How Many Lakes Are In Kenya? : Kenya is a country located in East Africa and it is famously known for its diverse landscapes and because of its strategic location it gives the country a unique geographical position which contributes a lot to the formation and diversity of its lakes however, these lakes always vary in different sizes, shapes and characters and also play essential roles in the country’s ecology, economy and culture.  This country has around 64 lakes. Therefore, in the essay below we will delve into the fascinating world of Kenyan lakes and get to explore more about the history, ecological significance, their formation, cultural importance and then provide a comprehensive list of notable lakes found in the country.

How Many Lakes Are In Kenya

Formation of Kenyan Lakes.

The lakes in this country are known to have various origins and some of these include;

  1. Tectonic Lakes.

The Great Rift Valley is a major geological feature, which is known to be responsible for the creation of several tectonic lakes in the country. This Great Rift Valley extends from the red sea and stretches down to Mozambique leading to the formation of depressions that fill in with water over time.

  1. Volcanic Lakes.

Some of the Kenya’s lakes are volcanic in origin, which result from volcanic activity or volcanic craters with water, and some of these volcanic lakes include; Lake Victoria, which is the largest lake in Africa and Lake Elementaita and many others.

  1. Erosional Lakes.

Erosional lakes are often caused by rivers and streams can contribute to the formation of smaller lakes and ponds. In addition, it is noted that some of these lakes tend to be shallow and many not have well-defined boundaries such as; Lake Jipe and it is situated near the border with Tanzania, which is an example of an erosional lakes.

 Ecological Significance.

The lakes in the country play a vital role in the country’s ecology and this country is a home to diverse and unique flora and fauna hence making them a crucial for biodiversity and ecological balance. More so, these lakes serve as breeding grounds for numerous fish species. In addition, these lakes provide essential water sources for wildlife most especially during the dry season when the water is scarce.

Cultural Significance.

Kenyan lakes hold a cultural significance for various communities therefore; visiting around these lakes will give a chance to know about the history, traditions and livelihoods of the local people around these lakes.

List of Lakes in Kenya.

  • Lake Turkana. This lake is commonly referred to as the “Jade Sea” or “Turkana Sea” and it is considered as the largest desert lake in the whole world. Lake Turkana is located in the Northern part of Kenya and it is renowned for its strikes blue green color and unique landscapes.
  • Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is famously known as the largest lake in the whole world and it is shared between East African countries like; Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. In addition, this lake is a best spot for fishing communities and it is considered as the major fresh water body in the country.
  • Lake Nakuru. This Lake is located in the heart of the Rift Valley and it is a shallow and alkaline lake. Lake Nakuru is famously known as the best birding destination, which hosts a large population of flamingos and touring around this lake, gives you a chance to sight see many bird species.

    How Many Lakes Are In Kenya
    Lake Nakuru Flamingos
  • Lake Baringo. This lake is another tectonic lake which rift valley, which is famously known for its biodiversity and it, harbours a wide variety of bird species and crocodiles.

More so, there are many other lakes where tourists can visit and some of these include; Lake Bogoria is an alkaline lake which is famously known for its hot springs and geysers, Lake Elementaita, Lake Magadi, Lake Jipe is an erosional lake, Lake Chala, Lake Kamnarok and it is situated in the kerio valley and many others.

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