Bush meals and sundowners safaris in Kenya are the amazing and greatest safaris activity that are done in Kenya, and this majorly is feeling happiness and the joy while having and eating the meal in the raw wilderness of the Africa savannah while spotting the richness of the wildlife of Kenya, in Kenya bush meal and sundowners do happens in Maasai Mara National Reserve where the guests do have the most spectacular landscapes and the magnificent wildlife, bush meals are popular and often carried out around a bon fire with some music in the background. The bush meals and sundowners safaris in Kenya are the amazing vital reasons to why the tourists select Maasai Mara National reserve as their safari tourism destination in Kenya because of its richness.

Bush meals and sundowners safaris in Kenya.

The bush meals and sundowners in Kenya engages the tourists in various exciting activities like game viewing birding watching so sundowners are the perfect way to round off the day with the sundowner’s safari experience, also the tourists watch as the sun dip below the horizon with the sounds of bird species and animal species that explains to you the real meaning of the African sundowner safari experience in Kenya, the bush meals and sundowners have got different options to which the guests do participate in as the following,

BUsh meals in maasai mara


Sundowners this is where the tourists do enjoy their safari while they are in the green savannahs of Maasai Mara National reserves while sipping on their favorite drinks with the company of friends, families and loved ones with the coolest sunset horizons while enjoying their sight, mostly the hotels and lodges do provide the safari activity to the guests and this gives the tourists the unforgettable safari experiences in Kenya.

Bush meals in Maasai Mara National Reserve can be done and be organized by every category of the tourists in the reserve and mostly these are loved by the honeymooners as this means a lot during their safari in Kenya, also during the bush meals the guests with the special certain requirements are usually worked upon such as to fulfil their dream on a safari. During a sundowner, the guests do sit back, relax and take in the atmosphere while they are listening and watching the wildlife in the savanna, as well during the sundowner the tourists do enjoy the opportunities for photographic session thus to keep their bush meals and sundowners memories.

Bush breakfast and dinners.

Bush breakfast and dinners are always treasured and served to the guests, mostly around the bonfire with the entertainment like tribal dance performances mostly these are designated at the special sites within Maasai Mara National Reserve outside the respective lodges and camps of the reserve, the guests are also provided with the menus that range from the multi-course fine cuisine to more casual bush barbeque meals, and the prices for the special meals do start from UDS 40 per person and then USD 100 charges per person for the luxury bush meals.

The picnic lunch.

Bush meals and sundowners are the safari activities for the whole day in Maasai Mara National Reserve, so there is no need of going back to the lodge or to the camp for lunch, so here the guests enjoy the packed lunch in the boxes that can be provided by your camp or lodge, and this is done by informing your responsible hotels and lodges to prepare the lunch boxes and put for you the lunch that you will enjoy during the picnic, this becomes so magical while sited and enjoying your lunch box in the wilderness which gives you the best memories on the meal in your entire life, Maasai Mara National reserve provides you the best moments and special activities that freshens your minds and on Kenya wildlife Safaris.

Bush meals and sundowners safaris in Kenya
The picnic lunch in maasai mara

Best time for bush meals and sundowners in Maasai Mara National reserve.

Though the bush meals and sundowners can be done annually, but the best time for the bush meals and sundowners in Maasai Mara National reserve is during the between the months of late June and October, as these are the driest months, these are the best months for wildlife viewing and also the vegetation can be thinner to make the tourists to easily spot them and as well the animals gather around the rivers and waterholes thus making the tourists to easily spot them as they are sited while enjoying their meal.

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