Shetani Lava flow is indicated in Tsavo West National Park, as this is the key element to why most of the tourists explore the park on a safari to Kenya. Tsavo National park is the biggest national park is Kenya that covers about 22,812 square kilometers, and the park was splitted into two different parks that is Tsavo East national park and Tsavo West national park which can be witnessed on a Kenya safari. Shetani lava flow is the amazing place in Kenya where you can sight the magma that was forced onto the earth’s surface is seen.

Tsavo West national park is the destination known for the Shetani lava flow. The park is smaller than Tsavo West national park with 9065 square kilometers compared to Tsavo East national park.The park has other attractions like the man-eaters, springs, and wildlife and among others, with the presence of the acacia woodlands, scrublands and others. The park is known to be rocky.

 Tsavo East national park is the largest national park compared with Tsavo West national park, with 13747 square kilometers, Tsavo East national park is rich in the great wilderness experience, with the presence of the inhabits  like the open savannah grassland, acacia forests, riverine vegetation and among others which sustains the lives of the diverse wildlife in the park.

Shetani Lava flow in Tsavo West National Park.

Shetani lava flow is located on the 4km west of Chyulu gate of Tsavo West national park, while on your way getting to Amboseli as these are the most breathtaking Tsavo West national park that means the ‘’devil’’ in Kiswahili, as here these flows were formed during the hundreds of years of long time ago when the people believed that the devil himself is emerging in the earth. It reached the chyulu hills in the savannah while looking like the strangely feature of the blanket in the place.

Shetani lava flows are said to have been formed about the 500 years ago as this resulted when the locals spotted the fire while erupting and over flowing on the ground and this is where they believed that it was the real devil himself coming to the earth. And that’s why the name of the lava came to and called by the local people. There is no hope of saying that the Shetani lava will again erupt since the last eruption happened the 200 years ago. On a safari in Tsavo west national park the tourists enjoy spotting the most gorgeous as there are a variety of the wildlife that stays around this area so you are as well remained that some predators like the big cats are likely to be spotted from the area.

Shetani Lava flow
Shetani Lava flow

They are so attractive with the presence of the shetani caves nearby and of which they should be explored on a safari too, here you need the presence of the flashlight when you want to explore properly and you are advised to carefully watch your footing on the known razor-sharp rocks and also stay very observant for the local fauna, as said that the caves are sometimes inhabited by the dangerous animal species like the hyenas. So taking care here it’s the best priority.

Not only visiting there is the only safari activity done in Tsavo West national park, as well during a Kenya safari to Shetani lava flow the tourists can explore and participate in other safari activities like walking safaris, Shetani caves and volcanic cones, hiking safari and among others which makes your safari the most incredible one.

Best time to explore the Shetani lava flow in Tsavo west national park.

Shetani lava flow is the most attractive where the tourists can explore the lava at any time they feel like, when a tourist gets to encounter the Shetani lava flow gets the best safari memories in Kenya. So all the time is the best time to visit Shetani lava flow.

Shetani Lava flow
Shetani Lava flow

Kenya safari becomes the most special one if you consider Tsavo national park as your right destination in order to sight the Shetani lava flows, where you will be fascinated with the scenic views if you plan and make your safari to Kenya with focuseastafricatours you will not be disappointed.

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