Mtwapa Creek Attraction in Kenya Mtwapa Creek is located 25kmk north of Mombasa, it is a tidal creek lined by the mangrove forests and the extensive mud banks. Mtwapa creek is located in Mtwapa town  which is the town located in Kenya’s Kikifi County, it is close to the Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve and Jumba la Mtwana. Mtwapa Creek is a safari attraction in Kenya and offers the world class scuba diving, the various tourists from inside the country and outside the country makes up the Mtwapa creek for the fascinating diving experience as it offers a maximum depth of 75ft/23m and the visibility stands at 39ft/12m.

Mtwapa creek is an Indian Ocean in let at Mtwapa it borders between Mombasa which is connected through a bridge, Mtwapa creek is a starting attraction safari for the tourists for deep fishing safaris, also in the Mtwapa town is known as the 19th century prison more commonly known as the Shimon la tewa.

Mtwapa Creek Attraction in Kenya
Mtwapa Creek Attraction in Kenya

Climate in Mtwapa.

The climate in Mtwapa is tropical and warm, therefore the best travel time is from late November to mid-march, and then after it get hot and increased humidity. Then due to lack of sewerage in no time the roads are flooded and muddy and it is difficult to make nay excursions, and mostly it rains only briefly and the sun is shining again.

Mtwapa creek is a major safari attraction in Kenya for the various travelers to visit in the Mombasa’s North coast, it has an Indian Ocean inlet with some small marinas and the presence of the beautiful tropical vegetation, on a safari to the Mtwpa creek the tourists do enjoy the bird watching safari, the mountain bike safari around the Mtwapa creek and the starting point for the sea fishing trips, Mtwapa creek is such amazing in Mombasa with the best accommodation facilities to the visitors and its clubs are active especially during the night. Mtwapa creek has got the complex structures and the most of the archaeological remains and it is also renowned for its forest, wildlife sanctuary, beach and its use for the religious purposes and remains one of the most significant sites on the Kenyan coast.

The Mtwapa creek is such stunning place that everyone should not miss out as this has got the night clubs and nightlife in the Mtwapa town, this is where the tourists enjoy their time while partying and drinking beers, here the people can be many while enjoying their cool music these places are suitable even for the international visitors because they have got very good atmosphere and they have got the super sexy dance contests like the Naiz, Cobba Cabana, Big tree, Beach Africa, Club Lambada international, Casaurina and among others, these as well have got the amazing and yummy food which is good and it can be enjoyed by the visitors and as well the loud music and tropical flair direct from the sea side here the visitors feel the relaxed atmosphere thus making the place unique.

Mtwapa Creek Attraction in Kenya
Mtwapa Creek Attraction in Kenya

On your Kenya Safrari never forget to fix and plan for Mtwapa creek, that’s the only place which is popular with the sports fishermen and sailors as a safe anchorage or the mooring area, not stopping on that Mtwapa has a variety of the watersports in the creek like the water-skiing, jet-skiing, motor boating and these can be arranged on the hire basis consider Mtwapa creek on a safari you will explore all, Mtwapa Creek Attraction in Kenya.

Where to stay at Mtwapa Creek.

Mtwapa creek has got various accommodation facilities for the tourists who come to visit the place and these are located in the Mtwapa town and the accommodation facilities are categorized into the Budget, Mid-range and the luxury such as the Jumba Ruins Monsoons, Moorings, Makuti Hidden, Bahari Gates, Maridadi Restaurant and Bar, Serena Beach Resort and Spa, Sarova white sands Beach Resort and many others.

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