Water falls in aberdare national park : Aberdare national park is a protected area in the aberdare mountain range in central Kenya located east of the east African rift valley. It covers the higher areas and aberdare salient to the east. Aberdare national park is covered on the area 767km2 (296 sqmi) it was established in 1950 and it’s governed by the Kenya wildlife service. the  Aberdares  is  an isolated volcanic range that forms the eastern wall of the rift valley, running about 100km north south between Nairobi and Thompson falls. This beautify scenic region is much cooler than savannas and offers a completely different perspective on the country. The national park lies mainly above the tree line. The scenery is specular with its mountainous terrain covered in thick tropical forests swathed in mist.

Aberdare national park is a home of variety of animal species, the park is one of the unique destinations a traveler on a Kenya wildlife safari must visit. Aberdare national park hosts of the big five animals (elephants, leopards, lions, buffalos and rhinos) .the park harbors Kenya’s second-largest population of endangered black rhinos.

The waterfalls in aberdare national park in Kenya.

The following are waterfalls in aberdare national park and they as follows;

Karuru waterfall, chain waterfall, Kereita cave and waterfall, Thomson’s falls, Gura waterfalls, Magura waterfalls and queen’s cave, chasing waterfalls.

  1. Karuru waterfall in aberdare national park in Kenya.

karuru falls in the aberdare national park is a place of many- unique wonders of mature, the waterfall is the highest and tallest in Kenya-a break taking sight that plunges 273 meters below the viewing point. The falls in Nyandarua County is surrounded by the tall green indigenous trees, making it one of the unique in the county.  It is located in the central moorlands, which in itself attracts a good number of visitors to the aberdares as it is home to unique wildlife and vegetation, offering a double treat.

Water falls in aberdare national park
Karuru waterfall in aberdare national park in Kenya

for instance, the aberdare mountain range is home to 52 of Kenya’s 67 highland species of birds, some of these birds can be seen and found at the karuru fall, some bird species are shaepe’s long claw, aberdare cisticola, abbott’s starling, Jackson’s widowbird, African green ibis, and aye’s hawk-eagle and among others.

For mountain climbers, the fall is surrounded by several peaks, among the most popular being;

Ol donyo lesatima (4,001 m)

Kinangop (3,906m)

Elephant hill (3,906m)

Chebuswa hill (3,364m) and Twin’s hill (3300 ml) these hills and peaks are popular with mountain climbers and provide a wonderful opportunity for those who crave some solitude said Mount Kenya tourism circuit chief executive officer Simon  wachira said that the karuru falls was recognized as the tallest in Kenya, the number of visitors has increased sharply.

How to get to karuru waterfalls in aberdare national park.

Visitors can either use air or road means.

By the road, driving from Kenya will take about three hours to cover the 172- km stretch.

By the air, air travelers can land inside the Aberderes national park, which has an airstrip near the queen’s cave picnic site.

In addition to the magnificent, visitors can also watch wildlife like; elephants, hyenas, giraffes, antelopes, waterbucks, monkeys and numerous other species.

Karuru falls entry fees.

Normally Kenya wildlife service (kws) conservation fees apply for entry into the aberdares national park.

  adult kid/child
citizen ksh 250 ksh 200
resident ksh 250 ksh 200
non- resident USD 30 USD 20

  1. Thomson’s waterfall/Nyahururu in aberdare national park.

 Thomson falls and nyahururu was the name of both the neighboring   town as well as the waterfall. Thomson falls resides in the town of nyahururu in Laikipia county of Kenya. It is administered by the laikipia county government. Thomson’s water falls were discovered by joseph Thomson who was the first to reach the falls in 1883 and named them after his father. Joseph was a Scottish geologist and naturalist who was also the first European to walk from Mombasa to Lake Victoria in the early 1880’s.

Thomson’s falls is a 74 metres (243 ft.) waterfall on the Ewaso ng’iro river in the central rift valley Kenya, few kilometers from Lake Ol bolossat, which drains from the aberdare range, it is situated 3 kilometers (2mi) from the town of nyahururu at 2,360 meters (7,740 ft.) elevation.

The falls are a major economic resource for the adjacent town of most of the revenue is received from tourists, both international and domestic who are charged at the gate.

Water falls in aberdare national park
Thomson’s waterfall/Nyahururu in aberdare national park

The falls mist feeds the beautiful first below, here you can view the falls from the top or use atrial to move down the ravine. Upstream from the Thomson’s falls is among the biggest hippo pools in east Africa. The site is breathing taking and is good for people who want to unwind after attiring week.

The falls featured in the television movie the man in the brown suit in 1988.the best time to visit Thomson’s falls is during the long rainy season when the Esawo ng’iro river is full, you will experience an astonishing waterfall from top to bottom.

  1. Kereita cave and waterfall in aberdare national park.

Kereita cave and waterfall is located in aberdare national park. For travelers who use our custom trip planner, aberdare national park holidays become easier to range, with trips to the kereita cave and waterfall and other attractions mapped out and timetabled.

Kereita forest is located to the south of the aberdares range and features many natural features and hiking trails carbacid trail, one of the major trails, leads to kereita waterfall on Gatamaiyu River and the neighboring cave that is a shelter to a small bat colony.

The trail passes by the elephant pool, huge natural reservoir that elephants love to drink and relax in, also you can enjoy the bamboo walk and view a few skyes and black and white Columbus monkeys. To make your adventure exciting would recommend you consider visiting the site during dry season.

  1. Chain water falls in aberdare national park.

Chain waterfalls are situated in the southeastern moorlands of aberdare national park. Chain waterfall is smaller drop when compared to others such as gura and karuru falls, there is parking area near the road, from where a short hike is taken to the falls thus Water falls in aberdare national park.

What to do there,

Hiking, trekking, from other parts of the park, picnics bird watching, game viewing. The trail to chain falls is very steep and there is a makeshift staircase and rail to help you climb up and down to the falls.

  1. Magura waterfalls and queens cave in aberdare national park.

one of the several waterfalls in aberdare national park ,with queen’s cave situated at the buttom can be viewed from both outside as well as from within the cave, which is said to have been used as hiding place during the Mau Mau wars.

Water falls in aberdare national park
Magura waterfalls and queens cave in aberdare national park
  1. Gura waterfalls in aberdare national park.

Gura waterfalls are situated opposite side of the same gorge as karuru falls but with a shorter drop. It falls from the moorlands of aberdare national park, to an impenetrable ravine at the bottom before joining the water from karuru falls, usually viewed from karuru falls observation desk.

Where to stay in aberdare national park?

Aberdare national park has a number of accommodation ranging from midrange, budget, luxury hotels according to how you have prepared yourself for the trip in range of fee you can afford and these accommodation includes; the ark lodge,annes place, honeymoon hut,merinja guest house,aloepark art hotel and among other according to your choice.

How to get to aberdare national park in Kenya?

Aberdare national park can be reached by both road and air transport.

By the road means, travelers can use nyahururu road passing through NyerI town in order to access the park headquarter which takes 15 kilometers. Note the park headquarters it’s where you load in your safari card from. gates to use includes, some are located at tree top, and wandere, ark, Kiandongoro, Ruhuruina and these gates are good to be used while staring the journey from Nyeri. then Mutubio gate is perfect for travelers coming from Naivasha.

By air transport. The park has got two airstrips for both scheduled and charted that is Mweiga and Nanyuki airstrip, located to aberdare park Kenya. Traveler can reach to aberdare national park by air transport through flying to mweiga airstrip which is the closest airstrip to the park. Mweiga airstrip is located on opposite side of the park quarter close to sasin estate farm along nyerI town to nyahururu road.

Entry requirements to aberdare national park.

Travelers are recommended to have their personnel identifications such as valid passports and visas in order to access the Kenyan national parks.

Besides the waterfalls your can visit aberdare national park to explore variety of wildlife species such as elephants, several, cat, African wildcat, blue, duiker, bushbucks, spooted hyenas, common zebras, reed duck, raer bongo, giant forest hog many more, you can as well as view some bird species such as sunbirds, eagles ,goshawks, sparry hawk, plovers among other interesting species which can be seen here in the park.

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