Biking in Hell’s Gate National park 2022 : Hell’s gate national park lies south of Lake Naivasha in Kenya, North West of Nairobi. Hell’s gate national park is named after a narrow break in the cliffs, once a tributary of a prehistorically lake that fed early humans in the rift valley. Hell’s gate national park was established in 1984, it’s known for its wide variety of wildlife and for its scenery. The national park is also a home to five geothermal power stations at Olkaria. Hell’s gate national park covers an area of 68.25 square kilometers (26 sq mi), relatively small by African standards, the park is at 1900 meters (6200 ft.) above the sea level. Hell’s gate national park is in Nakuru County and approximately 90 kilometers from Nairobi.

Biking in Hell’s gate national park.

Hell’s gate national park in the Great Rift Valley is well known for hiking through the river gorges. But recently discovered that another adventurous way to tour in the park is by bicycle.

Hell’s gate national park is one of the few national parks where cycling, horseback riding and hiking are permitted. Here you can either bring your own bicycle or you can rent one upon arrival at the gate. It’s about 18 km from the main gate to the Hell’s gate gorge along murrum road. The early mornings are cool, but towards midday it gets hot so one should pack enough drinking water.

This a private tour to Hell’s gate national park begins with pickups from in any place, Your guide keeps you entertained with fun facts about Kenya during the drive to the park. When you get there, you get fitted with helmet and bicycle and begin to follow your guide through the park looking for wildlife like zebras, gazelles, and over 100 species of birds, group of impalas bucks pranking high into the air with rounded backs, an evolutionary trait by some types of antelope to dissuade potential predators Then, start moving to the park’s famous gorges. Pass by the Maasai community to learn about traditional life in the great rift valley, and then head to Naivasha Fisherman’s camp for lunch (own expense).

Biking in Hell's Gate National park 2022
Biking in Hell’s Gate National park 2022

If you want, you can upgrade to take about ride on Lake Naivasha for a chance to see hippos, flamingos and spoonbills.

Ride a bike and hike through Hell’s gate national park on a full-day, private tour from Nairobi to the wildlife reserve and Lake Naivasha that includes entrance fees, bikes, and round trip –transport. This customizable tour offers the rare chance to see wildlife outside of as safari vehicle while exploring a scenic part of the Great Rift Valley. Hell’s gate wildlife tour by bicycle, guided hiking trip through the gorges, visit Maasai community, round trip-transfer from Nairobi, private tour is operated with just your party and a guide.

The Gorge road, the main route through the park and a good example of the surface you will be cycling on. Shortly after leaving Elsa you will pass Fischer’s tower, the most popular rock climbing destination in Hell’s gate national park.

Best time of the year to ride at Hell’s Gate national park in 2022

During the rainy seasons of April and November, it gets wet and muddy and it may not be very appropriate to use a bike at Hell’s gate.

Through the terrain remains the same all year around, it is advisable to visit the park between the months of June and late February. This is because this period experiences little to no rainfall and sunny temperatures which offer the best cycling experiences.

During this time the grass is short and animals congregate around water sources making them easy to spot.

Price of biking in Hell’s gate national park 2022.

This depends on whether your citizen or not. Here is the fee schedule.

Visitor Bio Park Entry Fees
Citizen-Adult Ksh.300
Citizen Child/Student Ksh.215
Resident-Adult Ksh.600
Resident-Child/Student Ksh.300
Non Resident-Adult USD 26
Non Resident-Child/Student USD 17

Students must be able to produce a valid student Id and below the age of 23.

In addition to that, hiring a bicycle by the Elsa Gate costs you Ksh. 500.In the event you bring a bicycle from outside, fee 215 Ksh is charged. It is also important to note that the fees can be made through the bank transfer, mpesa or card. Cash is not allowed.

Biking in Hell's Gate National park 2022
Biking in Hell’s Gate National park 2022

Maximum time to bike in Hell’s gate national park.

The park opens daily at 6:00 am and closes by 7:00 pm during which you can cycle to heart’s content. Hence a maximum of 13 hours is allowed daily for one to cycle through.

Should you decide to take on camping and biking within the park, then you would be allowed to stay with the bike through the night.

Age restrictions of biking in Hell’s gate national park.

There are no age restrictions for one to cycle in to the park. However, going by the size of the bicycles that are available for hire at the Elso Gate (mostly between 17 and 22 inches) I wound say that kids from 15 can cycle into the park at ease.

Solo cycling or group in Hell’s gate national park.

While solo cycling is definite option that you get a tour guide would suggest it is better to go cycling with agroup. You will need to pay extra to get a tour guide though (This is usually negotiated with the individual guide).

The guide will charge you the same whether you are in a group or travelling Solo. In addition, being in a group might be more enjoyable (in my opinion).

List of materials or requirements that are used during the process of biking in Hell’s gate national park.



Tire levers.

Spare tube.

Pump or carbondioxide.

Multi Tool.

Seat bag.




Hell’s gate national park is a great haven for peace, unique and tranquility where you would get to see and even interact with the animal outside the confines of a closed window vehicle. Getting to travel the park whipped a bicycle would offer a once in a life time opportunity to explore the beauty and watch wildlife. Hell’s gate national park is generally safe to cycle in all year around as animals of prey are hard to come by, the road used on the cycling path is rough almost all year hence no worry about cycle tracks.

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