Deep Sea Fishing Safari at Diani : Diani has the most amazing deep sea fishing safari with the most deep-sea fishing service providers whose expertise and love for the sea has seen them attract tourists on a safari and all over everyone come across the globe.

Deep sea fishing also referred to as the offshore fishing require the navigational charts, fishing gear. Deep sea fishing is done far away from the shore in waters that are at least 100 feet deep, if you can be able to set sail and enjoy a day out on the Indian Ocean while pushing your fishing skills beyond your previous limit. If a tourists is looking for a way to experience a new fishing environment in the Naples, Florida then the tourists is recommended to do Deep sea fishing at Diani Beach in Kenya.

Deep Sea Fishing Safari at Diani
Deep Sea Fishing Safari at Diani

Deep sea fishing safari is efficient and loved by the most of the tourists, deep sea fishing is relatively done for adventure and it is safe compared to the commercial fishing which in some cases goes as deep as 2000 meters with extremely very heavy trawls that are pulled across the seabed that unfortunately has the environmental impacts. Deep sea fishing safari helps the tourists to get availability of the fish species on their safari like the Tuna, Sharks, Swordfish or the Marlin and many others, these species are so special and have  different characteristics that one should not miss like the species do weigh and at times could weigh more or less like a teenager.

Fish types that are caught by deep sea fishing.

Deep sea fishing will give you far away from the common shallow-water fish the tourists can catch from the pier, as also you get a chance to come across various types of the big game fish that live in the Naples, Florida that  includes the sailfish, sharks, Tuna, Marlin (blue), Wahoo and among others.

How to prepare for a deep sea fishing excursion.

Before anything it’s good to be in the know regarding the laws of Kenya wildlife service.

Get company, that is besides the service provider who is a must have to ensure that you are going with a team of other people, this is not only cost wise but also good in case of the emergencies.

Purchase your fishing gear, floaters and any other safety like the Nitrox tanks in case you need to dive in.

Ensure your fishing gear is functional.

Carry drinking water if you’re going to be aware from the fresh water for a while.]

Carry the sunscreen because being on a boat in the deep waters does not shield you from the sun rays.

Arrange your safari with nature, ensure the weather is too conducive, that is the sea tides and most importantly book with a local service provider who is aware of the best sites for the deep sea fishing which in most cases are near reefs, ships wrecks and many.

Benefits of the Deep sea fishing.

Deep sea fishing is mostly referred as a relaxing recreational activity as it requires a great deal of practice that is skills and the physical strength because during the deep sea fishing Kenya safari there are some of the big game fish that can weigh a few hundred pounds as here you are expected to push it to your best I mean here the emotional, mental and physical benefits are always provided in order to achieve your Kenya safari.

Though deep sea fishing is not yet all about the serious strategy and skill, so the fishers are often practicing the friendly fishing competitions where the winner of the biggest fish takes the jackpot as this gives you the best life memories  and experience from various participants and if you’re lucky next time can be your chance.

Deep Sea Fishing Safari at Diani
Deep Sea Fishing Safari at Diani

Both the beginners and the experienced fishers will revel in the opportunity to embark on this kind of the challenging adventure safari in the environment, the deeper the waters the environmental conditions and the strong fish adds an excitement and unpredictable nature to the trip.

Best time for deep sea fishing at Diani.

Deep sea fishing at Diani Beach is a fun activity to do, however the availability of the fish depends on the season, then the temperatures and the bait available, the best months of the year to do the deep-fishing at Diani Beach is between September to April.

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