What are the Top fishing lakes in Kenya?  Kenya as a country is well renowned for its diverse landscapes and its rich biodiversity and it also ranked to be among the perfect tourist destinations that one can opt to go to while on their safari in East Africa because it is has several attractions such as; wildlife species, beautiful waterbodies like; lakes, waterfalls and rivers, mountains and many others. More so, fishing enthusiasts can opt to visit in Kenya because it offers a plethora of fishing opportunities, which can be practiced across various lakes that are scattered within different directions in the country. Hence considering the country to also be considered as a haven for both individuals seeking for adventure and a place for relaxation amidst the calm natural beauty. In the context below; we will delve more into the  some of the prominent waterbodies that are known to be best as fishing spots where fishing enthusiasts who travel from all over different parts of the world can go, and some of these include;

Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria is famously known as the largest lake in the whole world and as a significant hub for fishing in Kenya. This lake is situated in the western region of the country and is noted to be flowing across many other countries like; Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Lake Victoria has expansive waterbodies which act as good natural habitats for  various types of fish species such as; Nile perch, tilapia, catfish, Nile tilapia and many others. therefore, visitors exploring within Kenya on a safari can engage into fishing excursions along these lake shores and acquire unique experiences as they enjoy a thrilling moments of catching various sizable fish species like; tilapia, Nile perch. More so, while on Lake Victoria, individuals also get to capture classic views of the breathtaking scenery of the waters, birds in the sky and its beautiful landscapes within the surrounding.

Lake Naivasha.

Lake Naivasha is famously known as another prominent fishing destination in the country and it is situated in the Rift valley. However, this lake is famously renowned for hosting abundant wildlife species and its scenic beauty within the surrounding. Therefore, fishing enthusiasts who visit in this country can opt to visit this lake because it supports a thriving fish population that are always available to be caught in the waters and some of these fish species include; tilapia, black bass, carp among others.

What are the Top fishing lakes in Kenya?
Lake Naivasha

However, apart from the fishing expeditions, Lake Naivasha is also considered a perfect place for bird lovers to visit whereby they will get opportunities to sight see several bird species such as; African fish eagles, pelicans, cormorants and many others. more so, individuals can also decide to explore more through the picturesque of crescent island which is a wildlife sanctuary that is situated within the lake and touring around this island grants one chances to encounter with several wildlife species like; giraffes, zebras and many other terrestrial animals within their natural habitats.

Lake Turkana.

Lake Turkana is also considered to be among the best captivating destinations where anglers seeking adventure in Kenya can visit. This lake is located in the northern region of the country and it is commonly referred to as the Jade Sea because it has striking blue-green hues. More so, Lake Turkana is ranked to be the largest desert lake in the whole world and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which hosts a diverse fish population such as; Nile tilapia, catfish, endemic turkana tilapia and many others. In addition, after the fishing activities on this lake, visitors can opt to explore around its rugged shores where they get to observe several traditional fishing techniques that the local people use, visit within the local communities and this helps them to gain insights into the cultural heritage of the Turkana people who reside within this region as their home.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are many other destinations in Kenya which provide ample opportunities for fishing enthusiast and some of these include; Malindi, Diani beach, watamu and many others. In conclusion, it is noted that all the fishing lakes within this country offer a diverse range of experiences to many individuals who visit while seeking for both freshwater and saltwater adventures. Therefore, exploring around these lakes blesses visitors with unique opportunities to engage in sustainable fishing practices, get close to the nature and  learn more about the rich cultural tapestry of the country.

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