Semuliki Valley National Park is located in Bundibugyo District in the Western Region of Uganda, the park was established in 1993. Semuliki National Park encompasses 219 km2 (85 sq. mi) of East Africa’s only lowland tropical rainforest, it’s one of the richest areas of floral and faunal biodiversity in Africa, with bird and butterfly species being especially diverse, the park is managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Attractions in Semuliki National Park.

Bird species.

Semuliki national park is a true birding haven for birders and along here bird species are the major attraction in the park, the park harbors over 450 bird species which represents a total bird species of about 40% of the total number of birds that are living in Uganda. Some of the  bird species in the park includes Congo Serpent Eagle, Long-tailed Hawk, Nkulengu Rail, Black-wattled Hornbill and Lyre-tailed Honey guide, Ituri Batis, Red-billed Helmet-Shrike, Red-eyed Puff-backed, Black-winged Starling, Maxwell’s Black Weaver and many others.

Semuliki Valley National Park
Black-wattled Hornbill


Semuliki National park provides habitat for over 60 mammal species, such as the African buffalo, leopard, hippopotamus, monkey, water chevrotain, bush babies, African civet, African elephant, Pygmy scaly-tailed flying squirrel and many more.


Semuliki Valley national park is predominantly medium altitude moist ever green to semi deciduous forest, there are also species of a more evergreen nature and swamp forest, and it is the only true low and tropical forest in Uganda and among few forests dominated by Cynometra alexandii commonly known as iron wood but the edges are attractively varied with river rine swampy forest along the Semuliki River and the Savannah grassland to the North-East.

Activities in Semuliki National Park.

Game viewing.

Game viewing is one of the major activity done in Semuliki National Park, due to the park hosts about 60 mammal species that can be explored on three game drive tracks gazetted by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. During game viewing some of the animal species that can be seen during the game viewing includes the buffalos, waterbuck, elephants, hyenas, Uganda Kobs and many more. Game viewing in the park can be done in the early morning and evenings.

Semuliki national park hot springs.

Semuliki national park hot springs have been accumulating over 25000 years as evidenced of its ever older processes creating Hot springs. The hot springs are worth visiting during your Uganda tours, the hot springs in Semuliki national park are called Sempaya Hot springs and they are formed into female and male hot springs.

Bird watching.

Semuliki national park is a birding haven, the park has over 450 bird species, during the bird watching activity a birder can be able to spot such bird species Ground hornbill, Shoebill stock, Piping hornbill, Black dwarf hornbill, Yellow-throated cuckoo, Maxwell’s weaver, Blue-headed crested fly catcher and many more, Semuliki Valley National Park .

Nature walks.

Nature walks in Semuliki national park helps you to get closer to various animal and bird species in the park like the lions, elephants, hyenas and many others, during the nature walks the tourists can as well go to hot springs which takes a distance of about 2 to 4 hours to reach the hot springs and the nature walk is best done during the morning and afternoon hours.

Chimpanzee trekking.

Chimpanzee trekking in Semuliki national park range far and wide in locating the securing enough food for them, it is not easy to track Chimpanzee in Semuliki national park but however the experience of seeing them can be fascinating as they can be seen walking on their two legs for short distances.

Semuliki Valley National Park
chimpanzee trekking in semuliki park

Best time to visit Semuliki National Park.

The best time to visit Semuliki National Park is during the two dry seasons from December to February and from June to July, during the season the vegetation is thin and animals gather at waterholes, making them easy to spot, chimpanzee trekking is easy because of drier trails.

Entrance fees of Semuliki National Park.

Category Foreign Nonresidents (USD) Foreign Residents (USD) East Africa Citizen(UGX)
Adults 35 25 15,000
Children 5 5 2500
Ugandan Pupils and/or Students(Groups) NA NA 1500

Where to stay in Semuliki National Park.

Semuliki national park has accommodation facilities for the guests to stay during their visit in the park that are ranged in Budget, Mid-range, Luxury accommodations such as Enshama Game Lodge and Campsite, Chimpundu Lodge, Kibale Forest camp and many others.

How to get to Semuliki National Park.

Semuliki national park can be accessed into two ways that is road and air transport from Kampala to the park.

By Air transport.

You can take a chartered flight from Kajjansi or Entebbe International airport to Kasese.

By Road transport.

Semuliki national park can be reached from Kampala, here two roads can be used Kampala to Fort portal through Mubende takes 5 to 6 hours’ drive then Kampala through Masaka, Mbarara  and Kasese takes 7 to 8 hours.

Semuliki national park is famous and well known for tour destination in Uganda thus for being home to the largest population of Uganda Kobs and birds, the park is a rich wildlife with a variety of tourists attractions, on the other side the park is located at the junction of several climatic and ecological zones, and as a result has a high diversity of plant and animal species and many microhabitats.

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