Diani Beach is a beautiful beach with silky white sands, warm turquoise waters and palm-lined streets located 30 kilometers south of Mombasa, Diani Beach is often referred to as the silver of paradise marking the border where the African continent meets the vast Indian ocean and is surround by the warm Indian ocean with countless beach resorts open to all visitors.

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Diani Beach is a beautiful tropical beach retreat which is often included the as a destination to visit at the end of a safari in Kenya after visiting several national parks such as Maasai Mara national reserve, Tsavo East and West national park, Amboseli national park among others.

Diani Beach is a tropical destination for relaxing with rolling white sands perfect for sunbathing, crystal clear waters for snorkeling and an abundance of wildlife ready for you to discover.



 Along Diani Beach, there are several marine parks which have been established, these are areas of protected waters that conserve marine life and ecosystem. These marine parks are worth visiting and are a great place for snorkelling and diving experiences.

These waters are a home to the endangered Green and Hawksbill turtles and are one of the few places in the world where you will frequently see reef sharks, make it a point to bring an underwater camera with you to capture the magical underworld.

Diani Beach is recognized as one of the greatest destinations in the East Africa and the world at large for other water activities such as Kayaking, Jet skiing, wind surfing, kite surfing, paddle boarding and scuba diving.

Diani Beach
Diving at Diani Beach


Sky diving at Diani Beach is an exciting activity offering some of the finest scenery in the world, this activity has become of major attraction and activities to do amongst tourists seeking to see the landscape of the beach and the coast from an eye’s view at 12,000 ft.


Deep sea fishing at Diani Beach is a fun activity to do, however the availability of fish depends on the season, temperatures and bait available, the best months of the year to do deep-fishing at Diani Beach is between September to April.


 Glass Boat tours is an incredible day out for travellers who wish to stay dry during their safari to Diani Beach but still want to experience the vast ecosystem under the waters of Indian ocean, sailing on a glass bottom boat you will be able to see schools of colourful fish swimming beneath you. You will also learn about marine life and local myths of the Indian Ocean from the guides.


Shimba Hills national reserve is an unmissable destination to visit during your trip to Diani Beach, the reserve is a small rainforest park located 15 kilometers from the Beach. Shimba Hills national reserve is a 300 square kilometers protected sanctuary hosting several species of wildlife such as elephants, mongoose, monkeys, Blue duiker, serval cat, black and red shrew, red duiker, the endangered Sable Antelope and several bird species.

You can also visit the Mwalunganje Elephant Sanctuary which is situated within Shimba Hills national Reserve, the sanctuary plays a vital role in reducing human-elephant conflict and ensuring balance in the threatened ecosystem and protecting elephants from poachers.

Mwalunganje Elephant Sanctuary was originally established to create a pathway for the animals including giant elephants and other animals to roam freely undisturbed amongst the entire nature reserve.


Kisite – Mpunguti Marine Park is another destination not miss when you visit Diani Beach, the marine park is a protected sanctuary of coral reefs and small islands and a habitat for dolphins, turtles, birds and uncountable birds.

Diani Beach

Kisite – Mpunguti Marine Park is located on the southern coast of Kenya near the Tanzanian border and 50 kilometres from Diani Beach, the park covers an area of 39 square kilometers.  Kisite- Mpunguti Marine National Park a great spot for diving, snorkelling and island bird watching, the park also offers easy access to the Shimoni caves – ancient coral caves, these caves are a home to bats and is a sacred place for worship to the local communities.

Visiting Kisite – Mpunguti Marine park is best done in the period between October to April when the waters are much clearer due to calmer seas.


There is a range of beautiful accommodation at Diani Beach from luxury beach resorts, bandas, beach hotels and apartments, some of the places to stay in at the Beach include

Waterlovers Beach Resort

Waterlovers Beach Resort is a beautiful beach resort known as a jewel on Diani Beach, the beach resort has a swimming pool overlooking the ocean and provides stunning views of the coast. Waterlovers Beach Resort is perfectly situated making the area to have prime wind conditions and water perfect for water sports.

The founders of Waterlovers Beach Resort were inspired by the beautiful atmosphere of the area to create this beach resort from scratch.

Kinondo Kwetu Lodge

Kinondo Kwetu Lodge is a postcard perfect lodge located on a private stretch of white sands south of the Diani Beach, Kinondo Kwetu Lodge is a personal favourite lodge for the King of Sweden.

The Sands at Nomad

The Sands at Nomad is a boutique resort and an ideal place to stay during your travel to Diani beach a breathtaking tropical paradise, this luxury resort is perfect for families and ideal for those seeking to explore the untouched reefs on a diving experience.

The Zubeida

The Zubeida is a beautiful boutique resort in Diani Beach boosting stunning views over the ocean, this resort offers array of activities to fit all the family. While at the resort you get to experience whale watching, luxury dinning and luxury spa.

Diani Beach is a perfect destination to visit and combine on your Kenya safari itinerary to Tsavo East National park, Tsavo West national park, Amboseli national park and other Kenya wildlife destinations.

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