Beho Beho Camp

Beho Beho Camp locally known as WA Salish a Kiswahili slag meaning the pioneer is a luxury accommodation establishment offering accommodation and other services in Selous game reserve, Beho Beho is located in the northern sector of the reserve and the first permanent camp to be established in this northern region of the reserve.  

Beho Beho Camp

The camp sits on Kipalala Hill above Msine tributary river of Beho Beho river, the camp lies in a distance of 145 miles southwest of Dar es Salaam and 3 miles from the grave of Fredrick Courteney Selous from who Selous game reserve is named after. Beho Beho camp is an intimate accommodation offering a wilderness retreat  and uninterrupted panoramic views of river Rufji and its flood plains , the camp sits amidst a great ecosystem consisting of 5 different vegetation covers that are riverine, mountainous, water system, open savannah wooded and Miombo woodland. 

The camp consists of beautiful structures/bandas constructed using stones and thatched, these bandas are filled with cool breeze and feature a tented curtain which separates outdoor and verandas from the insides. In the interior of the Bandas they are fully furnished and equipped with deep chairs, King sized beds, a telescopes for private game viewing and elegant Persian carpets on the floors.

Accommodation at Beho Beho camp 

The camp offers comfortable accommodation through elegantly appointed rooms, accommodation is offered in categories such as the main camp, the main camp house, Baileys Banda(private villa) and tree house. 

Beho Beho Camp

The main camp 

The main camp at Beho Beho consists of 7 bandas, these Bandas are very spacious and meant for single occupancy. Each Banda features an individual plunge pool, a separate dressing room leading to en-suite bathroom, the front of these bandas are open with a spacious veranda and secured with tented curtains which can be left open according to the desire of the visitor. 

The Bandas are offered as either double or twin and additional beds can be offered upon request

Amenities in Bandas include king sized beds, writing desks, conches, tables, bed side lamps, dressing room and en-suite bathroom. The en-suite bathroom consists of  two basins, high flush WC, hair dryers, open shower and supplied with Charlotte Rhys toiletries.

Beho Beho Camp

The main camp house

The main camp house at Beho Beho is a spacious private house with a high level of privacy, this camp house is fully furnished and consists of few walls offering parallel views of the surroundings and the animals. The main camp house consists of conches, tables, dining area, seating area, bar and billiards room with full sized billiards.  

Baileys Banda (private villa)

Baileys Banda (private villa) at Beho Beho is a two bed roomed house offering a more private experience while at Beho Beho, for more exclusivity Baileys Banda is situated in a hill far from the main camp. Baileys Banda features its own brigade of guiding and hospitality staff, this Banda accommodates upto 5 people making it a perfect choice of accommodation for friends or family members at a vacation. 

Bailey’s Banda consists of its own plunge pool, TV set and DvD, conches, spacious beds, comfortable furniture, Wi-Fi and en-suite bathroom. 

The tree house 

The tree house at Beho Beho camp is an adventurous accommodation perched up within a giant Leadwood tree in one hour’s walk from the camp, the tree house offers a one life time night in a bush for two people per night. The tree house consists of a comfortable spacious bed, mosquito net, wheeled bed and en-suite bathroom featuring a shower with hot and cold running water and toilet.

Note: For tourists to stay at the tree house a supplement fee is paid and a minimum of 4 nights is allowed.

Beho Beho Camp

Facilities and services offered at Beho Beho 

Central lounge area

Central lounge area at the camp is a peaceful area fully furnished with comfortable sofa seats, African carvings and small tables. The lounge area is open sided boosting views of the valley and artificial waterhole on the hill side, the lounge area also consists of full-size slate bedded billiard table. 


Bar at Beho Beho camp is a fully furnished room with stools and couches, the bar is fully stocked various brands of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The bar offers entertainment from gadgets like sound speakers and Television set with satellite channels.


Beho Beho camp’s library is fully stocked with books of various types like Atlas books, books about Selous game reserve and many more.


At this camp has no formal dining meaning they can be served from any sites at the camp, meals are served in family style and the following meals are served 

Breakfast: Breakfast at Beho Beho camp consists of fruits, fresh bread, a full cooked breakfast with eggs of your choice and a wide range of spreads. Breakfast special are eggs and bacon muffins, breakfast is usually served on the banks of the lake or the river.

Lunch: Lunch at Beho Beho is served at 12pm and consists of a variety of hot and cold dishes for example salads, Swahili dishes and light curries. Lunch usually includes spare ribs, choice of quiche, garlic tiger, prawns, halloumi salad, homemade cheese, sundried tomato focaccia bread, cinnamon tortillas and fruit salad.

Dinner: Dinner at Beho Beho is served at various sites at the camp each night and it is serveddepending on the 3-course menu, dinner consists of spinach, feta ravioli in a tomato sauce as starter, fillet steak, with peppercorn sauce, potato wedges and vegetatbles for main course Dessert consists of yoghurt panna cotta with apples poached in red wine.

Swimming pool 

Beho Beho has a small sized swimming pool in additional to plunge pools at the Bandas, regardless of the size the swimming pool offers magnificent views of the Kipalala valley. At the camp there is a pool house featuring comfortable furniture pieces and sunbathing shades.


Beho Beho offers airstrip pickup and drop-offs to all visitors of the camp from either Dar es Salaam or Ruaha Tanzania


Beho Beho is supplied by power from its own generator which generates 240v 50hz of electricity, the camp consists of numerous light and power points in each bandas for personal charging and 24 electricity purposes.


Beho Beho is supplied by water from a borehole.

Laundry services 

Beho Beho offers laundry services to its visitors at an extra charge 

Activities offered by Beho Beho camp

  • game drives 
  • bird watching 
  • walking safaris
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