Discover the Nyali Beach : Nyali beach is a residential area and a potential tourist destination ideal for travelers seeking for a relaxing getaway after their wildlife Kenya safari, this beautiful beach is located in Mombasa County and is connected to Mombasa Island by the New Nyali Bridge. Nyali is renowned for its high tourist potential and loved by both local and international tourists for its high-class hotels and beautiful residential houses, resorts and hotels and long white sand beaches.

Nyali is a residential area and a sub-county within Mombasa City located on the mainland north of Mombasa County, Nyali area is part of the Mombasa Marine Reserve a beautiful destination perfect for marine safaris, the reserve is managed by Kenya Wildlife Service.

Nyali has become a very westernized residential area with all basic needs for living such as supermarkets, Cinemas, Shopping malls, banks, schools and post offices. To get to the center of Mombasa, locals of the area have to cross Nyali Bridge, a reason to why it is very crowded.

Discover the Nyali Beach
Discover the Nyali Beach

In Nyali there are many interesting places like the Mamba Village (the biggest crocodile farm in Africa), Nyali golf club, Dwarikadham Hindu temple, Lord Shiva Gombeshwar caves that are ideal for tourists to visit.


In Nyali Beach, there are a lot of interesting places to visit a lot of thrilling activities to do, these include

  1. Chill at the Beach

Nyali beach has a strip of crystal white sand which is perfect for a day or a beach gateway and provides perfect environment for chilling on the beach. The beach has calm waters in which you can take a swim, you can also do sunbathing from the comfort your beach blanket laid on the sand, play beach volley ball with your friends or beach football.

At the Southern end of the Nyali Beach, there is the Shiva Cave. This cave is believed to have powers to enhance fertility of the visitors, because of its powers, many local people both men and women frequent the cave in hopes of enhancing their fertility.

  1. Have a meal at Tamarind Restaurant

Your gateway to Nyali Beach cannot be complete without having a meal at the exquisite Tamarind Restaurant, the restaurant is laced with high white arches and it looks out over the harbor. Tamarind Restaurant is a fine restaurant with a fine menu that includes Tamarind seafood salad, black pepper crab and twice-cooked pork belly which will leave your mouth watering. You should also try out the Mangrove oysters, the desserts and the boozy coffees.

  1. Visit the Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural center

For travelers who are fun of beautiful and intricate pieces, visiting the Bombolulu workshops and cultural center will be worth it, the organization produces high quality crafts and provides vocational training to physically different enabled people. To visit this center’s workshops and showroom as a tourist, you pay a small fee to access the premises. During your visit you will witness the process through which various products are made and you will be able to purchase some beautiful hand-made items such as jewelry, sisal bags, leather items, carvings and textiles.

Discover the Nyali Beach
Discover the Nyali Beach
  1. Mamba Village Crocodile Farm

While on a gateway to Nyali Beach, you can take a visit to Mamba Village Crocodile Farm – the largest reptile farm in Kenya, the farm is located in the up market Nyali and is a top destination for both local and international travelers who are reptile lovers.

The crocodile Farm sits on an area of 17 acres with several pool where you can see crocodiles in various stages of development that is from babies to the 100-year-old Big Daddy, who is 5 meters long. At the site, there is also a small serpentarium as well, in the site there are some of the smaller crocodiles here become handbags and fried reptile bites at the on-site restaurant. The crocodile farm organizes crocodile feeding time at 5 pm.

  1. Cafesserie

Cafesserie is a hot spot for travelers with a sweet tooth, Cafesserie  is found in the Nyali City Mall and has some of the best cakes on the coast. The café is in a beautiful and unique location with breezy and chilled out weather.

The café has a menu of brunch items such as bagel sandwiches and heartier mains, such as masala fish. You can also enjoy Fresh fruit juice, lattes and Tuskers.

Accommodation in Nyali Beach

Nyali Beach has many luxury hotels offering accommodation and the necessary facilities to visitors of the beach, these luxury hotels are located almost on the seaside and they include Nyali beach Resort, Voyager Hotel, Reef Hotel, Mombasa Beach Hotel, the beach among others. At Nyali Beach there are also numerous place of entertainment and activities such as beach volley, windsurfing, scuba diving, kite surf and a lot more

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