Malaria Free Destinations in Kenya : Malaria free destinations these are known as the free safari tourism destinations in Kenya, where the tourists can be having no or very little  chances of being affected by the malaria that is caused by the mosquitoes, for any vital wildlife Kenya Safari it needs when it is free from any disturbances including malaria which is too harmful to the tourists, before anything its always important for a tourist to first be sure about the safari destinations in Kenya that are free from the malaria hence making the safari of the tourists the most effective one without any disruption.

Malaria free safari destinations includes the entire coast and most safari destinations, among them there is Maasai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo National Parks, Samburu-Buffalo springs, Lake Nakuru National Park, Meru National Park, that is these national parks have rare number of mosquitoes because the mosquitos do not live at these elevations and although malaria is sparse in this region, also it does exist and there it is strongly advised that you speak with your physician about taking prophylaxis before travelling, and among others as these are very perfect and the tourists can never get any challenge of the mosquitos during their safari from these area, thought the exceptions are parts of the Laikipia plateau due to the much of which sits at a too high altitude for the malaria parasites which makes them to easily spread widely and infect the tourists and the tree hotels of the Aberdares and Mount Kenya.

In Kenya the risk of getting malaria in the highlands Nairobi is neglicable, though at times the malaria can be contributed and spread by the infected mosquitoes that come along on the buses from a lower-lying safari destination and a slightly rich would still exist. Though the travelers are still remainded to take the possible precautions before travelling and check with your local healthcare provider what prophylactics are best suited for Kenya.

Though there can be higher chances of the malaria spread in Kenya during a safari therefore among the things that you should take when going for a safari includes the antimalarial are highly recommended to come along with, also using the mosquito repellent containing DEET and covering up at dusk is also advisable to minimize the risk of being infected and beaten by the mosquitoes.

Malaria Free Destinations in Kenya
Malaria Free Destinations in Kenya

How to prevent malaria on a safari to Kenya.

Tourists are always encouraged to take some of the measures in order to prevent themselves safe from the spread of the malaria, while on a Kenya safari, though no one is effective in preventing the spread of the malaria, but combining all the control measures helps the tourists to prevent them from the risks of the malaria spread. The most effective way of avoiding malaria is to avoid being bitten by the mosquitoes, this is done majorly when you are coming on a Kenya safari because you will be spending most of your times outdoors carrying out different safari activities like game driving, bird watching, nature walks and hiking and many others, so possible measures are always given to you in order to prevent the spread of malaria on a Kenya safari.

Covering up between dusk and dawn when the mozzies bite, and therefore you are recommended to be sure to pack the long sleeves and the long pants that are preferably light colored as these helps you from the easy spread of malaria because you will be free from their bitings while in the long sleeved clothing.

Sleeping under the mosquito net also helps you to become free from the spread of malaria that is caused by the mosquitoes.

Using the insect repellants also helps the tourists on a Kenya safari from being affected by the mosquitoes that both to yourself and in your accommodation.

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