Diani Beach Safaris  : Diani Beach is the most gorgeous, luxurious and attractive beach in Kenya, which is the best beach safari destination in the whole world, comprised of the stunning white-sand beaches and variety of the clear water for various safari activites including surfying, diving, snorkeling and among others.

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Diani beach is the best safari destination for relaxing while sipping on the most attractive and well falvoured cocktails that are served by the most caring staff under the most cool environment under the beautiful images of the sun, Diani Beach Safaris .

Attractive cocktails at Diani Beach.


Margarita is a classy cocktail that can be enjoyed at Diani Beach by the both international and the local tourists on the beach, this is usually served with ice, also containing tequila, triple sec (Cointreau), lime juice, sugar, imagine sipping this cocktail under the sun at Diani Beach and this will make you keep from being dehydrated at the beach, Diani Beach Safaris .

Snickertini Martini.

Snickertini Martini is such attractive cocktail that the tourists enjoy at Diani Beach on a beach safari holiday if you have never had or tasted the snickertini Martini then prepare your beach safari to Diani and grab yourself a glass of the cocktail which will run your safari smoothly, the snickertini Martini is well flavoured and prepared with the amaretto, caramel vodka, Amarula, cacao liqueur, Cream this is the most ultimate cocktail at Diani Beach.

Pina Colada.

Pina Colada is an alcoholic cocktail drink at Diani Beach, the beach safari at Diani can not be complete minus tasting this magical Pina Colada which is the world’s loved drink because its prepared using the very tasty sweet and nice beverages of the rum, coconut milk, pineapple juice, blended ice, and among others according to your choice to add on that the Pina Colada can be served while decorated or garnished with  a slice of pineapple or any other fruit.

S3x on the beach.

This is the perfect cocktail that the travelers should sip together, Sex on the beach is favourite with the beachgoers, this peach schnapps, vodka, orange or at times the pineapple juice can be used, this is the perfect cocktail that is taken at Diani beach while rolling yourself in evry corner.

Strawberry daiquiri.

Strawberry daiquiri is the favourite to alsmost everyone I mean to those who love fresh and enersising, this is usually serviced when it is frozen or non-frozen depending on the type of the strawberries that were used, and lime juice, white rum, ice, sugar, also they can serve it with the strawberry daiquiris  that contains the ice cream which acts dessert to support a drnk.

Miami Vice.

Miami Vice can be combined with the pina colada and a straw berry daiquiri though the drink is made by combing those two separate drinks to make a delicious beverage and its perfect for the poolside sipping, then if these are your best choice then Miami Vice is the best choice that you take at Diani Beach while enjoying rhe nature of the waters at Daini Beach are moving, Diani Beach Safaris .

Dawa Cocktail.

Dawa which also mean medicine is popular served at Diani Beach, this basically when its hot during the sunning days and it is made from the lime, honey or sugar, ice, vodka, the Dawa cocktail gives you a vibe at Diani Beach during a safari beach and it will take away your stresses and relaxes you, not obly that the Dawa cocktail is usually made even to heal or help in nthe curing the cold.

Diani Beach Safaris
Dawa Cocktail.

White chocolate Martini.

White chocolate Martini can be served to you at Diani Beach, this is attractive and can be enjoyed by every tourist, being served with the chocolate fixed and served in the adition of the alchohol it makes it the most blisfful one never miss out the white chocolate Martini at Diani Baech. This is usually made with vanilla vodka, white chocolate liqueur infact this its like having your dessert and drinking it too, this is where the White chocolate Martini brings Martini to life it’s the perfect drink for the holidays,


Mojito is the best for the relaxion, happiness because it contains the rum, lime, mint, sugar and soda water, and its simple yet exotic drink that will tantalise and refresh your taste buds. Mojito does not have girly drink status infact its more adventurous than the standard of other options and freely for everyone to take.

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