Facts About Hell’s Gate National Park 2022 : Hell’s gate national park is located North West of Nairobi and Southwest of Lake Naivasha. The national park is located between Lake Naivasha and the Longonoty and Suswa volcanoes and on the floor of the rift valley and the park is 68sq.km.The national park represents an area of geological action that led to different land formations such as hot springs and geysers due to ongoing geological processes which have led to the exceptional and beautiful scenery. Hell’s national park is famous due to its proximity to Nairobi and the name hells gate is a description of the steep-sided valley running through the national park. Hell’s gate national park was established in 1984, and it’s also known for its variety of wildlife and for its scenery and this includes the Fischer’s Tower and Central Tower columns and Hell’s Gate Gorge. The national park as also home to five geothermal power stations at Olkaria.

The national park is named after a narrow break in its cliffs and was once prehistoric lake and the geothermal activity in the ecosystem. The vegetation in the national park is characterized by grasslands with scrubs, bushes and acacia. The landscape at Hell’s gate  national park is characterized by stunning volcanic scenery such as toering cliffs, gorges, rock flowers, belching plumes of geothermal steam and extinct volcanoes such as Ol Karia and Hobley’s make it one of the most scenic national park in Kenya. Ancient lava plugs can be seen sticking out from the valley floor in the national park. The national park is known for its steam plumes from geothermal energy underground which is harnessed to generate electricity and three geothermal stations can be found in the national park such as Ol Karia power plant. An increase in the number of tourists in the national park has been registered over recent years due to the geothermal projects as Ol Karia one and two and this has greatly benefited the park.

Hell’s gate national park due to its powerful forces shaping the national park includes dramatic volcanic rocky outcrops, obsidian caves, spitting geysers, rock towers, sandstone cliffs and water gouged gorges are what make this park worth visiting.

Wildlife in Hell’s gate national park.

There is wide variety of wildlife in Hell’s gate national gate though in few numbers which includes lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyena, African buffalo, hartebeest and baboons are also common. However the park historically been an important home for the lammergeyer vultures, there are over 103 species of birds in the park that includes vultures,verreaux’s eagle   aurgur buzzard and swifts, the park also is a home to several and small numbers of Klipspringer antelope and Chanler’s montain reedbuck.

Facts About Hell's Gate National Park 2022
Facts About Hell’s Gate National Park 2022

Hell’s gate national park entry fees and opening hours 2022.

Hell’s gate national park operates between 6 am exactly in the morning up to 6 pm in the evening daily. Kenyan Adult Citizens and Residents pay 250Ksh to gain entry, while Children pay 200Ksh.For Non-residents, the fee is 20 USD Adults and children is 15 USD.

Activities that are done in Hell’s gate national park 2022.

The following are activities done in Hell’s gate national park.

The following are the activities that are in Hell’s gate national park and they include Game viewing, Bird watching, Rock climbing, Cycling, And Hiking.

The best time to visit Hell’s gate national park 2022.

Hell’s gate national park has a great wildlife viewing all year around. The driest months are between June and February, so it is recommended visiting then. And temperatures also includes, the temperatures includes 20-3000 and rainfall from 200-700mm.

If you are travelling in the wet months, March till May, be aware that rains might interfere with walking, cycling and rock climbing.

Where to stay in Hell’s gate national park 2022.

Within Hell’s gate national park, few campsites are available for those who wish to go back to basics and immerse nature. However, those opting for mid-range, budget and luxury accommodation options will stay within and around Lake Naivasha; situated on the southern shores of Lake Naivasha that includes Safa Lodge offers guests the ultimate luxury experiences, nestled within a green acacia woodland are two-story African style  rondavels containing 84 rooms.

The rooms on the ground floor have a sunken bath, balcony and queen size twin beds, on the upper floor, the rooms have a king-size bed and balcony. The balconies are furnished with a table and chairs, allowing a fantastic place to unwind and watch over the wildlife.

Camp Carnelley’s has both budget and md-range accommodation choices clise to Hell’s gate and great Lake Naivasha view (if you pitch your tent, you have the greatest possibility of securing a great view).

The bandas sleep six and are en-suite, as do the cottages, which sleep two. The dormitories sleep eight and have shared bathroom facilities.

Facts About Hell's Gate National Park 2022
Facts About Hell’s Gate National Park 2022

How to get to Hell’s gate national park 2022.

Hell’s gate national park can be accessed by both road and air means of transport.

By road transport.

The best way to get to Hell’s gate national park is by road along the scenic rift valley escarpment. The journey is 90km and roughly takes two hours depending on the traffic, which can get quite congested on the escarpment with Lorries travelling from Athi River.

By air transport.

Hell’s gate national park can be accessed by air transport that is there a short flight from Wilson airport to Naivasha is possible but there are a few daily flights that take under take you an hour but are quite expensive.

Hell’s gate national park was named for the intense geothermal activity within its boundaries, the Hell’s gate national park is remarkable quarer of the rift valley .Spectacular scenery including the towering cliffs, water-gouged gorges, stark rock towers, scrub clad volcanoes and belching plumes of geothermal  steam make it one of the most atmospheric parks in Africa. Hell’s gate national park is an ideal venue for a day trip from Nairobi where in addition to the biodiversity that includes raptors, visitors can enjoy mountain biking, rock climbing and a natural spa.

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