Game Drive in Serengeti National Park : The most unusual and exciting part of an African safari is the wildlife drive in Serengeti National Park. Early in the morning, you have the chance to watch live actions in the forest when you come across the juggling with open safari cars. Serengeti National Park, like all other national parks and protected areas in Africa, offers truly off-the-beaten-path safari activities that can be experienced in open savannah grassland and acacia trees while being driven by an armed guide who is required to be carrying a caller radio for easy identification of mammal species. Serengeti, however, is Tanzania’s first most popular tourist safari destination because of its large population of elephants and breathtaking vistas of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro outside of Tanzania’s boundaries. The peak, the park’s plains, and its wetlands are all beautifully depicted in the panoramic view offered by the park’s hills, which are superbly observed.

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 Serengeti National Park is the oldest national park in Tanzania and was once the best park on the entire African continent. It is situated close to the Kenya. Tanzania border in the country’s northwest. The Serengeti eco system, which extends into Kenya’s Masai Mara national reserve, is the world’s oldest and largest. One of the most well-liked protected areas in the nation is the national park. The Great Wildebeest Migration, which occurs every year as millions of wildebeests, gazelles, zebras, and other antelopes cross the Mara River in search of greener pastures in Kenya’s Masai Mara, is the greatest animal migration in the world. Day game drives are available in the Serengeti National Park, during which visitors travel in a plush safari vehicle through the grasslands, forests, and bushes of the savannah.


Serengeti National Park’s game drives are designed to get you close to the park’s animal hotspots. This enables you to observe wild animals as they go about their daily lives in their natural habitats. Hire a local driving guide who is familiar with the area and can provide you a wealth of knowledge about the animals and their ecology, as well as where they can be found and how to approach them. If you are aware of the limitations and guidelines for the Serengeti National Park, you can still go on a self-drive safari.

 Early in the morning, about 6:30 or 7:00 am, when predators animals are busy hunting and other animals are busy looking for food, game drives in Serengeti national park are conducted in 4WD safari vehicles with a professional driver guide is the best time to watch animals as they are looking for food before returning to their resting places. During game drives in Tanzania is in the late afternoon, around 2:00 pm animal species can be in their hidden places. Tanzania also offers night game drives, during which visitor’s tour national park at night while a park ranger is armed and carrying a flashlight to look for nocturnal animals that become active at night.

 A great number of species live on the expansive, never-ending plains of Serengeti National Park. In fact, it boasts the biggest number of big cats in the entire globe, not just Tanzania. Since there are dozens or even millions of animals, game drives in the park are more rewarding. All five members of the African Big 5 family the lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, and rhinos can be found in the park. Giraffes, Wildebeests, Topis, Hyenas, Zebras, Cheetahs, and many other animals can also be seen in the park.

 Due to the year-round pleasant weather, game drives can be conducted in the Serengeti at any time. One of the few national parks that never disappoints when it comes to seeing wildlife is this one. Even though the park sees a lot of wildebeest migration, not all species migrate. Some of the animals, particularly the big five and the cat family, live there permanently. Animals migrate across the park according to the weather and climatic conditions. This necessitates smart timing, picking the ideal lodge at the ideal moment.

The most well-known portion, known as the Seronera area, is the Central sector. The Serengeti National Park’s centre is located here. Due to the presence of water catchment regions, game drives can be conducted here year-round. This area of the park is the most developed, with numerous accommodation options and an airfield. With its enormous hippo pools and rivers, it is home to a large population of animals. The tourist information centre is another location where nature hikes are planned.

 The Grumeti area is another name for the western region. This is the deadliest wildebeest migration route, and this is where the animals go in June. The wildebeests are making their first crossing as they move towards the northern part of the Mara River. The greatest time to visit this location is in June when there are millions of wildebeests around. Additionally, the area is home to sizable buffalo herds that graze slowly along the Grumeti Swamp.

 The region in the south referred to as the Ndutu Region. This is the wildebeest mortality ward. When the wildebeests return from the Kenya Masai Mara national reserve, they choose to remain here to give birth. This can be located in the Serengeti National Park/Ngorongoro Conservation Area border. The greatest time to visit is between March and April, when game drives are at their peak.

 The last one is the northern region, where the Mara region is dominant. The peak of the wildebeest migration is at this point. Millions of wildebeests cross the magnificent Mara River here to reach the Masai Mara National Reserve. The optimum time to go on a game drive in this area is from July to August when the migration is active. The Serengeti National Park‘s shy rhinos can be seen in this location together with other popular animals.

 Due to the subdivided sections that make up the park’s boundless plains, game drives in the Serengeti are available all year long. Early in the morning is a good time to go on a game drive. When nature is more active, they are the most enjoyable game drives. More live performances will be seen in the park. To catch up with any game that may have been missed during the morning game drive, another round of game drives might be conducted in the afternoon. This is also a fantastic way to catch nocturnal animals that emerge from hiding in the evening. The park can also be explored on a full-day game drive while carrying your own supplies for a bush breakfast and lunch.

 Because Serengeti game drives are so good, Serengeti safaris never let you down. For additional information about the weather and the ideal time to visit the park, please see the park’s weather.

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