Stunning water activities to do in Zanzibar : If you want exhilarating safari experiences, you should travel to Zanzibar and partake in thrilling water sports. People of all ages can enjoy a variety of safari activities here. Along with your travelling friends, you can go on boat cruise trips, swims, canoes, rafts, kayaks, sailboats, and much more. Here are some water sports activities you should try in Zanzibar. 


Sailing is a recreational safari activity in which a boat with sails is used to propel the craft forward. Zanzibar’s tropical environment makes it a wonderful spot to go sailing. You will appreciate the lovely breeze and stunning views of the island while you are in the water, which offers you a stunning safari experience. 


Parasailing is a recreational safari activity in which a person is attached to a parasail wing that is further attached to a vehicle, such as a boat. It is also known as paraskiing, parakiting, and parascending. The parasail user takes to the skies when the vehicle takes off. Adventurers in Zanzibar will soar 300 metres above the ground to take in breathtaking vistas of the sandy beaches of Kendwa and Nungwi as well as coral reefs. 

Water Skiing.

As a surface water sport, water skiing involves a person gliding on a body of water while being pulled by a cable that is fastened to a boat. This water sport is best enjoyed in the tranquil, laid-back waters surrounding Zanzibar Island, which are perfect for it all year round. 

Jet Skiing.

Watercraft that you ride for exhilarating recreational activities are called jet skis or water scooters. Drivers can have an exciting water ride thanks to the pump jet driven by an inboard engine. Take a Jet Ski ride and discover the stunning island’s many attractions. 


Swimming equipment needed for snorkeling includes swim fins, a snorkel, and occasionally a wetsuit, depending on the body of water. You may see the stunning underwater scenery and the unique underwater life as a result of the recreational activity. In Zanzibar, snorkeling is an absolute must-do water sport because of the breathtaking sights and ocean vistas.

Stunning water activities to do in Zanzibar
Snorkeling in Mnemba Island

Swimming with Dolphins

Achieve your dream of swimming with dolphins in Zanzibar. To have this experience, go to Kizimkazi Beach or Mnemba Island. This safari activity is best done in the months of January through March and June through October. You might encounter spinner dolphins, Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, and Rizzo’s dolphins, among other common dolphin species. 

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