Activities in Selous Game Reserve

Activities in Selous Game Reserve : Selous game reserve is a largest protected game reserve on the continent of Africa located in Tanzania in the southern region, the reserve is part of southern Tanzania safari circuit covering an area of 54,600 square kilometers. Selous game reserve is named Selous in honor of Fredrick Selous Courtney who was a great hunter and an explorer, this game reserve was established in 1922 and in 1982 it was declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

Activities in Selous Game Reserve

Selous game reserve is an entertaining destination to visit and because of the numerous activities offered in the reserve be ready to be entertained and have a memorable experience, things to do in Selous game reserve include 

Game drives 

Game drives in Selous game reserve is the highlight activity in Selous game reserve, the reserve hosts numerous wildlife species such as giraffes, wildebeests, warthogs, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, lions, leopards, hippos, spotted hyena, elands, African wild dog, leopards and many more. Game drives are done after morning breakfast and various kinds of game drives are offered in Selous game reserve such as morning game drive, afternoon game drive, full day game drive and self drive game drive.

Game drives in Selous game reserve

The best site to spot animals in the reserve is around the banks of river Rufji and shores of numerous lakes, according to weather conditions and pattern of animals the best time to visit Selous game reserve for game viewing experience is in the period of June to October. In this period animals are easy to see as they congregate around water bodies to drink water. 


When you talk about great birding destinations in Tanzania Selous national reserve is one of top on the list, Selous game reserve hosts over 440 bird species and the best way to spot eye catching colorful bird is on a birding experience. Among the big bird population in the reserve there is migratory bird species which migrate from Europe and the northern region of Africa to Selous game reserve, on birding safari birds spotted include brown-breasted barbet, mangrove kingfishers, African skimmers, palm-nut vulture, freckled nightjars, grey-hooded kingfisher, waders, broad-billed roller, green billed coucal, long-tailed fiscal, red winged warbler, Boehm’s bee-eater, black Cuckoo-shrike, green-capped Eremomela, spotted-flanked barbet, Dickinson’s kestrel, red billed bulbul, red throated twin spot, white helmet shrikes, sterling’s barred warbler, Livingstone’s flycatcher, Arnot’s chat, spotted –flanked barbet, wattle-eyed flycatchers, red throated Twinspot, grey penduline tit, Layard’s black-headed weaver and many more.

The best time for birding in Selous game reserve in the months of April and June to October, in these periods migratory bird spices are present and resident species begin nesting  which makes it easy to spot them.

Walking safaris 

Walking safaris in Selous game reserve is an exciting experience offering tourists an opportunity to come close to the animals living in the reserve such as giraffe, walking safaris are usually 2-3 hours and they are  done in groups 6 people in the accompaniment of an armed ranger guide to protect you from wild animals in case of any attack. Because of the weather conditions this safari experience is best done in the period of June to October when the temperatures are low, as you walk on slow pace through various trails you are rewarded with sights of the beautiful landscape, vegetation, animals like giraffes, wildebeests, elephants and many birds. 

Note: On walking safaris children are allowed as long as they are able to walk 

Boat safaris 

Selous game reserve offers amazing boat safaris, the park consists of many water bodies which make boat safari experience possible and amazing due to their calm clear waters. Boat safaris on River Rufji, Lake Tagalala, Lake Mzizimia, Lake Siwandu, Lake Manze and Lake Nzelekela offer more than serene cool breeze and sailing on water, they offer sights of a huge population of animals such as a large pride of lions which come to water bodies to drink water.

Boat safaris in Selous game reserve is offered in two kinds that is short boat safari and full day  boat safari, short boat safari is offered in 2 sessions that are from7 am – 9 am and from 4pm to 6 pm. Full day boat safari is offered from 10am – 6 pm, on this safari experience you get to spot many animals such as crocodiles, hippos, waterbucks, kudu, warthogs, elephants as they bath in waters, blue monkeys, savannah baboon, black and white colobus monkey seen on the tree along the banks of river Rufji and the lakes. Boat safaris are also ideal for spotting various bird species such as African fish eagle, malachite king fisher,  and many more 

Activities in Selous Game Reserve
Activities in Selous Game Reserve

Fishing trips 

Selous game reserve offers excellent fishing experiences which are to warm your heart, Selous game reserve is dotted with numerous water bodies such as Rufji river, Lake Tagalala, Lake Mzizimia, Lake Siwandu, Lake Manze and Lake Nzelekela. These bodies host various species of fish which are caught as prize on the fishing trips, fishing trips are done on a boat ride on the calm waters of these bodies. Famous fish species caught on fishing trips in Selous game reserve include the tiger fish, cat fish, Rufji Tilapia, Oreochromis Urolepis Elephant fish, Marmyrus Longirostris and many more.

Cultural Tours to Mloka village 

Your safari to Selous game reserve can never be really over and memorable without visiting the Mloka village on a cultural tour, Mloka village is situated down the River Selous and can be accessed by a short drive by car. Cultural tours in Mloka village is either a short or long experience depending on the preference of the tourists and while in this village you will be the local people, be entertained by local dance and drama, visiting local places likes primary schools, local market and many more.

Through interaction with the local people you will learn more about their cultural values, traditions, practices, beliefs and history. Cultural tours to Mloka village not only offer a cultural experience but also a form of physical experience majorly stretching your legs as you walk through the village. 

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