Serval Wildlife In Tanzania : Serval wildlife is a luxury ecotourism lodge where the travelers experience the haven numbers of the wildlife through interacting with them. Serval wildlife is located in Siha district of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. On a Tanzania safari the tourists experience the curated ecosystem with over 3000 hand planted endemic flora where the animal species that reside at Serval Wildlife benefit from. Serval wildlife offers the tourists with the spectacular views of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro which offers the tourists the incredible safari moments.

At Serval wildlife it’s a wildlife haven with the various animal species including the Oafish ostriches, lions, calm colobus monkeys, Calm colobus monkeys, Graceful Maasai Giraffes, Mischievous Blue Vervet monkeys, nocturnal Bat-eared foxes and among others that offers the visitors with the amazing views everywhere around the lodge that perfects their stay with nature. All these offers the unforgettable direct interactions with a variety of free-roaming wild animals.

At Serval wildlife is the right destination where the nature lovers should stay on their Tanzania safari, because that’s where the tourists get to interact with the wildlife where the interactions are carefully monitored with the well experienced keepers that keeps the safety of the visitors, the interactions are such amazing where the interactions begin from day to day as the animals interact with the humans at their own as the guests can be waiting for their approach where the animals get to interact and finally they will leave an interaction by leaving the area on their own. At the serval wildlife the guests are educated about the animal husbandry, ecosystems, threats that Tanzanian wildlife faces and among others. Guests who are looking for the thrilling, exclusive and unparalled experience then serval wildlife is the amazing and your best place to explore with the endless views.

Serval wildlife is a newly established lodge that works hand in hand with the wildlife vets, conservationists, and among other related authorities that provides its best for the life of the animal species that cannot be rehabilitated in to the wild due to various reasons. At Serval wildlife lodge the animals have a healthy mental state as their basic needs are met and significantly exceeded as such, the animal species at serval wildlife exhibit more situation-related behaviors than the survival critical behaviors. The animal species within the captivity lack the wild skills required for them to thrive in the wild such as being able to find their own food, interact with their fellow wild conspecifics and awareness of their surroundings.

Serval Wildlife In Tanzania
Serval Wildlife In Tanzania

Accommodation at Several Wildlife.

On a safari to Tanzania if you choose to stay at Several wildlife, there are various luxury villas like the zebra villa, giraffe villa, lioness’s villa, cheetah’s villa (Chalet style), as each villa is for 2 adults and 2 kids that includes a king-sized bed, a dining area, full bathroom with the double sinks, dressing area, with the outdoor porch area. The accommodation offers the tourists with the only full board inclusive, WIFI free mini bar free, as well the place is fully solar powered facility so there is no use of the hair dryers and among others. The price is 950 USD per night with full board, free WIFI, free minibar, all the rooms are all air-conditioned and runs on 100 percentage solar energy.

Amenities at Several wildlife.

Travelers who come to stay at Several wildlife are provided with the various amenities to the guests that includes the An outdoor parch area where you will have an outdoor porch area to enjoy the beautiful views, 3 daily meals that can be served along with mini bar, 1 king sized bed where you will have a king size bed along with the dining area and dressing area, A mazing views where the guests can enjoy the beautiful views front of the bush with Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro, 100 percent solar where all the villas are on 100 % solar mode, attached baths that are all full equipped bathrooms.

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