Where Is Mount Suswa Located? Mount Suswa is known as a shield volcano, which is located between Narok and Nairobi in the rift valley in suswa town. In addition, Suswa town is just a small town, which is found along the main road from Nairobi the capital city of Kenya to Narok town. More so, Suswa is also considered as a ward in Narok East sub-county and this mountain stands at an elevated area of about 2,356 meters above the sea level.

Mount Suswa is an active volcano and its eruption happened to have been significant on the city and it is one of the most stunning Kenya attractions which await for tourists exploring in Kenya on a safari to have an unforgettable experience most especially for adventures and nature enthusiasts. More so, Mount Suswa is located approximately 120 kilometers northwest of Nairobi and is easily accessible for a day trip or weekend excursion from Nairobi.

Mount Suswa is one of the most remarkable features in Kenya and its striking feature is its geological significance, the mountain is an extinct volcano with a double crater system making it a rare and intriguing formation. In addition, it consists of an unusual island-block and the caldera structure, which is not easily spotted at the poseidonius and Gassendi craters. More so, this mountain show cases many stunning beautiful features such as; hot springs, lava caves, natural bridges and many others hence making this mountain to be seen as a perfect destination for geologists, adventure seekers and photographers to visit.

Towns Close to Mount Suswa

Mount Suswa is situated close to the following towns;


Narok town is located on the eastern side of Mount Suswa, and this town is famously known for its cultural diversity and bustling markets. The town serves as a gateway to the world-famous Maasai Mara National Reserve offering a perfect blend of wildlife and cultural experiences. Therefore, tourists exploring around this town will be blessed with opportunities to interact and learn a lot about the Maasai people.

Mai Mahiu town.

Mai Mahiu is situated to the South of Mount Suswa, and this small town is well renowned for its hot springs and visitors can unwind in the soothing thermal waters while enjoying the surrounding scenic views. More so, Mai Mahiu town acts as a transit point for those individuals planning to travell to Nairvasha and Nakuru.

Naivasha town.

Naivasha  town is located northwest of Mount Suswa  and is a popular destination for tourists to visit because it is famously known for the stunning water body “Lake Naivasha” which is surrounded by lush vegetation and touring around this area also gives you chances to see manu wildlife species and a variety of birds like; flamingos.

More so, tourists exploring on Lake Naivasha can get opportunities to engage into several interesting activities like; boat cruise, hiking in Hell is Gate National Park and guided nature walks among others.

What is there to do in Mount Suswa?

Tourists who opt to visit Mount Suswa on their safari in Kenya always get chances to engage into very many exciting activities where they learn new experiences and create remarkable memories. And some of these things to do include;

Hiking and Trekking

Mount Suswa offers excellent opportunities for hiking and trekking enthusiasts, alongside the nearby Mount Longonot. In addition, these volcanoes are ranked as one of the best hiking spots in the country hence offering visitors a chance to explore the unique lava caves, marvel at the panoramic views from the summit or venture into the heart of the crater. In addition, tourists are always accompanied with park guides who are well familiar with different parts of the park, they are always available to provide tourists with insights into the geological formations within the park, and they have a responsibility to ensure they are safe.


On Mount Suswa, it is possible to spend a night under the starry African sky by setting up a camp near the base of Mount Suswa, the serene surrounding around the mountain makes it a perfect destination for camping activities and it brings people close to nature.

Cultural Encounter

While on a Kenya Safari to Mount Suswa, you can visit the local Maasai Community were you will learn about their vibrant traditions and way of life? In the Maasai Villages, you enjoy several cultural experiences including traditional dances, beadwork demonstration and interactions with Maasai warriors.

Bird watching

Mount Suswa is also considered as a good place to go for bird watching whereby touring around this area grants tourists most especially bird lovers to spot several bird species, which include; flamingoes, pelicans, eagles and various migratory birds.

Photography opportunities

The dramatic landscapes, geological feature and wildlife around Mount Suswa offer endless opportunities for photography. Photographers get a chance to capture stunning shots of the crater, lava caves, wildlife encounters and breathing sunsets as the sky is filled with a blend of orange, yellow and red colors.

Where Is Mount Suswa Located?
Mount Suswa

Nature walks and picnic

Take a leisurely walk amidst the scenic beauty surrounding Mount Suswa, pack your picnic baskets and find a tranquil spot on the volcanoes, relax and soak in the serene atmosphere.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great activity for adventure seekers; you can try rock climbing on the volcanic cliffs and rock formations of Mount Suswa. The challenging terrain offers a thrilling experience for climbers and various skill levels.

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