Lake Mburo national park is located in western Uganda, the park was gazetted in 1933, by then it was a controlled hunting area but after all that, it was graded to agame reserve in 1963, still it did not end from there, in 1983 it was up graded into a national park and currently it has improved the tourism Uganda safari destination that is the visitors organize various safaris with Lake Mburo national park.

Attractions at Lake Mburo National Park.


Lake Mburo national park is wildlife haven in that it has 158 miles acacia-dotted savanna of olea and Boscia and is a home of 68 mammal species that includes the zebra, impala, topi, bush buck, buffalo, warthog, leopard, hyena, jackal and many more, the tourists in their Uganda safari can be filled with the entire wildlife of the park.

Lake Mburo national park
Wildlife in Lake Mburo N.P

Bird species.

Lake Mburo national park is also a birding paradise for the bird lovers that is the park has 315 bird species like the fish eagle, pelican, saddle billed stork, African finfoot, Carruther’s cisticola, tabora cisticola, great snipe, papyrus yellow warbler, saddle billed stork, white winged warbler, heron and many more the bird watchers, this park is the perfect place to be in order to fulfill your birding dream.

Lake Mburo.

Lake Mburo is an attraction in Lake Mburo national park, that is the lake harbors fauna and flora, while the banks of the river teems with animals and birds, the birds that can be spotted includes the Pied kingfishers, African fish eagle, Blue-headed weavers, Green-necked doves, rare shoe bills, pelicans, herons and many others, the other animals that can be spotted includes the crocodiles, hippopotamuses are also permanent residents, then the buffaloes come along during the dry season, Lake Mburo is so attractive because of the wildlife that is found there.

Rubanga Forest.

Rubanga forest is located in the western side of Lake Mburo that provides the most amazing taste of the tropical high forest with a closed canopy and viewing platform for the guests, the forest inhabits various bird species that includes the Narina Trogon, Harrier Hawk, Green pigeon, and many others, the bird lover who visits Rubanga forest can be explored with various an beautiful bird species.

Rwonyo Rest camp.

Rwonyo rest Camp is well recognized site in Lake Mburo national park, that is the site is well known for as a starting point for the nature walks, game drives, forest walks, the site is well recognized in the park because it allocates almost every kind of activity to be done in the park, also there is a small shop selling handcrafts and books to the tourists who come to visit the park.

Game tracks.

Lake Mburo national park has several tracks on the eastern hinterland of the park where a variety of animals and birds can be seen. A hilltop view point offers panoramic vistas of the park and its entire lakes.

Activities done in Lake Mburo national park.

Game viewing.

Game viewing is done in lake Mburo National park that is conducted on a safari vehicle, quad biking, horseback riding, nature walks for any tourist who would wish to enjoy the game viewing should use the above mentioned ways as the guests are offered chances to spot various wildlife in the park with the company of the experienced game guide that is for the safety purposes and better exposure of the wildlife in the park, the animal species to be spotted by the tourists during their game viewing safari includes the leopards, lions, bush babies, zebras, road antelopes and many others in the park.

Bird watching.

Bird watching at Lake Mburo national park is another amazing activity done in the park, the bird watchers can be having chances to spot over 315 bird species found in the park like the rare shoebill, harrier hawk, crested crane, African Grey hornbill, crested francolin, the bird watchers who visit Lake Mburo national park can be able to sight the bird species that are found in the pearl of Africa.

Lake Mburo national park
Bird watching in Lake Mburo

Horseback riding.

Lake Mburo national park is the only national park where the guests can encounter the entire park while riding the horse as the safari looks so unique and are experience to most of the guests, the horseback riding safari is among of the major reasons to why the park is often visited with increasing numbers of the guests each year.

Boat cruises.

Lake Mburo national park has various lakes that are 5 in number, thus which offers the Uganda boat cruise safari to be done by the tourists as they enjoy the variety of the flora and fauna as well as the various animal species along the water banks of the lake especially during the dry season as they always gather to search for the drinking water like the hippos, crocodiles, buffloes, antelopes and many others, also the bird species come along hence the visitors can be able to spot some of them as well.

Forest walks.

The park also organize s the forest walks for the guests, the activity can be done through Rubanga forest that is where the guests during the forest walk can be able to sight various bird species in the forest that are over 40 bird species like shoebill stock, green pigeon and many more, the guests can as well identify some tree species like the fig trees, palm trees and among others.

Bicycle safari.

Lake Mburo national park also offers bicycle safari to the tourists as one way of adventuring the park and the entire surroundings, these are always guided by the tour rangers who are well experienced and able to answer questions that can be asked by the tourists, along the bicycle safari the tourists can spot zebras, buffaloes and among more.

Sport fishing.

Sport fishing is also the liked and participated activity by the tourists in the park in the 13 lakes in and around the park but mainly in Lake Mburo which attracts large number of the guests here the tourists are required to get the fishing permits from Uganda Wildlife Authority and also to purchase fishing requirements if your to sport activity, the tourists are expected to get fish types like mud, tilapia, lung fish and many more.

Guided nature walks.

Lake Mburo national park offers the nature walks to the tourist escorted by the professional ranger guide, the tourists during the activity can spot wide range of the animal and bird species that are licking in the salt residues, also hiking to further woodlands is allowed where you can spot the various wildlife of the park this is among of the memorable experience a tourist can ever had in the park.

Lake Mburo national park
Giuded Nature Walks

Cultural experiences.

The park is surrounded with 13 community groups that they trained eco-tourism and biodiversity , the cultural tourism in Uganda is part of the most exciting experience where the visitors who visit the park often have high chances to interact with  the local communities and learn their culture experience that are such beautiful and awesome encounter.

Best time to visit Lake Mburo national park

Lake Mburo national park is open-round, but the dry season from June to August and December to February are the best times for general wildlife viewing as animals gather around the lakes and other water sources.

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