CAMPING IN LAKE NAKURU NATIONAL PARK ( 6 best camping sites in Lake Nakuru national park )

Camping in Lake Nakuru national park is one of the best Kenya safari experience to escape away from the noisy and chaotic city life, Lake Nakuru national park is one of the premium wildlife safari national parks/destinations in Kenya located on the floor of the Great Rift Valley in an area with a chain of rift valley alkaline lakes.

Lake Nakuru national park is located in Nakuru district of the Rift Valley Province in Central Kenya and about 140 kilometers northwest of Nairobi, the park is a great Kenya safari destination with breathtaking views, warm temperatures and great landscapes offers an amazing experience for adventurous travelers and a great opportunity to escape the crowded lifestyle of the city and their homes. The area includes Lake Nakuru- a shallow alkaline lake, Lake Nakuru national park, Menengai Crater, Kigio Wildlife Conservancy among others.

Lake Nakuru national park is a bird watcher’s paradise with large flocks of pink flamingoes concentrated on the shores of the shallow alkaline Lake Nakuru, the park is also a home to one of the largest populations of rhinos in Kenya.

Camping in Lake Nakuru national park is a very rewarding and memorable experience which comes with pitching a tent and spending the night beneath the star filled skies, camping in Lake Nakuru national park is a perfect for all the travelers’ whether you are a fearless adventurist or a novice outdoor man or just an individual looking for a new safari experience in Kenya.


Lake Nakuru Tented Camp

Lake Nakuru Tented Camp is one of the perfect sites for camping in Lake Nakuru national park offering an ultimate camping retreat, this tented camp is located within Lake Nakuru national park in a very quiet environment for your relaxation and interact with nature.

Lake Nakuru Tented Camp has a site where you can pitch a tent and enjoy an intimate bush camping experience, the site has no permanent structures and once the tents are taken down after camping experience the site revert to nature.

Camping at Lake Nakuru Tented Camp offers an opportunity for campers to camp at an eco-friendly bush camp with minimal impact of the environment, campers also get a chance to hike along the cliffs of the Rift Valley to experience spectacular views of Lake Nakuru below and the surrounding area.

 Campers can also explore the unusual forested area of the park which is a home to black and white rhinos, endangered Rothschild giraffes, lions, leopards, Cape buffalo, waterbuck, zebra, impala and different species of birds.

Mbweha Camp  

Mbweha Camp is another amazing camp to do camping safari experience in Lake Nakuru national park, the camp is nestled up against the southern border of Lake Nakuru national park boosting beautiful views over the Eburru and Mau ranges.  Mbweha Camp is named from Jackal, the Swahili name for a jackal is Mbweha.  While camping at Mbweha Camp you can easily see all the 3 species of jackals found in East Africa that are the Golden jackal, the Silver-backed jackal, and the Side-striped jackal.

Camping site at Mbweha Camp is hidden behind big lush trees where campers can view over 450 resident and migratory species such as flamingoes, pelicans, Greater blue-eared starling, Maccoa duck among others.

Camping in Lake Nakuru national park
Mbweha Camp

Mbweha Camp offers the most charming experience in a natural sanctuary of fauna and flora and If you are animal love, camping at Mbweha camp offers you an opportunity to enjoy the company of games such as warthogs, grants, zebras, gazelle, eland, impala, hyena, dik-dik, buffalo, baboon, giraffe, waterbuck, aardvark, and several bird species such as flamingoes, pelicans among others.

Flamingo Hill Tented Camp

The Flamingo Hill Tented Camp is an extremely breathtaking camping site in Lake Nakuru national park offering campers a front row chair to one of the most avi-fauna performances on the African continent, this campsite is located within Lake Nakuru national park on the shores of the Serene Lake Nakuru.

 The Flamingo Hill Tented Camp is a small and exclusive camping site with modern camping facilities perfect for campers with modern camping in mind, the camp has fully furnished tents to maximize comfort with lush lawns and awe-inspiring modern facilities which do not compromise your camping adventure.

The Flamingo Hill Tented Camp offer Tented Canvas Camps boosting spectacular views of the pink flamingoes as they wade around the shores of Lake Nakuru feeding on the algae, the most incredible to look out for is when these birds take a flight and this is attracts nature photographers and film makers.

 While camping at Flamingo Hill Tented Camp you will get a taste of the famous flamingo hill cocktails as you watch the incredible sunset as sun goes down over Lake Nakuru, you can also enjoy a pampering massage.

Lakira Camp  

Lakira Camp in Lake Nakuru national park is a luxurious camping site located within the park on the edge of Lake Nakuru, this camp is also situated away from the bush lodges found in Lake Nakuru national park.

Lakira camp offers an ultimate luxurious camping experience in Lake Nakuru national park together with breathtaking views of the sparkling water of Lake Nakuru and stunning flamingoes from the comfort of your balcony.

Lakira Camp offers an intimate camping experience in its camping site surrounded by a fascinating beauty, the campsite is discreetly tucked away in the trees that flank it offering camping a chance to walk outside their tents into their own private wilderness – a classic bush style.

Camping in Lake Nakuru national park
Lakira Camp

 Rhino Campsite

Rhino campsite is rated as one of the most popular camping sites in Lake Nakuru national park , this camp is not a luxurious campsite thus offering campers with an authentic camping experience. Rhino campsite is a very rewarding camping site offer excellent game viewing experience for campers during their camping experience, some of the animals you should expect to see include endangered black rhino and white rhino.

Makalia Falls Campsite

Makalia Falls Campsite is a beautiful and intense camping site in Lake Nakuru national park with the large Makalia Falls, herds of cape buffaloes and sounds of several wildlife species just outside the site. Makalia Falls Campsite is an elusive public camping site located on the southern tip of Lake Nakuru national park, this camping site lies at the banks of the Makalia River and a large waterfall feeding into it.

Campers at get an opportunity to engage in interesting nature walks and game drives.

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