Why visit Laikipia plateau? Laikipia Plateau has plenty to offer everyone at all times. Kenya tours visitors can engage in activities in Laikipia Plateau. From wildlife reserves that serve as a safe refuge for endangered black rhinos, such Lewa Downs and Borana, to ranches and conservancies farther north that are more centred on community and adventure activities, like horseback riding, camel rides, and walking safaris. Kenya safari tours visit Laikipia to experience Kenya like never before and have the entire world at your fingertips.

Horse riding safaris

These days, a large number of the former livestock ranches have been transformed into opulent Kenya safari lodges where guests may stroll the hills with Maasai people, ride horses, and learn about the conservation initiatives that have made Laikipia famous. Immersion travel is the main focus of Laikipia. Youngsters can camp, fish, and go tubing down the rivers. The day is very much centred around, and the atmosphere is extremely relaxed.


It is a birding safaris in kenya destination, since many different bird species may be found in the plateau’s plains, you may also choose to go bird watching in the hopes of seeing some of the rare species. Aficionados of ornithology can anticipate witnessing and hearing almost 350 different bird species. One of the main things to do at the Laikipia Plateau is bird watching.

Helicopter safari

Original Travel may also set up a helicopter transfer between lodges or down to the shore if you’re really flush or pressed for time, but a trip to Mount Kenya is especially advised. By helicopter, you will arrive at one of the many breathtaking lakes and tarns that blanket the upper slopes; the peaks that remain are the lava plugs of the eroded volcano. You get to enjoy a delectable picnic breakfast and several hours of fly-fishing from the shoreline for rainbow trout. Visits are arranged early in the morning, so you may reach the summit by 0730 and enjoy the mountain at its best.

A trip to Ol Lolokwe, the holy mountain of the Samburu people of northern Kenya, is even more daring.

Camel safaris

Take on an adventurous journey through the African bush on a camel, just like the Samburu people do. A camelback safari offers an exciting substitute for the customary game viewing encounter, enabling visitors to get up close encounters with plains animals including ostriches, giraffes, and zebras. You can customise this activity to suit your interests. Riding a camel and listening to the chime of the camel bells is an experience of a lifetime, well matched to this scenery.

Visit chimpanzee sanctuary

Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary, located inside Ol Pejeta, was founded in 1993 to save the orphans that were formerly kept at the Jane Goodall Institute in Burundi. It is the only location in Kenya where one may witness these endearing primates because they are not native to the nation; the best way to do this is by boat along the Ewaso Nyiro River, which flows through the riparian forest where they currently reside. In addition, you may visit the chimpanzee sanctuaries and go on a tour to interact with the primates and have a good time while you’re here.

Visit Rhino sanctuary

A trip to the Lewa Downs Conservancy is a must-do while visiting the Laikipia region. The conservancy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site acknowledged for its remarkable community conservation concept, serves as an infrastructure for the defence of East Africa’s black rhino population. Previously an expansive cow ranch, proprietors in close collaboration with the local community turned Lewa into a conservation area. This tour provides the chance to visit the region’s prehistoric archaeological sites and learn first hand about the conservancy’s conservation and community projects.

Maasai culture

Take a stroll to explore the local communities and immerse yourself in the Maasai culture. You will witness first hand an authentic African way of life and culture as you visit the manyattas. Fascinating diversity of culture with Samburu and Maasai people. It is highly recommended to visit the small hamlet of Maralal, which serves as the unofficial capital of the fascinating Samburu tribe, to fully immerse oneself in their vibrant customs and rich culture. Delicious regional cuisine, a crackling bonfire on chilly evenings, and captivating Maasai dancers make for an unforgettable evening.

Why visit Laikipia plateau?
Maasai tribe

Go biking

You may also take advantage of this unique experience, which involves exploring the area and its sights on a quad bike, by going on a quad biking safari.

Game Safari

You could also go on a game safari, where you can still see black rhinos and nearly half of Kenya’s population. Approximately 2000 elephants travel between Mount Kenya and Samburu, passing through Laikipia en route. Wild dogs are also becoming more common, and these hills are home to the stunning Grevy’s Zebra.  The most isolated part of the Plateau is by far the northern sector of Laikipia, offering a really off-the-beaten-track experience. This area is home to numerous northern game species, including the reticulated giraffe, Jackson’s hartebeest, Grevy’s Zebra, and gerenuk. In addition, there are increasing numbers of leopard, lion, rhino, elephant, and many other game species there—wild dogs are the only game species in the area that is seeing population growth. This is largely due to the innovative dedication of the Laikipia community and the Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF), which was founded to advance conservation on all of the district’s private reserves.

This area is known for its denser wildness and opportunity for foot exploration; seeing lions, elephants, and other big game without the need for a vehicle is an extreme thrill.

Walking safaris

Walking with armed local guides to observe kenya wildlife tours up close and personal allows for an intimate encounter with the animals as well as biodiversity. Lewa is a genuinely unique Kenya  safari site since it offers the opportunity to have a walking safari experience. Watch elephants, impala, waterbuck, and many other species as they come to the adjacent marsh to drink water or as they decide to drive, stroll, or ride to a private location while you relax. The Big Five are all there, but populations are relatively low, and the vegetation is thicker and scrubby than in the south.

Educational tours

A interesting look into the day-to-day activities of the conservancy is offered by educational excursions that focus on the area’s history. Get the most out of your kenya tours by getting to know the locals and their surroundings while also learning about how nature and humankind coexist.

Hiking adventure

Hiking destinations and ranges abound for individuals who enjoy uncharted territory. This can be included in your kenya safari here, and hiking can be done to get a nice overview of the ranches from a distance.

Biking safaris

You will still learn something new as you bike around on your two-wheel drive, regardless of whether you attempt it on a plain or mountainous terrain.

Take it easy and at your own pace, and enjoy a wonderful time biking through the countryside while you’re at complete relaxation.

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