Horseback Riding in Aberdare National Park 2022 : Aberdare national park is one of the scenic national parks in Kenya situated in the central region of the country, the park is part of the Aberdare mountain ranges covering an area of 767 square kilometers which are dominated by moorland, bamboo forests and rain forests running from high altitudes to lower slopes of the park. Aberdare national park lies in the altitude range of 7000 ft. to 14000 ft., above the sea level, the park is situated in a distance of 180 kilometers from Nairobi which is a prominent tourist city in Kenya. The Aberdare national park was established in 1950 in Nyeri.

Aberdare national park is one of the unique destinations a traveler on Kenya Wildlife Safari must visit. Aberdare national park hosts all the Big Five animals (elephants, lions, buffalos, leopards and rhinos) the park habours Kenya’s second –largest population of endangered black rhinos. Also more commonly seen animals include hyenas, bushbucks, defassa waterbucks, reedbucks, olive baboons, white and black colobus monkeys and sykes monkeys and among others. The park also has species of birds which are more than 250 species which can be spotted on a Kenya birding safari in the park.

Horseback riding in Aberdare national park 2022.

Horseback riding in Aberdare national park is one of the breath taking ways of touring the park offering tourists a chance to come closer to the wildlife in the park, horseback riding is managed and operated by Aberdare country club. It’s done at the foothills of Aberdare ranges in the national park and offers an opportunity for adventuring in the wild on horseback with beautiful sights of the attractions and wildlife species.

This sounds as impressive experience done on beautiful land scape teeming with variety of animals, Horseback riding can be carried out by the guide to savannah grass land and end up with perfect adventure most especially to nature lovers one is enjoys and relaxes through horseback riding activity through on the trained and experienced horses, it is not only a ride but also a closer view of the wild animals and scenic nature. Considered more of a year-round safari destination than some of the other parks, Aberdare national park is a mountainous and can experience mist and rain throughout the year, and the drier months suitable for horseback riding arounds the park includes January and February and from June to September are usually the best time to visit and to carry out horseback riding with the most rewarding game viewing.

Horseback Riding in Aberdare National Park 2022
Horseback Riding in Aberdare National Park 2022

Horse back riding in Kenya while on Kenya Safaris is apoppular support. The experience is riding a horse in the enchanting plains of the Great Rift Valley Aberdare national park, Maasai Mara, Laikipia and Amboseli.

Best time for horseback riding in Aberdare national park 2022.

The best time for horseback riding is usually during the dry periods in the year that is during that period of time the horses clearly move through the park, it is easy for them to move without out disturbances of water during their movement compared to rainy seasons. So the drier months of the year in Aberdare national park are January and February and from June to September are usually the best times to visit and the same time to view various animals while doing the horseback riding.

Requirements needed during Horseback riding 2022

These are the tools or requirements that are used during the horseback riding, for the proper safety and protection of yourself during ride, the following are the requirements that are used;

Riding pants.

Paddock or tall boots.



Safety vest.


Lead rope.


Horseback riding charges in Aberdare national park.

Activity Charges
Kenya Wildlife Service riding minus the rider Approximately Ksh.2,585
Private horses Approximately Ksh.1030

Where to stay In Abedare national park in Kenya.

There are number of accommodation facilities where you can stay during your safari in Aberdare national park, the accommodations range from luxury ,budget, midrange and campsites including the Outspan Hotel, The Ark lodge, Aberdare country club, Rhino hotel, Castle forest lodge ,maxoil hotel, Serena mountain lodge, Reedbuck public campsite, Bongo campsite, and many others.

How to get to get to Aberdare National Park.

Aberdare national park can be approached through two means of transportation that is air and road means of transport.

  1. By Road transport.

Aberdare National Park is only 99 miles (160km) from Nairobi. On the eastern gate side, there is a smooth tarmac road from Naro Moru and Nyeri towns. However, the best route runs from the towns of Naivasha and Nyahururu then to Aberdare national park. The drive from Nairobi takes about two and a half hours to three hours.

Horseback Riding in Aberdare National Park 2022
Horseback Riding in Aberdare National Park 2022
  1. By Air transport.

There are two airstrips for the charter crafts at Mweiga and Nanyuki, next to the Aberdare national park Kenya. Charter flights between parks are usually booked by tour operators as part of the tour package. From Nairobi to the Aberdare leave from Wilson Airport 6km/4mi south of the city. Scheduled flights to Nanyuki can be booked with the following domestic carriers;

Air Kenya.

Safari link.

Not only the Horseback riding, Aberdera national park has got other various activities which gives time to tourists or visitors to be impressed and to have a great time in the park, and other activities includes game viewing, bird watching, trout fishing, hiking which are also within inside the park. And other attractions which includes bird species, wildlife species, Karuru waterfalls, Aberdere ranges these all found in Aberdare national park Kenya.

Aderebera national park has a difficult terrain compared to other national parks and it has fertile volcanic soils that have favored the growth of the forests compared to other national parks and also the neighborhoods benefit from the park because of volcanic soils in the park for the crop growth and also the park acts as a habitat for the wildlife species.

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