Walking Safaris in Kenya : Kenya is one of the finest safari destinations in Africa visited by millions visitors a year who are drawn to this beautiful country by the wildlife and rich natural beauty. There is a lot to witness and experience in Kenya ranging from the scenic views of Mount Kenya, the popular wildebeest migration – the world’s largest movement of wildlife across Masai Mara national reserve or watch predators hunting unsuspecting prey.

Whether you are staying at a personal or deluxe safari camps or luxury lodges and hotels, you will have the best of Africa safari in Kenya.

Guided walking safaris are one of the best safari activities to do in Kenya and the best way to immerse yourself in nature without the noise and distraction of a vehicle.

 Most of the national parks and reserves in Kenya including The Masai Mara national reserve, Samburu national reserve, Tsavo East and West national park, walking safaris are not permitted. However, walking safaris are legal and allowed in the conservancies situated alongside the parks and reserves, private ranches and wildlife concessions found across Kenya.

Walking safaris in Kenya offer a deeper insight and tiny details in the bush such as flora, animals, footprints, culture and the magnificent landscape, although large game is not often sighted during the walking safari, the pleasure you get of being on foot in the wilderness is unparalleled.

Walking Safaris in Kenya
Walking Safaris in Kenya

In Kenya, there are few camps and sites specializing in walking safaris and they are as below

Masai Mara’s Elephant Pepper Camp (North Conservancy)

Though walking safaris are not allowed in Masai Mara national reserve, it is permitted in the conservancies surrounding the reserve, The Mara North Conservancy where the Elephant Pepper is located is one of the conservancies of Masai Mara where you can do walking safaris.

The conservancy has a range of flora and fauna and is particularly famous for the elephant pepper trees that grown in and around the The Elephant Pepper camp.

The Elephant Pepper trees are the main focus for bush walks in this area, their leaves and berries have a spicy flavor which is love by the elephants, this tree also has a lot of medical importance.

Sosian Lodge, Laikipia Plateau

Sosian lodge is set on a private ranch in the heart of the Laikipia Plateau, the lodge provides superb wildlife viewing and recreational activities including safari walks and this is because it has access to a large expanse of land.

Sosian Lodge offeres a range of landscapes with a magnificent path that leads you along the little waterfalls on the Ewaso Narok River, you also spot the natural plunge pools and stunning woodlands to explore.

Tortilis Camp – Amboseli National Park

Tortlis Camp found in Amboseli national park, the camp is named after the natural forest of flat – topped acacia Tortilis thorn trees that provide shelter. Tortilis Camp is located in Kitirua Conservancy which borders Amboseli national park to the Southwest. Kitirua Conservancy is a private conservancy and because of this, it offers a range of activities including the amazing walking safaris.

A walking safari in Tortilis Camp allows visitors to get close to the wildlife in the region, on this safari you are guided by the Masai Morans you will take you to locations frequented by elephants, wildebeests and lions. For a special treat, visitors are driven to the end of experience where you will be have a sundowners and food.  At the camp you will enjoy breathtaking views including magnificent views of Mount Kilimanjaro – Africa’s tallest free standing Mountain.

Saruni Samburu’s Kalama Wildlife Conservancy

Saruni Samburu lodge is located in the Kalama Community Wildlife Conservancy just outside the fine Samburu national Reserve, the lodge is situated on a breathtaking cliff top boasting scenic views stretching for kilometers. The scenery makes you want to wander as far as the eyes can see and sometimes you can.

 In this region, walking safaris are carefully tailored to the interests of the visitors and set in stunning scenery. Walking safaris take you through the valleys and plains surrounding Saruni Mara and Saruna Wild with Masai warrior accompanied by a vehicle and a community ranger for security purposes.

Walking Safaris in Kenya
Saruni Samburu’s Kalama Wildlife Conservancy

Walking in Saruni also includes hiking to the summit of the adjacent Mount Kilileoni offering you scenic viws across the plains.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Lewa Widllfie Conservancy is another excellent location for walking safaris in Kenya. Walking safaris in the conservancy are done together with guides and rangers purposely to safe guard you from dangerous animals, on this experience you will be able to access areas that cannot be accessed by a vehicle. You can also ride a camel offering an authentic and quiet experience in Kenya.

Best time for a Walking Safari in Kenya

The best time to visit Kenya for a safari depends on what you want to see and do, for walking safari, the best time is during the dry season. Walking safaris are best all year around except during the wet seasons that is from March to May which make it difficult to do the excursion.

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