One day safari experience around Mount Kilimanjaro : Tanzania offers several wonderful safari experiences beyond climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The best safari parks, beaches, treks, and, in our opinion, chimpanzee experiences in Africa can all be found in Tanzania. Please note that after your walk, you might not have enough time or money to see all of these major places. These are our top five recommended things to do around Mount Kilimanjaro if you’re seeking for a few inexpensive, one-day safari activities.

Consider your itinerary and the anticipated number of days needed for your Kilimanjaro climb while making plans. This will assist you in scheduling additional safari activities ahead of time and determining the number of days you would like to spend at particular sites. It is advisable to allocate a few extra days before to your journey to ensure proper planning and in the event that your luggage is delayed. We suggest taking an additional day or two to unwind and enjoy the Kilimanjaro region following your trip.

Best safari activites to do around Kilimanjaro. 

  1. Visit the life-changing school of St Jude.

Over 1,800 underprivileged Tanzanian youngsters get free, top-notch education from the wonderful nonprofit School of St Jude. Established by an Australian in 2002, St Jude now boasts over 150 annual high school and university graduates. A large number of these kids go on to become teachers, doctors, engineers, accountants, lawyers, and accountants, all with the goal of escaping poverty and rising to prominence in their nation.

We advise spending one to two days at St Jude in order to fully immerse yourself. This will give you ample time to visit a home to meet a student family, take part in an art and music lesson, see the school, meet the founder, and ride the bus with the other kids. We heartily endorse this genuinely immersive experience.

  1. One day safari experience around Mount Kilimanjaro : Visit the Materuni Waterfalls.

The stunning Materuni Waterfalls, which are about 80 metres tall, are close to the genuine Chagga tribe village, which is located approximately 15 km from Moshi. Swimming in the bottom pool is highly recommended your safari to have the fantastic experience. A visit to Maji Moto Swimming Hole and tastes of the region’s banana beer, made by the Chagga tribesmen, are additional features of many itineraries.

  1. One day safari experience around Mount Kilimanjaro : Cool down at the Maji Moto Swimming Hole.

Maji Moto, which translates to “hot water” in Swahili, is also called Kikuletwa Hot Springs. It’s an amazing sanctuary in the middle of the hot, dry savanna, 35km from Moshi. There is a thermally heated, crystal-clear pool in the thick rainforest area, which is ideal for resting after a hike. If you want to do it in style, pack a picnic lunch and make a full day out of it, as some excursions provide.

One day safari experience around Mount Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro
  1. Take a Coffee Farm Tour.

See behind the scenes how the people who work the land beneath Mount Kilimanjaro to enable rural farmers live and work. See the process of coffee from the farm to your cup, from growing and harvesting the beans to processing and packaging, all away from the crowded tourist route. Get some advice on how to make your own coffee and sample some delectable local coffee. The majority of tours also give you the chance to purchase fresh coffee. 

  1. Explore the bustling Moshi Town.

Moshi is a charming little town that is home to over 200,000 people. There are some pleasant cafes where you can have lunch or a cup of coffee. If you’re in the mood for shopping, the town is home to many excellent souvenir stores. For something different, we also suggest taking a stroll through the nearby fruit and vegetable market. If you follow the standard travel guidelines, Moshi is a safe town to visit during the day and you should have a great time.

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