Tourist Attractions in Buffalo Springs National Park : Buffalo Springs national game reserve is a 131 square kilometers national reserve found in the northern region of Kenya, this game reserve is one of the best Kenya wildlife safari destinations established in 1948 and named after the Buffaloes springs found in the western end of the reserve.

Buffalo Springs national game reserve stretches for miles on the side of the Ewaso Nyiro River an oasis of the reserve’s ecosystem including wildlife, this game reserve comprises of a number spectacular tourist attractions which include the following


Buffalo Springs national game reserve is one of the notable wildlife habitats in the northern region of Kenya and a rewarding destination for Kenya wildlife viewing safaris, the reserve is a renowned for hosting a variety of Grevy’s zebras, gerenuk antelope, Beisa Oryxes, reticulated giraffes, Grant’s gazelles, elands, greater and lesser kudus which are referred to as the northern species.

zebras in Buffalo Springs Reserve
zebras in Buffalo Springs Reserve

Other wildlife species found in Buffalo Springs national game reserve include leopards, cheetahs, buffaloes, wild dogs, common Burchell’s zebras, dik-diks, crocodiles hippos and many more.

Bird life

Buffalo Springs national game reserve is one of the most rewarding Kenya safari destinations for Kenya birding tours, the reserve habitats more than 390 bird species including the common ostrich which is a distinctive bird for their indigo legs and blue neck. Other notable birds in Buffalo Springs national game reserve include the striking cobalt – blue –breasted vulturine guinea fowls and Abyssinian ground hornbill.

Other species of birds inhabiting in the Buffalo Springs national game reserve include African palm swifts, Ashy cisticola, bare eyed thrush black bellied sunbirds, black-capped social weavers, Bristle-crowned starling, brown-tailed rock chat, chestnut-headed sparrow lark, Donaldson-smith’s sparrow-weaves, fisher’s starling, golden pipit, golden –breasted starling, greater kestrels, grey wren-warblers, hunter’s sunbirds, northern brownbuls, pygmy batus, red – bellied parrots, red-necked falcons, red winged lark and many more.


Buffalo Springs national game reserves comprises of unique flora species and while on a Kenya safari tourists are rewarded with spectacular views of the unique plants, the unique flora in the reserve are determined by the Ewaso Nyiro River. Along the river there is a narrow band of riverine forest with Tana poplar, doum palm and magnificent specimens of  acacia elatior.

Ewaso Nyiro River
Ewaso Nyiro River

In some areas of the reserve there are exposed lava rocks with scattered grass and shrubs, other parts are dominated by alkaline grasslands with occasional springs and swamps. In the scrub there are desert rose with bright pink blooms, the salvadora persica (tooth-brush tree) shrub providing food to the elephants and its twigs are used as toothbrush by the nomadic Samburu people.

Ewaso Nyiro River

Ewaso Nyiro River is the most prominent tourist attraction in Buffalo Springs national game reserve, the river is a must visit site during your Kenya wildlife tours in the reserve. The river is the biggest and least seasonal river in the northern region of Kenya and it gets its name from a Samburu language meaning the river of brown or muddy water.

Ewaso Nyiro River comprises of thick acacia and doum palm forests along the river banks, the banks are frequently visited by dozens of animals looking for water and shade, the riverside grasses attracts large number of species such as waterbucks, saddle-billed storks hunt frogs and fish. The raised sandbanks of Ewaso Nyiro River are inhabited by Nile crocodiles and hippos in the waters, the river is also visited by elephant and elands to drink water. In the dense riverside thickets there are buffaloes, impalas, cobalt blue breasted vulturine guinea fowls.

Ewaso Nyiro River normally courses through the reserve without impendence but during extreme droughts the waters stop flowing, when this happen the wildlife in the reserve and the neighboring communities depend on the Isiolo River.

Buffalo springs

Buffalo Springs is one of the main tourist attractions in Buffalo Springs national game reserve, this notable feature is from the reserve gets its name. Buffalo springs comprises of 2 walled springs and the 3rd breaks onto the plain forming a small marshy waterhole flowing into the Ewaso Nyiro river. One of the walled springs is water source to the nearby small town of Archer’s post and the other was formerly a natural swimming pool but currently swimming is not permitted due to presence of predators in the waterhole such as crocodiles.

Buffalo Springs
Buffalo Springs

The Samburu people

The Samburu people are closely related to the Maasai People as they share most of their cultural and traditional practices such as speaking the same Maa language, wear similar dresses of blankets and beads and practice live stock rearing keeping animals like camel, cattle and goats. The Samburu people are hospitable, happy and welcoming people to strangers, these people live in communities neighboring the reserve and are visiting during Kenya culture safari. On this safari you get an opportunity to learn more about their traditions, ancient culture and purchase some of the beautiful Samburu crafts and beaded jewelry made by the locals.

Visiting Buffalo Springs national game reserve on a Kenya game viewing safari offers an opportunity to enjoy and witness all the above listed and detailed tourist attractions. Book your Kenya safari now by Emailing us.

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