Top things to do in Mombasa’s old town

Top things to do in Mombasa’s old town : Mombasa Old Town is a 72 hectares area situated on the south-east side of Mombasa Island adjacent to Tudor Creek, Mombasa’s Old town is part of Mombasa and it is a very fascinating town to visit while on a Mombasa safari. This town is a historical town inhabited by a mix of local people, Arabs, Asians, Portuguese and British settlers and consists of many architecturally impressive buildings influenced by Mombasa trade culture with most of reflecting Portuguese and Islamic architecture. 

Top things to do in Mombasa’s old town

Mombasa Old Town is an entertaining destination to visit safaris wise offering many activities, top things to do in Mombasa’s Old Town while on a visit are as follows

Visit fort Jesus

Fort Jesus is the most popular and visited attraction in the Old Town, Fort Jesus is a UNESCO World Heritage site constructed by the Portuguese under the orders of King Philip 1 of Portugal from 1953 – 1596 and designed by an Italian architect Cairati.

Fort Jesus
Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus is has a unique architectural form built in a shape of a man and a fine display of the 16th century Portuguese military architecture, Fort Jesus exhibits a wide collection of ceramic and pottery reflecting various cultures of people who once engaged in trade at the coast (Arabs, Persians, Portuguese and the British). Other exhibits to see on the visit on Fort Jesus are battlements in the compound of the fort and an Omani house exhibiting Omani jewelry and pieces of the Swahili people. 

Visit Mombasa Butterfly house 

Mombasa Butterfly house is a live butterfly exhibit located in premises of Fort Jesus next to Swahili Research Centre, Mombasa Butterfly house is the best live butterfly exhibit in Africa showcasing a paradise of tropical butterflies offering an experience of natural environment and opportunity to learn about biodiversity.

Mombasa Butterfly house is a world class eco-tourism facility featuring manicured lawn and beautiful garden ideal for quiet picnic gateways.

Mombasa Butterfly house is an ideal environment for events such as exhibitions, picnic sites, reception, photo/film shooting, research and lectures on biodiversity and environment conservation.

Take a walk in the town 

Mombasa’s Old Town is a very rewarding destination for a walk while on a Kenya safari in Mombasa, Mombasa’s Old Town is a very historic town comprised of Portuguese history who were once the rulers of this town. Up to now this city comprises of impressive structures with architectural style reflecting various cultures of the people who once lived in this town such as the Arabs, British and Portuguese, these structures have curved door and balconies. Among the residents living in this there people Asian, Arab and European origin, while walking in this town you will encounter many scenic streets, antique shops where you get to buy antiques, souvenirs, spices and fragrance oils. There are many cafes and restaurants offering local dishes.

Mombasa Town
Mombasa Town

Enjoy Kenyan coffee or tea 

Kenya is worldly known for producing some of the best Arabic coffee, a visit to Kenya particularly Mombasa’s Old Town can never be complete and memorable without getting a taste of Kenyan coffee or tea. Old town has a variety of coffee shops such as Jahazi Coffee House serving great coffee and tea.   

Sightseeing and take memorable pictures at elephant tusks 

Elephant tusks are a very remarkable feature in Mombasa and a feature no to miss while on a Kenya visit in Mombasa, Elephant tusks are a pair of giant aluminum tusks crossing the dual carriage way to form letter M for Mombasa and mark the entrance to the heart of city. Mombasa Elephant Tusks were built in 1952 and were commemorated by the Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Kenya, these tusks are nicknamed “Pembe Za Ndovu” by the locals which means elephant ivory in Swahili and they have a resemblance to elephant ivory. 

Mombasa’s elephant ivory are situated just outside the Old Town and while on a visit to Mombasa city and Mombasa’s Old Town, the tusks are great for taking memorable pictures. 

Visit Hindu temple centre

Hindu temple centre is one of the cultural centers found in Mombasa’s Old Town, this centre is a remarkable religious site for Hindu believers and religious travellers. Hindu temple in Mombasa’s Old Town showcases the history of Mombasa which helps travellers learn more about the past of Mombasa, other amazing items displayed in this temple include fascinating portraits of Hindu gods, stone carvings on the walls, paintings, pictures and many artifacts of religious importance to Hinduism. 

While visiting Hindu temple centre offers in insight in the past of Mombasa, Hindu religion and travellers get an opportunity to engage worshipers in reciting Hindu prayers, songs and many other activities related to Hindu religion. 

Go for a drink 

Mombasa’s Old Town is a very vibrant city full of life, this city is a perfect stop over while on a Kenya safari for travellers who are the life of party. This old town comprises of many bars, clubs best for relaxing in the evening after a hectic day of touring such as Avanti, Bella Vista and many more. In these sports traveler get to enjoy a cold drink such as a beer or other drinks, sandwich and dance the night away on a night club. For sports lovers, Bella Vista is your perfect sports bar to visit as travellers enjoy drinks and sports matches on a wide screen Television.

Top things to do in Mombasa’s old town
Top things to do in Mombasa’s old town


Mombasa’s Old town is a very rewarding site for shopping sprees for unique artifacts and souvenirs, this town comprises of similar looking streets and several Swahili architectural buildings transformed in shops and artisan stores selling attics, souvenirs and artifacts. 

Shopping is a very relaxing and thrilling experience to take part in while in the Stone city of Mombasa, items purchased in Old town of Mombasa include silver jewelry, perfumes, beaded sandals, small furniture, cute little trinkets and many other items to take home as souvenirs and gifts at a reasonable prices. Because of the similar looking streets, getting around the town might become difficult which is a reason to why you need a tour guided familiar with the town while on your visit to the stone town.

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