Rwenzori mountains national park is located in the western Uganda, the park covers 1000km2 (386 sq. mi) in size. And the park mainly comprises the main part of the Rwenzori mountain chain, that includes Africa’s third highest peak (Mount Margherita: 5,109 meters), the region’s glaciers, waterfalls and lakes make it one of Africa’s most beautiful alpine safari areas. Rwenzori Mountains was established in 1991, the park is managed and protected by the Ugandan Wildlife Authority.

Attractions in Rwenzori Mountains National Park.


Mountain Rwenzori national park hosts a number of 70 mammal species, with 6 species that are endemic to the Albertine Rift and also the 4 species which are endemic to the park and the three rare species, the mammal species in the park includes the elephant, chimpanzee, Rwenzori otter, leopard and among others. The park has got the primates such as the colobus that includes the Angola and black and white varieties are all present, blue monkeys, the small antelopes like the bushbucks can all be seen in the park.

Bird species.

Mountain Rwenzori is a birding destination with over 217 bird species both involving the endemic Albertine Rift species, the total are 217 then 17 species are endemic to the Mountain Rwenzori national park making the Rwenzori as an important birding area. The bird species that can be spotted in the park includes the Greenbuls, Lagden’s Bush Shrike, Slender-billed starling, Strange Weaver, Barred Long-tailed Cuckoo, blue-headed sunbird, Apalises and among many more.

Rwenzori mountains national park

Land of the triffids.

Mount Rwenzori national park has got the land of the triffids as among of the attractions in the park that is the misty as well as the boggy and the glacier-carved valleys of the high Rwenzori form a strange botanical world inhabited by triffid-sized forms of rare lobelia varieties as well as the heather and groudsel, crisp ‘’everlasting flowers’’with garishly coloured mosses and gnarled trees draped with curtains of ichen. Also the rare strange plant species rank among the world’s sound botanical riches which can be only got on the highest mountains of East Africa like Rwenzori.

Equatorial snow peaks.

Inside Mountain Rwenzori national park, the  high Rwenzori comprises of six different mountains, they are located just miles north of the equator as the highest named Mounts Stanely, Speke and Baker all of them bear permanent snow and glaciers. The equatorial snow peaks can be reached by the hiker through the central circuit and also Kilembe trails.


Mountain Rwenzori national park has got various beautiful flora than fauna especially the hikers following the Rwenzori route to the peaks always pass through altitude vegetation zones for instance from the tropical rain forest to the tree heathers, montane forest, Afro-alpine and bamboo. In among of them the Afro-alpine bamboo is well known for emblematic big forms of Senecio and lobelia which is among the world’s unique botanical communities but only found in the mountains above 3800 meters in East African.


Mountain Rwenzori national park has got 20 lakes inside it  that is firstly Lake Mahoma in the bird-rich forest of the central circuit, then Lake Bujuku lies at the apex of the deep, glacier carved Bujuku valley in the shadow of Mounts Stanely and Mount Baker and Speke. While in the valley of Nyamwamba they ascended through the tail in Kilembe, glacial moraine deposited in the valley crested dam which has formed a string of eight wonderful lakes.

Activities done in Mountain Rwenzori national park.

Mountain Climbing.

Mountain climbing safari is the major activity done in Mountain Rwenzori national park that is because the park hosts the third highest peak in the entire Africa which is called Margarita that’s where you can participate in the seven day climbing safari till to the top. The guests who enjoy climbing, this activity is right for you this is where you can be told to choose your favorite trail in order to experience the scenic routes to the top of Rwenzori, it is such amazing that each trail you take provides spectacular and rewardable viewing the glacial lakes, gorgeous viewpoints the dramatic mountain passes and lush valley.

Rwenzori mountains national park
Hiking Mount Rwenzori

Wildlife viewing.

Mountain Rwenzori offers the Uganda wildlife safari viewing this is where the tourists sight various animal species and bird species  like the Rwenzori colobus, Rwenzori otter, Uganda clawed frog, Rwenzori climbing mouse, genet mongoose, leopards and among many as the park offers spectacular views of scenic land scape with a high density of trees and other unique vegetation as you are also enjoying the favorable sunshine, cold , heavy rainfall which supports plant life that cannot be seen elsewhere on earth.

Bird watching.

Bird watching is also well done in the Mountain Rwenzori national park in that the park has over 217 bird species, the bird lovers always spot unique species of birds and here can be best spotted in the montane forest like the Robins, sunbirds, bee eaters, Rwenzori Turaco, Beared vultures, Black eagles, long eared owl, Red-faced crimson wing, red throated Alethe, Handsome Francolin and many more.

Cultural experience.

Cultural experience is such exciting activity in Mountain Rwenzori national park this is where the tourists walk to make Bakozo villagers to encounter their homesteads through the foothills of the Rwenzori this is among the amazing experiences, this is such a unforgettable memory in that the tourists enjoy the vibrant dance performed accompanied by the lively drumming, learning how to prepare their local meal with them, meet the blacksmith, traditional hears, basket weavers and also story tellers.

Hiking and nature walk safari.

Tourists are given the opportunity to hike and nature walk safari as this helps them to encounter natural wonders around Mountain Rwenzori national park while discovering the hidden treasures of the park through hiking and nature walk that is led by the guide and this provides you the panoramic view of creatures like the Lake Muhooma, and buraro chimp forest the tourists can also hike through Kichamahe to Karangura ridge and also Bundibugyo area through Bwamba pass.

Rwenzori mountains national park
Nature walks

Best time to visit Mountain Rwenzori National Park.

From June to August and from December to February is the perfect time to visit/climb/hike/trek Rwenzori Mountains national park, otherwise it can be visited thought the year. For mountaineers the climbing window from June to August is the best times to attempt an ascent to Margherita Peak of Mountain Rwenzori.

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