Which Is The Three Highest Waterfalls In Kenya? Kenya is an East African country, which is renowned for hosting large populations of wildlife species and stunning landscapes, but it is also often recognized because of its waterfalls. However, this country has diverse terrains, which are some known to be some remarkable cascades that offer tourists with breathtaking views as they opt to have a refreshing escape into the beautiful nature. In the context below, we will delve more about the three highest waterfalls that standout to be recognized as spectacular natural wonder worth visiting while on a safari in Kenya.

Thomson’s Falls.

Thomson’s falls are situated a few kilometers away from the town of Nyahururu, which is located in the central highlands of Kenya. These waterfalls are ranked to be one of the country’s most famous waterfalls that tourists can consider to visit while on their safari in the country. Thomson’s falls stand approximately 74 meters (243 feet) over a volcanic cliff. More so, these waterfalls were named after a Scottish geologist and naturalist Joseph Thomson, who was known to be be among the first person who explored within this region during in the late 19th century. More so, Thomson’s falls were formed by the Ewaso Narok River, which flows from the Aberdare Range and cascades down into the Rift valley escarpment.

Thomson’s falls is not only famously known for its impressive height but it is also surrounded with lush greenery and exploring around this waterfall, tourists will get chances to spot diverse wildlife species within their natural habitats. More so, individuals get to enjoy the panoramic views of these stunning waterfalls from different angels along well-maintained pathways. After a long day of exploring the falls, tourists can opt to have their stay at Thomson’s falls safari lodge where they are offered with good services and amenities in order to enable all the guests have a peaceful retreat amidst the nature.

Chania Falls.

Chania falls are found within Aberdare national park, which is ranked among the best tourist destinations to travel to while on your safari in Kenya. Chania waterfalls are ranked to be among the highest waterfalls in the country because it cascades approximately in about 80 meters (262 feet) down a steep cliff. More so, Chania falls are fed by the Chania River and are known to have originated from the Aberdare range, which is famously known to be a mountainous region that is dominated by dense forests, scenic landscapes and for its rich biodiversity.

Tourists with big interests in seeing these falls will opt to go through several hiking trails available in the park and this gives them opportunities to immerse  in the beauty of the Aberdare range as they go through lush forests where they also get chances to sight see numerous wildlife species such as; elephants, buffalos, monkeys among others. Soon as individuals reach the falls, they can marvel at the sight and sound of the water flowing into the pool below. More so, they capture classic views of the serene ambiance of the surrounding wilderness.

Karuru Falls.

The Karuru falls are situated in the heart of Aberdare national park and are approximately 273 meters (896 feet). These falls are known to have been formed by the Karuru River, which flows through the Aberdare range, then through the steep cliffs and continues with in the dense forests before powering into the gorge below.

Karura Forest Reserve Kenya
Karura Forest Reserve Kenya

For individuals to access the stunning Karuru falls, it will require them to involve in trekking through the rugged terrain hence making it to be considered among the best destination in the country where hikers and nature enthusiasts can visit. In addition, along to the way to falls, individuals will be able to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Aberdare range and flora and fauna. After the reaching the falls, it is always worth the challenging trek because tourists are rewarded with a mesmerizing display of cascading water and they are also able to capture classic views of the pristine wilderness hence helping them to have unforgettable experience while on their safari.

In conclusion, apart from this country being known for its beautiful waterfalls, it is also recorded that it is a home to truly remarkable cascades, which display the natural beauty and the diversity of its landscapes.

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