Kigosi National Park extends in Bukombe, Mbogwe (Geita region), Biharamulo (Kagera region), Kahama (Shinyanga Region) and Kaliua in Tabora region, Urambo district in Western Tanzania. Kigosi National park was informally a game reserve, then Kigosi was established as a park in 2019, the park covers an area of 82652 in the area, the park shares part of the Moyowosi or Malagarasi wetlands complex which is the largest wetland in East Africa. The Park is part of Tanzanian’s four wetlands Ramsar sites.

Grassy swamps, papyrus reeds, riverine forest dominate the area especially in the south in addition to the open Miombo woodland to the north thus allowing the Kigosi, Moyowosi, Gombe and Nikonga rivers to easily flow through the vast flood plains in the park, there are also Itigi thicket and Miombo woodland is dotted with rocky crops, open plains, springs and scattered water holes.

Temperature and climate of Kigosi national park.

The park, its maximum temperature of the area is 290 C. Then the park has two rainfall peaks annually has one appear in February and November, then the dry season starts in Mid-May and ends in mid- October. Annual rainfall varies between 1,000 millimeters and 1500 millimeters.

Attractions in Kigosi national park.


The park has various animal species that includes the lion, leopard, buffalo, topi, Linchtenstein’s hartebeest, sitatunga, warthog, baboon, zebra, sable, roan, eland, bushbuck, oribi, common and Bohor reedbuck, hyena, hippo, Defassa waterbuck and many others.

Bird species.

The park is considered as an important breeding area for extraordinary acquatic bird species such as pelicans, shoebill stork, wattled cranes, and kingfishers among others to thrill while on Tanzania Safaris.

Kigosi National Park
wattled cranes

Flood plain.

The park is one of the excellent park in east Africa in that the park is rich in flood plain and wetland ecosystem which has become the giant habitat for wildlife in that it supports high production and breeding of animal species like the lions, leopards, buffalos and many others.

Activities done in Kigosi national park.

Game viewing.

Game viewing in the park is the best activity in the park by the vehicles in the woodlands and plains where you can reach and get close to the park’s wild animals in your vehicles like the lions, eland, zebra, baboon, eland as well as spotting a number of bird species which gives you the best moment in Kigosi. In the swampy south there are sighting of Sitatunga, the water-loving antelope, this is one of the largest protected sectors in East Africa for the Sitatunga has the waterlogged regions also provide the perfect habitat for waterbuck, hippo, and crocodiles.

Bird watching.

Kigosi national park is a perfect environment for rare water-loving birds such as the shoebill stork, wattled crane, Pel’s fishing owl and among many others, the swamps are the perfect habitats for the bird species where the tourists can be able to view many bird species in the park during their birding tour in Tanzania.

Nature walks.

Nature walks can be done in Kigosi national park this is where the tourists organize and move in their groups while walking around the park with the help of the park guide, the tourists can be able to view the park’s wildlife since the park is in wetland, so various animal and bird species can be spotted during your nature walks and so many park’s features can be identified as well.

Best time to visit Kigosi national park.

The dry season, which is from June to September is the best time of the year to visit, roads are clear and less muddy. The thickets thin out, making it easier to view wildlife. Then February and November are the heavy rainfall months, making the area quite swampy and flooded, especially in the south of the park.

Where to stay in Kigosi national park.

Kigosi national park has no accommodation options within, but camping is recommended for the guests in the park, visitors can stay in typical safari lodges and the tented accommodation on the outskirts of the park, or in A-frame tents in the adjoining Moyowosi Game reserve.

Entrance fees of Kigosi National park.

Category From 1st July 2021 to 30th June 2022
  EA (Tshs) Non EA Citizen (USD) Expatriate/ Residents (USD)
Of above the age of 16 years 4000 20 20
Between the age of 5 to 15 years 2000 20 20
Children below the age of 5 years Free Free Free

How to get to Kigosi National Park.

Kigosi national park can be accessed by both air, road and also boat means of transport from Dar es Salaam to the park.

By Air means.

The closet international airports is in Dar es Salaam, which offers commercial flights to Mwanza on Lake Victoria or Kigoma then to the park.

By Road means.

Kigosi national park is easily accessed by the road using the four wheel drive cars from Arusha or Dar es Salaam to the park.

Kigosi national park is one of the largest and excellent parks in East Africa which has floodplain and the wetland ecosystem, the park provides an important wild animal protection and feeding area during the dry season for migratory animals that includes the water birds and large mammals.

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