Kenya safari accommodations near Lake Bogoria National Reserve : Lake Bogoria is located in the Rift Valley of Kenya. The lake is alkaline due to its volcanic surroundings. The most amazing part of a safari vacation is witnessing the flamingos and the hot springs. Kenya Wildlife Tours and Kenya Safari Tours arrange safaris in Kenya to the lake. The surrounds are green and beautiful. Actually, one of the largest population of flamingos in the world sometimes makes it home.

Flamingo watching

For birding safaris in Kenya, You can sit and watch them do their thing; it’s lovely and magnificent. Nothing compares to the sight of a tiny lake covered in thousands, even millions, of dazzling pink flamingos. When you approach, the birds will shy away in defence, but once you spend some time there, they will shuffle back, looking like a charming pastel postcard. Usually, the best pictures are taken in the early or late hours of the day.

Riding a bicycle around

You are welcome to bring a bike and go around on it. A terrific way to experience , Kenya safari and  the richness of the land and fauna present here is to go on a bicycle safari around the lake. Riding a bicycle will take you past scorching geysers and hot springs. As you go with your camera to capture those breathtaking moments.

Go for a stroll

Walking is the greatest way to explore the area because you can see the flamingos, which are the main Kenya tours attraction here, at the lake and hot springs. Step out of your safari vehicle and stroll about the neighbourhood. Take in the pleasant heat while unwinding here.

On the springs, boil an egg.

This will draw your attention and make you want to consume something when the spring heats up. Would you want to give cooking a go at the lake? Curiosity-seeking tourists can purchase raw eggs from local ladies just outside the reserve. To produce your own hard-boiled or soft-boiled egg, simply place your egg in the hot springs. Numerous hot springs, bubbling and spouting water metres high, instead of just one or two. An egg might boil in this water.

Kesubo swamp

The excellent place to go birdwatching is Kesubo Swamp, which is located just north of Lake Bogoria. Here, more than 200 species have been observed.

Go for boat ride safaris in lake Baringo

Hundreds of various bird species can be found living around Lake Baringo, a freshwater lake to the north of Bogoria. Discover owls, hornbills, and herons, along with crocodiles and hippos. Lake Baringo offers a remarkable contrast to Lake Bogoria with fantastic boat tour opportunities, catering mostly to birdwatchers and those wishing to get up close and personal with hippos.

It takes roughly five hours to traverse, with some sections of the road flooded. We recommend 4×4 wheels. Right down to the coast, thousands of pink flamingos may be spotted. You can go among them to get stunning photos. It is worth the lengthy journey to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you are a flamingo lover, this is your place.

How to get to Lake Bogoria National Reserve

Nairobi is located 250 km/155 miles away from Lake Bogoria. Most people travel to Bogoria as a diversion from Nakuru. The Lake Bogoria National Reserve can be reached in two different ways.

By Road

The reserve is accessible by three gates located in Loboi, Maji Moto, and Emsos. The primary route is along the Nakuru-Marigat road, where there is a junction three kilometres before to Marigat town on the right towards

This intersection is 20 miles away from the Loboi Gate, which doubles as the reserve headquarters. The other two gates are accessible by Earth, the road that splits off to the right next to Mogotio Shopping Centre, 36 kilometres from Nakuru town. A 4WD is required to access the reserve’s southern entrance, which is 38 km/23 miles north of Lake Nakuru. There is a 150km/93miles sealed road that connects Nakuru to the northern entrance.

Nairobi, one of the major transport hubs on the continent, is the entry point for the majority of tourists visiting Kenya. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO), almost five hours’ drive southeast of Nairobi, is the arrival point for international aircraft.

There was some flooding on the route, and the travel took around five hours. A 4×4 wheel is advised. Right near to the shore are thousands of pink flamingos, where you can come up close and take some great pictures. Despite the lengthy travel, it is worth it because this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. This is the place for you if you adore flamingos.


Airstrips in Lake Baringo provide air access to the Reserve, which is subsequently reachable by road via the Marigat junction. To fully navigate the park, you’ll need a capable 4WD vehicle because the roads are uneven. Nonetheless, a light aircraft can utilise an unclassified, non-gazetted airstrip that is situated in the reserve’s northern section close to the Loboi entrance.

Accommodations at Lake Bogoria National Reserve

Kenya safari accommodations in the National Reserve of Lake Bogoria. There are two types of lodging options: those inside and outside of reserves.

Going camping

Within the Reserve are three campsites:

The campsites at Acacia, which is approximately 6 km beyond the hot springs, Riverside, Fig Tree, and Lake Bogoria Dryland Environmental Education Centre

Outside the Reserve are three camps:

There is a NETBON camping area close to Maji Moto gate, an Emsos communal camp, and a camp and picnic area beside the Loboi River Bridge.

Bogoria Lake Spa Resort

The only resort in Kenya featuring a naturally heated pool is Lake Bogoria Spa Resort. Due to the therapeutic benefits of the spa and the hot spring geysers, the resort is referred to as the healing place. At first glance, Bishop Hannington declared, “It’s the jewel of the Rift Valley.” “The most beautiful view in Africa,” situated in the Great Rift Valley’s acacia-covered environs.

Kenya safari accommodations near Lake Bogoria National Reserve
Bogoria Lake Spa Resort

It is more than just a place to escape the bustling metropolis; Lake Bogoria is less than ten minutes away by car. The African Safari experience provides the highest level of seclusion without sacrificing accessibility or convenience; it is around three hours’ drive from Nairobi and near a number of other attractions. Air-conditioned rooms that are roomy and comfortable. Very lovely and friendly staff. Many birds are present on the site. A typical cold-water pool and a health spa.

Lake Bogoria Zakayos Hotel

One of the greatest lodging options in Lake Bogoria, the Lake Bogoria Zakayos Hotel is the ideal place to spend a vacation. The Lake Bogoria Zakayos Hotel provides exceptional and unmatched service and is situated 100 metres from the main gate of Lake Bogoria. In addition to our elegantly appointed homes, we provide a wide range of conveniences and special features. Whether you’re searching for the ideal getaway spot as a couple, a whole family, or just a little privacy, we have it all covered. There is something unique for you at the Lake Bogoria Zakayos Hotel!

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