety of wildlife thus the animal species in the park includes the Hippos, Elephants, sitatungas, impalas, Roan antelopes, elands, Oribis, Defassa waterbucks, Sable antelopes and many other animals.

Lake Burigi.

Inside the Burigi- Chato national park there is Lake Burigi which is the 3rd largest lake in Tanzania which is a big attraction, it is along lake with a number of islands, inlets, bays along its length some of which are swampy and are home to the rare sitatunga antelope as well as the rare shoebill stork.

Activites done in Burigi- Chato national park.

Bird watching.

Burigi- Chato national park is blessed with a quite number of colourful bird species that surround the park which Saddle bill stork, African fish eagles, Senegal Lapwing, Shoebill storks, wattled lapwings, wattled cranes, village weaver, Red-necked francolin, cattle egrets, white-browned Coucal and many others, the bird lovers during their visit in the park can be able to view the most precious bird species on the planet.

Burigi Chato National Park

Game viewing.

The park supports a variety of wildlife species such as the Hippos, elephants, Sitatungas, impalas, lions, Roan antelopes, elands, Oribis, Sable antelopes and many others, this makes the tourists to view the animal species and hence giving them the unforgettable memories in them due to the getting closer to the most of the park’s animal species. The guests usually enjoy the sighting one of the rare animal species which is the Sitatunga antelope.


The tourists who visit Burigi- Chato national park enjoy the canoeing activity in Lake Burigi which gives a peace of minds to the guests through the relaxation and takes away their stresses as they are enjoying the waters of the lake.


The park provides the fishing activity within the park as the guests are given the chances of carrying out fishing which gives them amazing time during their visit in the park by catching fish species from the lakes.

Boat excursions.

These are self-propelled, floating vessel in Lake Burigi and other small lakes within, this is where the tourists enjoy the nature of the water in Lake Burigi at the same as they are viewing some animal species, bird’s species during the boat excursions.

Burigi Chato National Park
Boat excursions

Nature walks.

During your safari in Burigi-Chato national park, you can be free to carry out the nature walks on the foot to most of the areas in the park this is so awesome because you get closer various animal species in the park like the elephants, hyenas, impalas, lions, hippos and among others due to the fact that some of the animals are endangered there is always provision of the guide to help you to take you’re in the park.


The park has the reliable and the most favorable camping sites that are divided into the public and the special campsites. Guests always enjoy camping with their families, friends in the reserve as they are experiencing the nature of wilderness of the park, enjoying the night camp fire, sounds of various animal species and the bird species when its early morning.

Best time to visit Burigi – Chato national park.

The park is open all the year around to be visited by the tourists but the dry season from June to September is favorable for visiting the park especially when it comes to game viewing while the wet months of March to May then November to December are ideal for birding experience.

Where to stay in Burigi- Chato national park.

There are accommodation facilities in park ranging from budget, Mid-range, Luxury accommodations like Happy Wallet Gardens Hotel, Gilgali Guest House, GilGal Highway Center, and many others. As well as campsites in the park that is the public and special campsites that provide accommodation to the gests.

Entrance fees of Burigi –Chato national park.

  EA ( Tshs) Non EA Citizen (USD) Expatriate/ Residents ( USD)
Of above the age of 16 years 5000 30 15
Between the age of 5 to 15 years 2000 10 5
Children below the age of 5 years Free Free Free

 Note. The entrance fees in Burigi national park are always valid for the months from July to June, at times when it exceeds June they change the prices of the park.

How to get to Burigi Chato national park.

Burigi Chato national park can be accessed by both road and flight means from Chato town to reach the park

By Flight means.

The nearest town is Chato which has an international Airport and private charters are possible to an airstrip near the Nkonje Ranger Post beside Lake Burigi or to the Birahamulo airstrip.

By Road Means.

By road to the park is also possible as the park is connected to close towns like the Chato Karagwe.

Burigi –Chato national park is most attractive park in Tanzania with attractions like Lake Burigi being the 3rd largest lake in the country, which is along lake with a number of islands, inlets and bays along its length, some of which are swampy and are home from the rare sitatunga antelope, and possibly also the rare shoe billed stork.

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