New park fees of different parks in Kenya : Parks in Kenya are under two types namely; premium and urban parks. Premium parks. Simply these are parks that have greater or superior quality forex ample; Amboseli national park, Lake Nakuru national park, Maasai mara national reserve, Samburu national reserve, buffalo springs, Tsavo east national park and Tsavo west national park.

Urban parks. These parks are also known as public parks, public open space, these parks in cities and other incorporated places that offer recreation and green space to residents of, and visitors to the municipality for example the Nairobi national park thus New Park fees of different parks in Kenya.


Kenya is a country in Eastern Africa, at 580,367 Square kilometers ((224,081 sq mi) Kenya is the world’s 48th largest country by the total area with a population of more than 47.6 million people in the 2019 census, Kenya’s capital city is Nairobi. Kenya is bordered by south Sudan to the northwest, Ethiopia to the north, Somalia to the east, Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the south while on Wildlife Kenya Safari 


Tourism is the second- largest source of foreign exchange revenue; the Kenya tourism board is responsible for maintaining information pertaining to tourism in Kenya.  Kenya wildlife service maintains the national park system; there are two main types of terrestrial protected areas in Kenya that is national parks, and national reserves also known as marine parks and marine reserves.

The national parks and national reserves in Kenya are as follows; Amboseli national park, Tsavo east and west national park, Nairobi national park, Lake Nakuru national park, Hell’s Gate national park, Mount Elgon national park, Aberdare national park, Chyulus Hills national park, Watumu marine national park, Meru national park, Ruma national park, Central lsland national park, Mount Longonot national park, South lsland national park, Ndere lsland national park, Kisite Mpungut national park, Marine park marsabit national park, Sibilio national park, Kora Ol-pejeta national park, national park, Saiwa swamp national park, Ol Donyo  sabuk national park, Malka Mari national park, Maasai Mara national reserve, Samburu national reserve, Mombasa marine national reserve, Buffalo springs national reserve and among others

Park fees includes the camping, annual passes, activity, tourist vehicles, park entry fees and among others.

Age of tourists.

Children- tourists from 3 years and below the age of 18 years.

Adult-individuals from the age of 18 years and above.

Status of the tourists.

Citizens. Tourists residing in Kenya and have valid national identity cards or passports, citizens from east African community member countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi are also categorized as citizens. These tourists have to be in possession of valid national identity cards or passport to prove their citizenship in their respective countries thus New Park fees of different parks in Kenya.

Residents. Tourists of other nationalities residing and working in Kenya, these tourists are supposed to be in possession of proper documents issued by the government of Kenya.

Non- residents. Tourists residing outside of Kenya and east African community member countries.

Students. Tourists visiting Lake Nakuru national park with a purpose of learning and research, according to Kenya Wild life Service, students are supposed to come from a recognized education institution and 23 years of age as a limit age. Students are required to send a notice to the KWS office prior to their day of visiting the park and the status of students excludes those on personally organized visit to Lake Nakuru national park. Lake Nakuru national Park fees are stipulated by Kenya wildlife services which is the governing board of the park, these fees are paid to the offices of the KWS in the park thus New Park fees of different parks in Kenya.

New Park fees of different parks in Kenya
Game Drives in Kenya

New Kenya park/conservation fees are as follows.

Daily park fees Citizens/Residents


  Non residents


  Adult(Kshs)   Adult(USD)  
Amboseli and Nakuru 860 215 60 35


Nairobi national park 430 215 43 22

Wilderness parks(A)

Tsavo East and Tsavo West 515 215 52 35
Wilderness parks(B)        
Kora/Meru 300 215 52 35
Aberdare 300 215 52 26
Mt.Kenya-Kihare gate 300 215 43 26
Marine Parks


Kasite Mpunguti 215 125 17 13
Malindi,Watamu,Mombasa,Kiunga 130 125 17 13
Nairobi orphanage, Kisumu


Impala, Nairobi safari walk 215 125 22 13
Scenic/special interest (A)


Mt.Longonot 300 215 26 17
Scenic/special interest(B)


All other parks and reserves 300 125 22 13

CAMPING FEES Citizens/Residents Non-residents
  Adult(Kshs) Child/Student(Kshs) Adult(Kshs) Child/Student(Kshs)


Special camps        
Premium parks        
Lake Nakuru and Amboseli 500 250 50 25
All other parks 250 200 35 20
Public parks        
Premium parks


Amboseli and Lake Nakuru 250 200 30 25
All other parks



Reservation Fees (Non-refundable) 7500 Kshs

Cancellation fees   7500Kshs

200 150 20 15

  (Discount) (Discount)
100 participates and more 30% 30%
50-99 participants 20% 20%
30-49 participants 10% 10%
20-29 participants 5% 5%

MONTAIN CLIMBING Citizens/residents Non-residents
  Adult(Kshs) Child/student(Kshs) Adult USD Child USD
Mt.Kenya(day trip) 430 215 52 26
Mt.Kenya(3 Day package) 1290 645 156 78
Mt.Kenya (4 Day Package) 1720 860 208 104
Mt.Kenya (5 Day Package) 2150 1075 260 130
Mt.Kenya (6 Day package) 2580 1290 312 156

Other charges.

Vehicle Fees Per day Kshs
Less than 6 seats 300
6 to 12 seats 1030
13 to 24 seats 2585
25 to 44 seats 4050
45 seats and above 5000
Trucks and delivery vehicles  
1 to 3 tonnes 515

4 to 7 tonnes


Above 7 tonnes 3015
Fees per day 300
Annual passes for private


(non- commercial boats) 5170
Annual passes for commercial tourists vessels stained or operating in the park 15080
Aircrafts (single landing fees)


Aircrafts with less than 3 seats 300
3 to 6 seats 500
7 to 14 seats 1000
15 to 20 seats 2155
21 seats and above



Helicopter landing on Mt.Kenya national park USD

Vehicle stained in the park(per day)

PSV<6 Seats and commercial vehicles <2 tonnes








PSV<6 to 12 seats and commercial vehicles 2to 5 tonnes 10,000

PSV <6 to 13 seats and commercial tour vehicles not stationed in the park

PSV <13 seats and commercial vehicles> 5 tonnes 100,000

Annual passes Kshs
Adult annual pass 43100
Child annual pass 10340
Corporate annual pass 103440
Personalized tour driver annual pass 4000
Marine parks annual pass 10340

Special services Kshs
Event security section of rangers 75000
Vehicle recovery inside the park 7500

Special activities Kshs
Night game drive(per person per trip) 2155
Lake boating(per person per trip) 1290
Security /guided tours(per up to 4 hours) 1720
Security/guided tours(per guide over 4 hours) 3015
River rafting (per person) 1720
Horse riding(excluding rider)-KWS horses 2585
Private horses(per day) 1030
Fishing(per line per day) 515
Fishing in Mt.Kenya(per line per day) 1550
Bicycle hire(per day 500
Cycling(per day) 215
Walking safaris(per person per day) 1500


  There are various and beautiful places where to stay in Ol Pejeta during your visit which as follows;

Midrange hotels; Sweetwater’s serene camp 4-star which is 2.5 miles to OL Pejeta conservancy, Railsend Hotel 3-star which is 9.7 miles to Ol Pejeta conservancy and many others. Mid-range hotels are the perfect combination of value-for-money and comfort. These hotels are often bigger rooms than budget hotels which are more amenities. You will find these hotels in the city center as well as in parks.

Budget hotels, these include Celebrica hotel, the greater circle lodge, royal cottages, Ol Pejeta house, Budget hotels are the hotels that provides minimum amenities and services for a lower price than regular hotel in the area, they  also provide clean rooms that are safe and meet the basic needs of a guest for an extra cost.

Luxury hotels. Mount Kenya villas and eco-camp, ole samara guest suites, podo cottages, Mutara camp, soames hotel and jack’s bar, acacia villas and others these hotels provides no set standards such as stars these hotels always have spa treatments, restaurants ,bars, fitness centers and range of well-designed rooms and suites.

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