The Largest Desert in Kenya : Nyiri desert also known as the Nyika, Taru desert is the largest desert that is located in the south-central Kenya, the desert do contain some of the Amboseli national park with the northern half of Lake Amboseli. Nyiri desert is the largest and biggest desert in Kenya which attracts a variety of the tourists to the desert safari with its several parts having dense but enormously diverse growth  of the small trees of which some are poisonous and much are thorny, with the water shortage minus the widely spaced riverbeds and the large springs.

The Nyiri desert is a desert basically found in the southern Kenya, located east of Lake Magadi and between Amboseli, Tsavo West and Nairobi National Park, and a high proportion is Kajiado County’s land area is covered by the Nyiri Desert, its aridity is caused by the presence of the rain shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The Largest Desert in Kenya
Nyiri desert

Nyiri desert is a safari destination, especially to the nature lovers, when it gets to the rainy season the Nyiri desert can be having the beautiful trees that are having the green leaves and the beautiful flowers, and suring the dry season the desert can be bare and entangled by the hornlike fronds of the spiky euphorbia and the grayish-green creepers, Nyiri desert is such a unique Kenya safari destination with the most unique tree species like the baobab trees that are largely and sparsely found in Nyiri, of which some are as old as two hundred years, and of which their gray trunks often are as much as 3 meters wide. These are great safari attractions found in the Nyiri desert.

On a safari to the Nyiri desert the tourists can have the chances to spot the exposed loose gravels consisting predominantly of the pebbles, exposed bedrock outcrops, the desert soils, and the rocky hills superimpose older rocks and the mark the plain. Nyiri desert explores the tourists the best from it that is being the most inhabitant of the wildlife in the desert like the giraffe, rhinoceros, lion, impala, lesser kudu, elephant and many more without forgetting the various bird species, Nyiri desert favors the bird species because in the desert the birds do inhabit in the various trees species that are found in Nyiri desert.

Nyiri desert is such responsible for the a significant portion of land in Kenya, being in the region with the characterized warm to scorching temperatures and the cooler nights, the Nyiri desert receive low amounts of rainfall, the desert in characterized by being in the remote sparsely populated area, completely wild and having few plants and animals which are well adapted by the dry soils and the ever present wind.

While exploring the Nyiri desert the tourists on the safari do enjoy the camel ride that is being on the back of a camel is such quiet and impressive, which is the best way to enjoy the desert and to know how to ancient civilizations and also the modern desert people transport which is the most gorgeous safari experience to everyone in Nyiri desert.

As well the tourists do enjoy the picturesque sceneries and the tranquil oases that is offered by the Nyiri desert, on your safari to the Nyiri desert the tourists do enjoy the most perfect and awesome drive desert safari from the land cruiser, this is done perfectly because the vehicles are always very supportive for the sand dunes racing and surfing in the Nyiri desert.

The Largest Desert in Kenya
Nyiri desert

Nyiri desert is the largest and the biggest desert Kenya wildlife Safari that attracts a variety of tourists who come on their safari to Kenya, Nyiri desert safari gives the visitors the great opportunity to interact with the local communities on their safari, and it is the best and the strong way of exploring the people’s culture and to know their traditions and the life style.

Best time to visit the Nyiri desert.

The best time to visit Nyiri desert is during the dry seasons, from July to October and again from January to February, as that’s the period when the animals gather around the few remaining water sources in the Nyiri desert and the dry terrain is much more conducive to game drives and the safari walks in the Nyiri desert.

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