Boni National Reserve is a national reserve for conservation and lies in the Garissa County, Kenya. The reserve covers an area of 1,339 km2 (517 sq. mi) it was gazetted in 1976 as a dry season sanctuary for elephants in the former Kenyan Ijara and Lamu districts and Somalia. Unfortunately, elephant population has been greatly reduced by poaching, now the reserve is managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service.

Boni National Reserve is renowned for its large herds of elephants and other animals not forgetting bird species, the reserve derives its name from the Boni tribe surrounding the area. Some of the trees in the reserve are very rare such as Excoecaria bussei, croton megalocarpoides, humallium abdesseamadii and many more, the reserve is characterized by lowland forests, marshy glades and ground forests eco system thus making the reserve to be unique.

Attractions in Boni National Reserve.


The Reserve has confirmed the kind of wildlife species in the reserve like the aarward, buffalo, bush-pig, bush buck, caracal, cheetah, common duiker, gerenuk, Grant’s gazelle, hippo, honey badger, black-backed jackal, Kirk’s dik-dik, leopard, lesser kudu, lion, oribi, porcupine, red duiker, spotted hyena, squirrel, topi, vervet monkeys and among more in the reserve.

Boni National Reserve
Boni National Reserve

Bird species.

The reserve is endowed with various bird species that are over 150 that are both migratory, residential birds, some of the species found in the reserve includes the Violet breasted sunbird, African fish eagle, sanderling, honey Buzzard, brown headed kingfisher, Carmine bee eater, African darter, hammerkops, sokoke pipit, Chestnut fronted and among others to thrill while on Kenya Wildlife Safaris .

Activities done at Boni National Reserve.

Game viewing.

The Boni National Reserve has got various animal species like the elephants, buffalos, duiker, African wild dog, water buck, honey badger, hippos, bush pig, lesser kudu, warthogs, wild dog, grants gazelles, spotted hyena, and vervet monkey and among others. Guests can go closer to those animal species during the activity of the game viewing in their open roof vehicles.

Bird watching.

The reserve has got over 150 bird species both the migratory and residential birds that is African fish eagle, honey buzzard, brown headed kingfisher, Carmine bee eater, African darter, Sokoke pipit, Fischer’s turaco, Hartlaubs bustard and among others, the guests can enjoy the many bird species in the reserve and describing and identifying many of them.

Boni National Reserve

Nature walks.

The guests can take the nature walks around the reserve by crossing many features in the reserve like the forests, grass species. The tourists also can get chances to identify animal species like the elephants, hyenas, as well as the bird species in the reserve during their walk.

Cultural experience.

Here the tourists during their visit in the reserve can get the chances to interact with the locals within and outside the reserve by exchanging many styles of their living like their economy, the local people have got their craft shops where you can buy gifts such as beads, hats and among others for remembrance.

Best time to visit Boni National Reserve.

As the reserve has a hot and arid climate, it is suitable to be visited at any time of the year for various activities like the game viewing, nature walks compared to rainy season that disrupts the roads through making them impassable.

Where to stay in Boni National Reserve.

There are  accommodations near the Reserve like the Y and J Golf, Bania Kreek Farms, Lee Boutique Hotel, Tagaytay Wingate manor and among others, here the guests can accommodate in those areas which comfortable with the suitable environment.

How to get to Boni National Reserve.

The Reserve can be accessed by the road means from the city Nairobi to the reserve.

By Road Transport.

The Reserve can be accessed by road through Garissa which is 7 hours from the reserve, Garissa town is 12 hours 27 minutes from Nairobi.

Boni National Reserve is the amazing national reserve, for its renowned large herds of elephants and other animals as well as bird species the reserve derives its name from the Boni tribe surrounding the area.

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