Preying birds of Kenya are simply known as the bird species that hunt other animals for food and are specifically adapted to do so in the environment, the birds of prey are carnivorous and gain certain nutrients from the stomach contents of their prey, on a safari to Kenya you spot the various birds of prey and you learn more about them and also learn how they are adapted in the environment.

Preying birds of Kenya include African scops owl, Marsh owl, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, little Sparrow hawk, Amur falcon, Pigmy Falcon, Lesser Kestrel, Common kestrel, Greater Kestrel, Grey Kestrel, Lanner falcon, Eurasian hobby, Montagu’s Harrier, Pallid Harrier, Eurasian marsh Harrier, African Marsh Harrier, African-harrier Hawk, Black-shouldered Kite, African Goshawk, Gabar Goshawk, Eastern Chanting Goshwak, Dark Chanting Goshawk, Augur Buzzard, Yellow-billed Kite, Long-crested Eagle, Wahlberg’s Eagle, Steppe Eagle, Tawny eagle, Black-chested snake eagle, Brown snake eagle, African crowned eagle, Martial eagle, African fish eagle, Bateleur, secretary bird, Lapper-faced vulture, White-headed vulture, African white-backed vulture, Ruppel’s griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, Hooded vulture, Palm-nut vulture and among others.

Preying Birds of Kenya
African Goshawk

On a Kenya Birding Safari, visit Naivasha Raptor center this is where you can be having the great safari opportunity to get down and close with the Kenya’s most birds of prey here is where the tourists gets close to the birds of prey here you sit and watch the birds of prey as  also you interact with them and get to known their unique characters, and its recommended when you are planning to see the birds of prey you are not recommended to put on the shoes with the shoelaces, because the birds of prey do love stealing the shoelaces.

Rehabilitation, conservation of the prey birds in Kenya.

Not only the preying birds known as the dangerous but also these birds are also seen as the worst and neglect bird species in Kenya, because the birds of prey do steal chickens, even goats so as the result they are heavily persecuted, minus leaving the unfortunate availability of the deadly poisons along the street store it has been possible for the angry livestock owners to poison the birds of prey either intentionally or unintentionally. These vultures are always predated on like any other animal species that have got other predators, that is the birds of prey have got the predators like the lion, leopards and others that minimize on their population in Kenya.

Birds of prey, though the populations grow and wildlife habitats are reduced, so the raptors retreat to the last remaining stands of wilderness, the birds of prey adapt to live with the human in his environment like the Yellow-billed Kite, Black Sparrow hawk. As well in Nairobi you can spot the large falcons like Lanner, Peregrine while nesting on the skyscrapers, unlike the large eagles and vultures that are feeling the effect most as they need more search of the food as for them they keep on moving. Preserving various wildlife species in our environment is vital as important in a daily life and it promotes sustainable development.

Preying Birds of Kenya
Black-shouldered Kite

Adaptations of the birds of prey in Kenya.

Birds of prey being the raptors they do capture and eat the live animal species that has helped them to survive in the environment because of the ready food they get. The raptors have also got the survival tools for survival, or the adaptations that do differentiate them from the other bird species, the birds of prey have got the strong feet with the talons that helps  them to with stand in  any harsh conditions in the environment as well as they enable they the preying birds  to catch its prey when caught, the birds of prey have got the curved beaks that helps them to catch and swallow well  its prey in the environment, the birds of prey as well has got the forward-facing eyes that helps them to have the proper sight and spot its exact  prey within the shortest period of time. Then the raptor’s talons are very sharp toenails that the birds of prey uses for catching, grasping, and killing its prey easily which makes the birds of prey to adapt very well its environment and do survive to thrill while on wildlife Kenya Safari.

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